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  1. Very important point, I see today that there are reports coming from Israel that the South African variant can evade the Pfizer vaccine. Until there’s more data on how the vaccines deal with all the different variants I can see many governments being reticent to open up international travel. This is going to be at odds with the travel industry who are desperate to get customers back traveling to generate income whatever the consequence might be.
  2. Agree Phil, we moved our September booking to a similar one in August/September 2022 as we thought there was little chance of it happening, there does seem to be a lot of things to work out before normal cruising returns. We will watch with interest how things progress, our next booking (already moved 3 times) is for the Caribbean late January 2022 and will be quite happy to move it again if needs be. As regards Azamara I think the new regime have the luxury of watching how things progress with other cruise lines and make an entrance once things have settled down.
  3. If I remember rightly last year Captain Carl posted pictures showing Journey & Pursuit being cabled to Quest to provide power for vital services during the cold layup. So it may not be that easy to get Quest sailing without getting the other two independent. Adding the Philippines to the UK’s red list won’t have helped getting any of the ships ready to sail again. I’m in the camp of banking the gains we have made during the lockdown / vaccine rollout and not being too hasty in reinstating international travel.
  4. I’ve just looked at the prices for our 2022 cruise, it’s covered by the new offer but the price is the same as it’s been since the last offer ended.
  5. Just thankful we moved our September 2021 cruise to September 2022 under the previous offer, we are paying the same price for two as the current per person price! If these prices persist can’t see us having an opportunity to use our 3 “free” nights which were left over after moving the cruise.
  6. Viking have said they won’t require guests or crew to be vaccinated but require a negative test before boarding and there will be daily testing of guests and crew. Quote from Vikings health statement: Utilizing a full-scale laboratory installed on every Viking ocean ship, all guests and crew will receive daily quick and easy non-invasive saliva PCR tests.
  7. Maybe someone has been watching too much Disney during lockdown.
  8. Announcement on the website: Although current on Marine Traffic she’s showing as P Prince.
  9. Reality is we are going to have to learn to live with this disease the same as we do with the flu. Hopefully the vaccine will reduce the severity of the symptoms but as with the flu there will sadly be many who die from Covid-19 every year. We can’t go on living as we have for the past year so we must learn to manage the disease and accept it as another risk to our health.
  10. Just received an email from Princess announcing their offering, will be for U.K. fully vaccinated guests only the same as P&O, unsurprisingly.
  11. I see that CC have updated their news about this today. Cruises are round trip Portsmouth, with calls at Liverpool, Tresco, Falmouth and Portland. Presumably you will get to see the other cruise ships that will continue to be laid up in various bays along the south coast.
  12. No Simon Calder confirmed that he had been told by P&O that the crew wouldn’t be vaccinated but would have rigorous testing protocols. We are going to just watch with interest hopefully all will go well, our next cruise is not until next January/February in the Caribbean really hoping we can go and enjoy a near normal cruise by then.
  13. BBC are reporting this morning that the President of P&O U.K. has said all passengers will have to be fully vaccinated to board their ships.
  14. Riocca

    Tony Markey

    Pretty clear from the interview the email has it wrong, knowing Tony I think it’s something he always fancied doing. Just in case people haven’t received the email here’s a link to the announcement and interview: https://www.azamara.co.uk/blog/exciting-conversation-tony-markey?
  15. Both P&O and Princess are going to be offering U.K. only cruises in the summer, it’s not clear if that will include port stops in the U.K. and Ireland or not. COVID protocols have not been confirmed either, we will be watching with interest.
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