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  1. So many nice places on the South Island and both times we visited in February the weather was really good.
  2. I am certain we were given latex pillows on Celebrity when we asked. I think Holland America as well although not certain about that one.
  3. It was the same on the Rotterdam when we did our Transatlantic in November 2019. They had a games area near the coffee bar where they had board games in the book shelves and also a number of books which guests swapped or left there after reading them.
  4. Perth - I would definitely visit Kings Park. It overlooks the City and the river in different directions. It is just beautiful and is a great place to look around. Beautiiful gardens and a fantastic restaurant as well. Albany - I would try to get a tour as everything is spread out but the coastline is absolutely fantastic on the Whale world side. On a cruise we did some English people got off the boat and had a tour with a local Taxi waiting just outside the Cruise terminal. They had a fantastic tour.
  5. It is Fantasea in Phuket. Anybody else can take over if they want.
  6. The reason i asked is because we were on a cruise ship sailing North through the Dardanelles and we saw the Fort as we passed it and my Brother in Law took a photo. When we looked back at the photo it was like a ship coming out of fog. Really eery and obviously memorable.
  7. Most probably too easy but where is this attraction?
  8. I know the question has been answered but is it in the Dardanelles near Gallipoli?
  9. No it was definitely March 2021. He wants the cruise ban extended from that date. It was in Monday's West Australian newspaper.
  10. Happy New Year to all posters on this forum. I can't wait to be looking at the El Cheapo cruises thread again although that might be a little while away yet.
  11. I think our Premier is not keen on Cruises for the moment and wants the ban extended beyond March. There was a story in todays West Australian Newspaper stating that he mentioned it on Saturday.
  12. Correct. It is the Jewel at Changi Airport. It is a huge indoor waterfall
  13. Correct city but not in the Gardens by the bay
  14. Sorry I took so long. I am pretty sure everybody will know this one.
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