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  1. This happened a number of years ago with P&O U.K. it was a first step to making the cruise experience less personal and more mainstream.
  2. A true gentleman, will be sorely missed, we wish Philip every success in his new venture.
  3. Peanut butter and Marmite would usually be adjacent to jams in a U.K. supermarket presumably because they can all be spread on bread or toast. We did try the peanut butter offered at breakfast in the Diamond lounge and it was incredibly sweet to our taste, U.K. peanut butter is definitely savoury and often I add salt. You can now get marmite peanut peanut butter, might be an acquired taste but I like it, we can also get marmite hummus!
  4. Currently if times were normal we would be on Quest in Split, but instead have taken the opportunity to move all of our booking out into the future. Our next cruise should be again on Quest but in September 2021, it would be nice to think that we will actually be taking that cruise with a modicum of normality but are not that confident.
  5. As regards U.K. passengers the cruise lines can talk all they like about the steps they are taking to make cruising Covid-19 secure but the current FCO advise is against all ocean going cruise ship travel. This means that travel insurance would invalid making cruise travel impossible for U.K. citizens, so if the cruise lines do start up whilst this travel advice is in place it will be interesting to see how the cruise lines handle the inevitable cancellations from U.K. customers.
  6. We’re with the daunderers, we have done ships excursions but only when other options are limited, always seem to result in disappointment though. If taking ships tours is going to be a condition of travel then either they should make tours included or allow customers to cancel as the product would be substantially not what we have booked.
  7. We totally agree with the sentiments already expressed, it’s bad enough having to live with the restrictions we currently have in daily life but don’t see the point in paying thousands of pounds for more of the same. It’s sad that the livelihood of so many good people has been put at risk by the pandemic but until there is a vaccine or effective treatment I really can’t see that cruising, or any other form of holiday, are viable.
  8. Riocca

    For sale?

    This came up before on a different thread, definitely Pursuit in her P&O days, could be an old listing from before Carnival Corp decided they would sell to RCG. Remembering at that time Adonia, as she was then, was on charter to fathom fir cruises to Cuba so location would have been USA.
  9. Most annoying are the cruise media and bloggers who whilst blagging a free cruise get all the best seats reserved for them by Azamara. We’ve never met anyone who’s been influenced by these freeloaders, be glad when Azamara actually realise this and give them the heave-ho.
  10. Quite a selection of Royal Caribbean and P&O’s Aurora according to MarineTraffic.
  11. To me it’s must be a black art as the one we’ve just booked makes no sense, we had 3 free days credited back from an October 2020 cruise we cancelled. To use our FCC’s we booked a 10 night cruise for September 2021, hoping some normality will return by then. Our TA priced the cruise on the current BOGOHO offer but I thought I might as well get a comparison using the three free nights and was surprised as it came out almost £1k cheaper! However I try to work it out using the current pricing I can’t, so I just accepted it.
  12. Not RCI but we had the same with Azamara who use the same booking system, we cancelled two b2b cruises and our TA sent a single invoice showing a £500 cancellation charge. We ignored it as Azamara had already confirmed we would receive FCC for the deposit within 45 days, it actually took 60 days but we did receive it and were able to use it for a deposit on a September 2021 cruise. We were also able to apply FCC we received from a cruise Azamara cancelled in March at a weeks notice which surprised us as we didn’t think that was allowed, whether cruising gets back to normal for September 2021 is anyone’s guess.
  13. Good luck, took us 3 months to get a refund for our March cruise that was cancelled by Azamara and almost 5 months before it was all sorted, it was the reason there was no way we were going to pay the balance for our October cruises. However you will get there in the end I’m sure, but it will be frustrating.
  14. One of our most memorable AzAmazing Evenings was held aboard Journey during the fateful post refit cruise in February 2016 in StBarts. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons, everything that could go wrong went wrong, lights projected in the wrong place dancers knocking over tables on the pool deck the list goes on. Every time you saw Ryszard and Eric walking around the ship all they could say was “I’m so sorry”
  15. Was just about to post the same, we’ve seen Ana Rucner in Dubrovnik twice fantastic show, second time it was so cold staff had to hand out blankets and hot drinks. F7416F4A-2268-443F-B2B9-7486FF354BD6.MOV
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