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  1. Since Iceland is for Europeans relatively easier to reach by plane, we were considering a cruise with the Endeavor. Unfortunately the prices for the Endeavor are quite high and a 10 days cruise starts at about US 14000 per person. But not only the high prices have made us reconsider. The reaction of the Iceland coast authorities after a Covid case in a Viking cruise is something that is scary. I am not sure what type of agreements cruise lines can reach with Countries but it seems that if the experience of the Viking Cruise repeats, we will be in the same situation than in March 2020 with ship
  2. Hi Keith, Interesting to read that you and Anne Marie have had similar behavior than us while cruising during this pandemia. We have enjoyed our cruises and we felt safe behaving carefully. Different is probably that we went to eat at all restaurants in our ship (not Crystal) and we did not have our meals in the cabin. But we always wore a mask while walking (except outside in the promenade if we were exercising) and we always choose a table far away from others independently if it had good views or not. We avoided the elevators also. In my first cruise during this pandemia, end of
  3. Ok, I can understand very well the disappointment of those guests who have booked cruises under certain conditions and now those conditions have changed dramatically. I have written several times that despite the COVID situation we need to have the rules of booking clearly defined, and those rules should not change after final payment. I guess those guests with bookings after final payment have a good case to get their money back. The others can cancel even though this is not what most wish to do. On the other hand I think, I understand why Crystal is doing this. Several reasons I gue
  4. Thanks Vince and Keith for your replies. I understand. It is for sure not easy for Crystal to try to keep the ships sailing “COVID free”, to comply with the the CDC recommendations and finally to try to please every body. I am afraid that this trying to please everyone will not work. As somebody booked with Crystal with three upcoming cruises, I believe that a common denominator for guests booked, have to be the safety protocols/rules of booking, that Crystal advertises. This is specially important under the current conditions. We, guests can not be requested to be absolutely flexibl
  5. Great 👍 thanks for sharing your experiences and I wish you a lovely and safe cruise. Ivi
  6. Thanks Vince. In Germany there is something called “Haus Recht” meaning that business can deviate with good reasons from government decisions. For example Germany says that people who are fully vaccinated do not require an additional test. However the cruise line requested 4 covid tests within a week!. This was their right because they have sold the cruises under those conditions. Why does Crystal, operating from Bahamas, with international passengers ( and yes US Americans are international passengers in this cruises too 😉), cannot implement an onboard policy, which protect all
  7. I was not on this cruise and I am learning a lot about the different positions of people according to how they think about COVID and what measures they can take to avoid being infected or infecting others. Surprised to see that Crystal is allowing for flexibility on the use of the masks for passengers. On the cruises I have been in Europe, there was no flexibility. You had to wear a mask in all public spaces and could only take it out while eating or drinking or relaxing around the pool. I am sure that in my cruises there were people who on land would probably not use masks or even believe COV
  8. Actually, most cruise lines sell discounted cabins usually in the form of guarantees. Many times those cabins are sold short before the cruise starts (two weeks). One of the things I have learned in this time of COVID is that it is very difficult to plan in advance. I have one land trip planned at the end of August to Rome and even though it is only one month from now, conditions are changing in Europe due to the Delta variant, so it is not really sure if I would be able to make that trip. I am trying to decide now also on a short notice in the case of cruises. I do not want to go th
  9. You are welcome. Fortunately for me they were. I was three weeks onboard. Ivi
  10. My cruise was with Mein Schiff in the Canary Islands. Which other ones were in operation I do not know. I think MSC cruises were also operating in the Mediterranean. Ivi
  11. It is interesting how people react to children on board. In a cruise I took at the end of February this year, I was feeling a bit frustrated after reading some disappointing news of what was going in the countries that interested me. An then I saw this small girl walking on board. She made my day 😍. Ivi
  12. Hi Keith, I travel solo many times and I have no problem in dining alone. In this time of COVID, I have managed to avoid the disease despite taking cruises, in which people were not vaccinated, by practicing the safety measures recommended by health authorities. One of those recommendations is to keep social distance. It is possible at Crystal to have a table just for one person? Are the tables in the different restaurants far enough from each other so that I am not, unwillingly, in close proximity to other travelers? Ivi
  13. Beautiful beach and picture 👍. Thank you. Ivi
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