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  1. Thanks for asking this question. We will be interested to know this too. But I am afraid only Crystal can answer it. Ivi
  2. I agree very much with this Vince, specially with your point: “you can't just keep canceling things forever because everything isn't perfectly safe”. As long as we do our best to protect us and others following all security measures recommended by health authorities and by the government, life will have to go on. Cruise lines like MSC Cruises and TUI, which are sailing at the moment, are helping to regain confidence and to improve procedures. It is clear that despite all security measures, COVID can still happen. It is extremely important to have good contention measures in place. Thanks to
  3. All Returning travelers in Germany (cruise or other form of travel) have to report to the health authorities and have the obligation of doing a COVID test within 48 hours of returning from a so called Risky Country (which are more or less all countries ). If the country is considered a high risk country, the test has to be done within 48 hours BEFORE returning to Germany. Besides this, all travelers have the obligation to stay in quarantine between 10 to 14 days after returning. This quarantine can be lifted five days later with another negative test. None of the other returning pas
  4. Every body who had contact with those 4, were quarantined (passengers and crew) even though they did not test positive. By the way this incident was about a month ago. The ship is cruising normally since then, with all precautions as always. Yesterday night there was a talk show about which rights will vaccines give to vaccinated people. Some mentioned that travel should not be one of the privileges. There was the president of the travel industry in Germany who besides pointing out how much the travel industry has suffered and is suffering, talked about the 4 positive cases on boar
  5. Good questions by a Cruise Critic author about cruise lines requiring vaccination. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=5902&source=99360&fbclid=IwAR3_4i04_Y-O-TWn1d3-kUa-XdYtGdSrG55Q0Hx1AutNxqdNn5Fj-ueyfys
  6. I hope that Crystal will come up with measures to deal “swiftly” with COVID on board. It is impossible that in a closed environment of a cruise ship, absolutely no cases will occur. Some people seem to believe that once they are vaccinated, COVID will disappear. I am afraid it is not going to be like that. I would not feel confident on a cruise ship on which guests think that because they have been vaccinated now they are invincible. I would not be confident on a cruise ship on which we do not know how cases onboard will be handled. Ivi
  7. I would suggest reduced solo rates in all cruises. Crystal cruises have this policy. I think it is 30% in all cruises. Sometimes in special offers, the solo supplement is les than 30% on Crystal. Ivi
  8. Thanks for your explanation. I was going to start a live report on my next cruise with TUI cruises, but I am not going to do it anymore. No motivation to write just for myself. Good news is that this decision has saved me some money because I do not need a large internet access on board anymore. I have canceled my rather expensive internet package and booked another one which will keep me connected to friends and family only. Ivi
  9. It is not possible to move all those single Mein Schiff threads to one who would cover all of them under the name TUI Cruises? Most Germans speak also english and Cruise Critic has members from all over the world. It could be that then more posts on TUI Cruises will come. Or may be not. But there will at least get organized. Ivi
  10. I guess Emerald and Avalon will also require a test. In which European country are you disembarking from your Celebrity cruise? As far as I know all European countries require a Test previous to entering the country. So, Celebrity will have figured it out how to do this. For example the two cruise lines (MSC and TUI), which are cruising now in Europe are offering those tests on board. Ivi
  11. There are several places in Europe where you can get your test. Do not worry about that. In the country where you are going to be 72 hours before your cruise, look for PCR tests and make an appointment. Some do not require an appointment but it is better to have one. Look close to your hotel for example. You will get your results about 24 hours later per email. They can give you the results in English. Prices vary. By the time you will travel, there will be even more places for the tests. Ivi
  12. Interesting Roy. I traveled also on the Trans Siberian Railroad, but in the other direction: from Beijing to Moscow and then further up to Berlin. Many years ago. China was still quite closed to the west and me traveling alone and independently was kind of strange for them. At that time, I used to travel differently. Not the luxury from Crystal. And the Trans Siberian Railroad was great fun and adventure. I paid for the ticket from Beijing to Berlin US 100! Ivi
  13. The Chilean Pisco sour although nice is not as good as the Peruvian 😃at least to my taste. We lived over a year in Peru and it is the national drink. No celebration without it. By the way some of the barmen on Crystal can prepare and serve a good Pisco Sour. We had it quite often on board the Serenity. Ivi
  14. Nice👍 Have you tried pisco sour? One of my favorite drinks ... Ivi
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