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  1. Sorry did not read all the thread thought you were talking about this year.
  2. Just checked FO website and it is showing 12 cruises.
  3. The reported number of mink is 17 million not just 1 million in Denmark.
  4. Avril I think you should check your memory again. If you were on Aurora Nov/Dec 2019 it went to the Canaries or I must be losing it.
  5. No I did not change location on ship. This also happens on R206 on Seaview cabin.
  6. Buyer Beware. Just been looking at cruise R215. Prices start at £1299. Logged in and found I had a FCC not sure where that came from. Checked prices Early Saver and Select both same £2598 for cabin. Started to go through cabin options and inside then jumps to £2824 for lowest grade. Came out of website and checked back in to see if I had misread Early Saver price. No both the same £2598 but the inside cabin price now showing £2980.
  7. If you transfer monies from one cruise to another then the transfer value will arrive by cheque. This is due to the fact that the payment details are locked on the first cruise so they are unable to pay back to the original source.
  8. Not having read all the T&C's does this term of Package not refer to pre and post cruise packages?
  9. Had b2b cruises booked on Iona G102 & G103. Filled online refund forms in on day P&O cancelled cruises. Got cancellation invoices for both on 25th Sept. Have received refund for G103 into bank on 5th Oct but no sign of refund for G102.
  10. Sorry meant to say Emam predictive does not help.
  11. Emma. Hope the tea lights that you pack are battery operated. Lighting candles on ships are a big NO NO.
  12. They might be able to charge customers from Australia.
  13. P&O took this action when they moved the date to the 16th October. They have just extended the date.
  14. Fred are doing a cruise Black Sea Discovery. 27/9/22 28nights Balmoral L2222
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