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  1. A few pictures... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/denali-national-park/ and a good map... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/alaska/uploads/2009/06/DenaliNPSmap.jpg
  2. Photos tell the story... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/kenai-fjord-sea-excursion/
  3. oldengine

    camera question

    This web site will allow you to compare cameras, see specifications and make an informed decision about which one to purchase. Be sure to look in on ALL the sections. http://dpreview.com/
  4. oldengine

    White Pass Summit

    At the risk of being a broken record... (There are quite a number of threads on the White Pass excursion.) Here are the photos... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/white-pass-railroad/
  5. Photos: http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/white-pass-railroad/
  6. The ride up: At the top: From the walkway down: The whole story with photo enlargements: http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/ketchikan-deadliest-catch/
  7. Bring the teenager along. Third person free in a room on most cruises.
  8. The Tanaina had a water jet propulsion system and it rode fast high on plane when going to and from Seward, but apparently the waves weren't so bad on our day. My wife had a sick day on the HAL cruise ship, but handled the Kenai Fjords Tanaina very well. :)
  9. In Anchorage, there is a UPS pack and ship. With our land tour being last, we packed all the cruise ship dressy excess and other extras and sent them home. Very reasonable and carefree. They had a box just the right size for our extra suitcase. Our trip: /narratives/anchorage-a-day-off/ Anchorage: http://www.theupsstorelocal.com/0131/ Fairbanks: http://www.theupsstorelocal.com/3191/
  10. Here is a Kenai Fjords day of photos for your review... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/kenai-fjord-sea-excursion/
  11. oldengine

    Land Tour tipping

    It's sad when an employer screws an employee to the degree that the employee must depend solely upon tips to be satisfied with the job. Some of these guides/directors/attendants must be gloating about what they are "raking in" or the job pool would be empty.
  12. Our closest approach to Aialik glacier... Click to enlarge photo. See the whole tour at... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/kenai-fjord-sea-excursion/
  13. The train was a lot more fun than the bus! Check the photos... http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/white-pass-railroad/
  14. oldengine

    Keani tours

    http://alaskacruiseblog.com/photos/kenai-fjord-sea-excursion/ http://www.kenaifjords.com/
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