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  1. After waiting so long for a refund for our March cruise and with our travel agent being as much use as a chocolate teapot I didn’t want to part with the large balance due for our October cruises. Looking at the Azamara website there seamed to be a number of options none of which seemed to apply, so I filled in the online cancellation form which states clearly that Azamara will look at the booking and come back with the best option. However the best option for Azamara appears to be to cancel the booking so I forfeit the deposits and not come back to me at all, our travel agent seems blissfully unaware so continues to ask for the balance weeks before it’s due. To be honest I’ve given up worrying it’s obvious that travel companies are only looking after their own interests, so when normality returns we will reevaluate which companies will deserve our custom.
  2. Thank you, it was a relief to see it in our account this morning, now we have to decide what to do with our October cruises would be happy to move them but there’s nothing within the time frame allowed to move them too. Have filled in Azamara’s online form but have not heard anything as yet.
  3. Sorry, early morning brain not working or it maybe the shock of receiving the refund it was over TEN weeks, a total of 73 days from cancellation of the cruise so not so good.
  4. Good news our wait is over, ten weeks after our cruise was cancelled we have now received a full refund of our cruise fare via our travel agent.
  5. I think I understand what Phil means the customer service staff when faced with irate customers are possibly making promises that they think customers want to hear or maybe what they’ve been told to say to placate customers although they personally have no way of making it happen. Personally I don’t think the customer facing staff should be put in this position and senior management in Royal Caribbean have been found wanting. On the ships when there’s a problem Captains always take control usually with an announcement to passengers explaining the situation and what action is being taken, the majority of passengers will be happy with this and feel that they are being treated well. However senior management seem to be hiding, there’s the ability to email the majority of the customer base but the only one we’ve received was regarding Mr Pimentel’s departure. Why haven’t we received communication from the new CEO apologising for the delays and explaining the plan regarding refunds, it appears that to Azamara/Royal Caribbean customers are now the enemy. In good times they were happy to attend many trade events and crow about accolades they have received, but now they have been found wanting. Anybody can run a company/corporation in good times, in bad times it requires strong communicative management and they have been found wanting, hopefully once this is over it will be addressed.
  6. I appreciate that, and it was said tongue in cheek, but of those reporting receiving refunds the number of those in the USA do seem to be disproportionate to Azamara’s client base.
  7. Phil, I get the problems I really do but I’ve had too many false promises, could be the old “USA verses Others” thing, or they are deliberately being tardy with the larger refunds. Can’t say I find anything I’m being told believable anymore so certainly won’t be holding my breath on the latest promise. Either way my patience is wearing thin, plus the fact our TA is “reminding” me about a balance payment due in 3 weeks when normally it’s a 7 day reminder. The travel industry on a whole has not done itself any favours during this crisis after years of telling us how wonderful they are, weak management has been exposed.
  8. There does seem to be one common theme, USA get paid while U.K. wait 🙁
  9. After many emails to Azamara I eventually got a reply from Azamara U.K. customer services apologising for the delay in replying but explaining that they were overwhelmed and some refunds could take as long 60 days from the original date of sailing, ours was 17th March, and we should be refunded in 2 weeks. Our date of sailing was 10 weeks ago so that makes 70 days and counting, despite having had an email on the 15th April telling me our refund was being processed. Now I realise that these are unprecedented times but a little honestly wouldn’t go amiss, as others on our sailing have received refunds I cannot see why all weren’t processed at the same time. Being thanked at the bottom of each email for my loyalty and understanding is wearing a little thin, my only rational for what’s happening is that because we booked a suite Azamara are holding on to the larger refunds to aid their cash flow. By Azamara I mean Royal Caribbean as a group, but I would remind them I am a customer not a bank and should be treated equally with other customers.
  10. Lift & Shift doesn’t seem to work for October 2020, probably because of the three ships meeting there are a comparatively large number of 7 night cruises however within the permitted window In 2021 there are very few. We have two 7 night cruises booked as a b2b in October but for us there are only 2 available cruises which would require us to fly home from Rome for two weeks then flying back to Rome so a non starter. We could have put a 9 night and 7 night cruise together but that’s outside the rules, presumably we can take FCC for the deposits, we certainly won’t be paying the balances, but 2021 prices seem to have been inflated. So we are probably better off losing our deposits, reduced as they are onboard bookings, and looking at alternatives. Being a bit more flexible would protect Azamara’s bookings but having been let down repeatedly on the refund front customer focus at Azamara seems to be a thing of the past.
  11. It’s good to hear you’ve received most of your refund, we’ve had nothing yet although we did receive an email from our travel agent yesterday saying that the refund was in hand, didn’t specifically say they had the money but it gives us hope that they have. On another note our travel agent normally sends a payment reminder a week before balances are due today we received a reminder 3 weeks before it’s due, not that we are going to be paying at that point given the difficulty in getting this refund.
  12. There seems to be total confusion as regards future credits, even when Which investigated they could not get a straight answer: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2020/05/should-i-accept-a-holiday-company-or-airline-voucher-do-i-have-to/
  13. We are part of the Quest 17th March saga, but for us it’s not just the delays in providing the refund it’s the lies and disrespect we are being shown. We have been in regular contact with Azamara UK customer service (based in the US) four weeks ago we were told the refund was being actioned, 2 weeks later when we had still not received it we were told that it was a problem with the banks but now resolved. However a week later and still nothing we email again but received no reply, so now we keep emailing but are being totally ignored. We have a substantial balance to pay for two October cruises that probably won’t happen but if we provided the same excuses to Azamara I’m sure they would not be as understanding as they expect us to be. All we are asking is for Azamara to communicate with us and provide good information not lies and false promises.
  14. We are in a similar position, and nobody wants to acknowledge any of the emails we have sent or talk to us. Our contact at the travel agent has been furloughed which seems odd given they keep saying that delays are due to staff shortages. Seems that the whole travel industry is trying to hold onto clients money as long as possible encouraged by ABTA. I have emailed our travel agent saying unless I hear something by the end of next week I will be starting the section 75 procedure with our credit card company. I’m sure when some normality returns all these companies will be all over us saying just how valuable we are to their business but we will remember how we are treated in bad times. So far our hotel in Dubai waved all cancellation fees, car parking at Heathrow returned our money in 2 days and our taxi company within 5 days, these companies will retain our custom!
  15. Likewise received the questionnaire, not happy with intrusive personal questions without an opt out, our personal finances are not something Azamara should be enquiring about so we did not complete the survey.
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