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  1. Not too many replies so I will add my 2 cents. As you can see from the previous post most of the attractions are in the old town, it is any easy 10 min or so walk from the ship. With a little research Talin is an easy port to do on your own, as we did a couple of years ago.
  2. Usually our best cruises have been a mix, a couple of new ports and a couple we have been too before.
  3. We over stayed over night in Reykjavik last August, there was a shuttle from the port, I do not remember the price but it was reasonable ( or I would remember it). The cruise terminal was very crowded and there was no signage. We walked outside and were informed by the shuttle driver that we had to buy a ticket in the terminal. The ticket counter was also the tourist info desk so there was a long line of people asking general questions buying tours etc. Once we finally obtained our ticket it was a short ride to downtown. It did seem like longer than 30 minutes to walk however.
  4. We received points for our Feb 15 canceled cruise, but they disappeared after about a month.
  5. Just received my money this week for cruise Royal cancelled on Feb 15
  6. Absolutely, when I followed up on our cancelled Feb 15 cruise I was told that the cruise was not cancelled and had sailed. Not true, after much run around they admitted it did sail but I still have not received anything. Every time I call they give me a date that I will have the refund but the date passes and nothing.
  7. Cruise cancelled Feb 15, haven't received anything yet
  8. Wow.. Royal cancelled our Feb 15 cruise out of Singapore and I have not received anything yet. Royal told our TA that our cruise was not cancelled and it sailed. Now they say it was cancelled so hopefully they have it figured out now
  9. Royal cancelled our Feb 15 Cruise out of Singapore, we haven't seen ant refund yet from Royal. Our Ta contacts them weekly, still nothing. The first time she was in touch with them about 10 days after the cancellation she was told that our cruise was not canceled that we had sailed on it. I am glad we booked with a TA so she can deal with it.
  10. I am sure that I gain when cruising, but I do not weigh myself for a couple of weeks after I get back. By then I am back to normal. Why be disappointed lol.
  11. We are boarding Quantum in Singapore on Feb 15. We are concerned for sure but still opting to go. Originally our cruise was to end in Hong Kong but now is a closed loop back to Singapore. Also our on our original flight we were to change planes in Hong Kong but Royal changed our flights. It will be interesting to see if the Cruise is full or a lot of people canceled. I will try and do a trip report when we return.
  12. I agree, odd, but I did get my money back so I did not follow up. My Ta had not seen this before either
  13. I booked on the web site. Also I should say that the excursion that was canceled was actually canceled by Royal, don't know if that makes a difference. My Ta did receive the refund and issued me a cheque
  14. I booked some excursions online myself, later canceled one, and booked another. Payment was on my credit card the next day. But no credit. After about three weeks I called Royal and they said because I booked the cruise with a travel agent they had to refund the money to them and they will cut me a cheque. Figure that one out?
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