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  1. I am sorry you feel that way. I know you did not particularly like Crystal anyhow. I think you are more a cruiser from Oceania. A very valuable cruiser as far as I remember. I do not mind lend them the money if they are able to use that money to refund guests like you. I just hope that I will be able to take my cruises. There is a risk yes... Ivi
  2. I know the feeling...I am waiting more than 80 days now for refunds from Lufthansa and a couple of hotels, which I had booked directly via their web page. All hotels I had booked via Expedia were refunded within three weeks of cancelling. Ivi
  3. I belong now to the optimistic ones that decided not to request a refund but to use the money to pay a previous booking for 2021 and make a new one for 2022. My cruise was cancelled by Crystal on June 24th. I would love to cruise with Crystal again. Ivi
  4. “The Fate of the Pullmantur Cruise Ships It has been revealed that Royal Caribbean Ltd. will welcome back the Pullmantur cruise ships along with all the crew members. According to El Confidencial, the Sovereign, Monarch, and Horizon cruise ships will be incorporated into Royal Caribbean, which is good news for the thousands of crew members who work onboard. The ships were being rented to Pullmantur and they are currently in a cold layup during the global suspension of cruise travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  5. Genting owned, Dream cruises to resume operations in July https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-line-to-restart-operations-towards-end-of-july/40368?fbclid=IwAR3Q8WK_vhbhym9FxiNpxMuGKDEzKI8QDmAqIi_ALE-hSDSzhmjDAzFzCio
  6. You point out several times about insuring agains travel supplier default. However it is not that simple. I am looking for one insurance provider that will cover against this risk and up to now, no success. Can you mention those insurances that you know, that will cover this please? Ivi
  7. Hi, is there any insurance to be protected in case of insolvency of a cruise line? If yes, which ones? Until when can those insurances be bought? Do they have to be bought at the time of booking? thanks in advance Ivi
  8. Thanks. To clarify, are you talking about travel insurance that cover all your bookings inclusive the future ones? I have this for medical coverage. However those policies do not include default of travel providers. That would have to be a separate insurance which used to be attached to the trip/cruise you wanted to ensure. Some insurances in the past would not insure a trip which was more than US 10.000. The cruises I have with Crystal are more than that amount. But yesterday I have received the answer of several travel agents that not even up to US 10.000 will cover for insolvency of travel providers. I would appreciate if someone can mention a couple of names of some insurance companies, which might cover insolvency of travel providers. Ivi
  9. Unfortunately I did not find any travel insurance which covers insolvency of service providers such as cruise lines. My travel agent and several other travel agents I have asked said insurance companies are “at the moment” not offering such insurances. So I am afraid it is “book at your own risk”. Ivi
  10. Some of us are in the moment of deciding if we apply for a refund or if we trust Crystal with our significant amount or money and make another booking. Some of us try to make informed decisions. This is difficult by just looking at Crystal. It is particularly difficult to trust Crystal specially when we see how refunds are being handled. Observing what is going on in the travel industry as a whole and in the cruise industry in particular is important to estimate risks. I find amusing the discussion if we should talk or not about what is going out in the travel industry on the Crystal forum. Crystal is not unique. And discussions about what happens to Pullmantur, Carnival, etc, are not exclusively happening on the Crystal forum in Cruise Critics. I do not how others feel, but I am learning quite a lot on this thread, so thank you to those who have contributed so far. Ivi
  11. I have not received any notice yet. I was booked on this cruise. When I try to log on the Crystal page my booking has disappeared. Does the same happened to all who were booked on cancelled cruises? Ivi
  12. Similar experiences for us Keith. Many times when I have mentioned, we were doing a long cruise or the World Cruise people would look at me like thinking I am crazy. Some of them have done a short cruise and probably their experience was not so good, but many of them do not even have an idea of what cruising was before Coronavirus. I am glad that there are fellow cruisers here, who are looking forward to their next cruise. I am also. Unfortunately my next cruise with the Symphony looks like is going to be cancelled anytime from now. Ivi
  13. Have you cancelled many cruises? No cruise with Crystal booked at all? Ivi
  14. I have not seen many negative comments on the Crystal board in relation to future bookings. I think the OP is referring to friends or family reactions outside this board. Ivi
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