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  1. Did you mean 2021 because 2020 Quest cruises are still showing, thankfully as we are on one of them.
  2. Riocca

    Flavoured gins

    This is the price list, it’s from May 2018 but I don’t think it’s changed much, you can also see limoncellos are only included on the Ultimate package.
  3. App is a bit of a non event until it covers all three ships.
  4. We are on the same cruise and have had no problems checking in using an iPad, we have already been able to print our boarding passes. First thing is to make sure your on Azamara.co.uk site, if you go to the menu in the top left corner when it opens select BOOKED and the online check-in. If you haven’t got an Azamara account you now need to set one up, this can be tricky especially if you already have a Celebrity or Royal Caribbean account trick then is to use the same password for Azamara. Once all the details are on the account we have found it straight forward but it no doubt helps that we are familiar with the site.
  5. Riocca

    Azamara vs Oceania

    Over the years we have had many changes with many cruise lines for many reasons, such as weather, political situations and charters. Our next cruise is a round trip from Hong Kong so we are watching the current situation there as no doubt are Azamara. Following that we have a River cruise in December and we are well aware there could be alterations due to river levels. Then in March it's a round trip Dubai cruise as with Hong Kong we are well aware of potential changes due to the security situation. Azamara have already changed our following cruise from a Denmark Intensive to a Northern Capitals itinerary. Are we unlucky? I don't think so, it's just a reflection of the times we are currently in. Changes can be challenging but we no longer get upset as it's not something we have any control over so we just deal with if and when it happens.
  6. Celebrity have only cancelled the 2020-21 deployment the 2019-20 itineraries are still showing on their website, at the moment. We wait and see if anything happens to our March 2020 Arabia Intensive on Quest, can see there maybe some changes to the itinerary but not sure what they would be.
  7. Azamara were perfectly clear why they changed the Denmark itinerary: While it’s a rare occurrence, once in a blue moon we offer an itinerary that doesn’t generate the interest we expected. Unfortunately, that is the case with your 8th June voyage. We have therefore decided to change the previous itinerary to add time for exploring a few popular cities in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Says it all really, totally agree with the comments made on this thread, like any product we have a price we are prepared to pay. However some of the prices we are seeing are well above the level we consider reasonable.
  8. There could be a downwards spiral here, our 2020 Denmark Intensive was changed to a Northern Capitals itinerary due to lack of sales. So the more people hold off booking the more Azamara could tempted to alter itineraries to encourage bookings.
  9. Fajairah would work for the cruises that are due to transit Dubai but not for the intervening 11 night Arabia Intensive cruise. I can see that Muscat could be removed to reduce the transit of the Straights of Hormuz to once in each direction but it would be difficult to create an alternative 11 night itinerary from Fajairah. P&O have also said that although they have pulled Oceana from the region there is no plan at the moment to change Arcadia's scheduled stop on its World Cruise. Presumably they feel confident that protection can be provided for a one of transit but not a regular schedule. Incidentally our neighbours were booked on an Oceana cruise in March which included India and have just booked a similar MSC cruise, MSC are offering P&O passengers who have had cruises cancelled extra OBC so presumably they feel confident they can keep cruising in the region.
  10. Bacardi Gold is a lightly spiced rum, this is a review I found: Bacardi Gold Rum is amber in color and a blend of distilled rum that has been aged in charred oak barrels for two years. Bacardi Gold has aromas of burnt sugar, molasses and wood. Bacardi Gold is a smooth rum and has dominant flavors of oak, with vanilla, spice and tropical fruit. Bacardi Gold is full-bodied with a balanced finish of subtle wood. Drink Bacardi Gold Rum neat, on the rocks, mixed with colas or fruit juices, or in your favorite rum cocktails.
  11. Unless it’s recently changed the rum is Bacardi Gold.
  12. We were recently on Oasis of the Seas and the only tonic onboard was Schweppes, so if that’s the case on Royal Caribbean there’s no reason it shouldn’t be on Azamara.
  13. As ones who never thought we would make “top cruisers” and actually did once I would agree with retiring the rather embarrassing award. For us the LCV event is often badly timed so we don’t very often go these days, however for some unknown reason we were invited to the top tier event on RCI recently, out of interest we actually attended and have to say it was the worst event we’ve ever been to, escaped after 20 minutes. There are much better ways of rewarding loyalty for everyone however Azamara seems to be intent on eroding the ones there are currently.
  14. I’ve often thought the same I cringe at some of the information posted on roll calls, there are a lot of people out there who with very few clues can access an awful lot of information. Simplest thing is from an email address to find out your address they will already have the date of the cruise and know that there’s a high probability your house will be empty. We all have user names rather than using our own names for a reason!
  15. I was reluctant to wade in here but when I read comments from fellow cruisers who I know personally and opinions I trust I am worried and think Azamara should be as well. Our next Azamara cruise is in an area new to us and because we have lots of OBC we will be doing some Azamara excursions and would expect them to be as described online and in the tour brochure without exception. Currently I have my own issues with Azamara about being given inaccurate information, and to be frank some of the emails I have received should never be sent to a customer from any organisation whatever the circumstances. Of course they have the right to state their position but should not in the process insult customers. My take is that Azamara seems to be hooked on impressing the trade press, bloggers and vloggers in all of our cruises we’ve never met anyone who is cruising because they’ve been influenced by these people. I realise it’s probably a plan to get Millennials cruising but please don’t forget us old baby boomers who actually have the time and finances to cruise, we are more impressed with good customer service and accurate descriptions of what we are purchasing. No I would never give my full name and booking number on an insecure forum, the only person the OP mentioned by name was a senior executive of Azamara and if you hold such positions you have to accept public scrutiny by customers on a public forum I was. Rant over!
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