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  1. We are there next week as well and intend to go back to Mastro Titta Pizza which I remember having the best Calamari I have had. When we went a couple of years ago the food was amazing. I have been looking forward to going back ever since.
  2. Awesome. Thanks very much.
  3. I found it useful being Diamond on the Voyager of the Seas. The Diamond Lounge was a lot better than the café and we could easily get a seat in there. Also boarding was a lot easier.
  4. Extra points as well which helps with Celebrity and RCCL once you are up to Elite level.
  5. I am looking at going from the airport to Civitavecchia on the 31st October. It shows that one segment is by bus. Do they allow luggage?
  6. I am just wondering whether anybody can point me to the site showing which ships are in port on the 20th of November this year. I am on the Rotterdam but would like to know what other ships are in port the same morning. Thanks in advance
  7. We have done the NCL 7 day, 4 island cruise twice and the Na Pali coast line is a highlight on the last day. The helicopter trips on this island are spectacular and that is what I would suggest. Kauai is the rainiest island so you could get some rain but the island is very scenic and very worthwhile visiting.
  8. We are the same and the water filter bottles or jug are a really easy and good option. On one of our cruises staff off the ship told us that they don't drink the water because it had a white powdery substance in it. You could see this if you let it sit for a while. Also the water was warm sometimes and tasted bad in my opinion. This part might seem tight but it is easy to fill a bottle from the filtered water to take on your day trips. Saves paying 4USD for a small bottle of water. In our case we just take our filter bottles.
  9. We purchased Brita bottles and we fit a new filter disk each time we cruise. Have found them to be very good and they definitely improve the taste of the water. Very happy with them.
  10. Thanks. I have decided to go on an Airboat tour and catch the later flight.
  11. I am just wondering whether anybody has had a 7am arrival at Fort Lauderdale and exited the ship as soon as allowed carrying your own luggage . I know there are exceptions but do they usually open the ship for exit at 7am or is it some time later.
  12. We are coming in on HAL at 7am and the flight we want to catch is a domestic flight to Orlando on Southwest Airlines at 1010am on a Wednesday. If we take our bags off will easily make the flight or is it risky.
  13. I hope this isn't too rambling but: I have been watching this type of cruise very closely as I am hoping/planning to do an Iceland cruise in 2020. One thing I have been watching is how much this years cruises are reduced. It seems like some are discounted up to about 65% for cruises in July this year at this stage. The cruises I have been watching are continuing to go down in price. The cruises I am watching are predominantly Holland America cruises and the main one is a 34 night cruise on the Zuiderdam from Rotterdam to Boston and return and is costing about $4765usd. This can be broken up into 2 segments of 17 nights and the first segment to Boston is only about $1274usd. The second segment from Boston which again is 17nights is priced at $3695. The first segment seems very cheap and is very similar to second cruise. There are a lot of interesting cruises available. I have decided to wait to book in the year I am cruising which I know is risky but with this sort of saving is worth taking the chance as far as I am concerned. I will take a chance and buy the airfares earlier on special if I definitely decide to go on this cruise.
  14. Thanks for the review. It sounds like you had a good time. Just wondering what activities they had during the day. We quite often do the trivia and I am wondering whether they still have these on Rotterdam. Also do they have any sports competitions like table tennis, golf etc.
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