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  1. I have done 40 Windstar cruises and at some point was dropped from the Windstar email lists (Although they do seem to find me when the cruises are cancelled). However when I got my letter regarding the new loyalty program there was a PS line at the end that read "We don't have your email address. If you would like to receive emails from us about new itineraries, sales and our newsletter, please sign up at WindstarCruises.com/YCM_signup." I signed up and started receiving emails.
  2. If you read the FAQ segment on the loyalty page it indicates that loyalty awards will be automatically added to existing bookings on November 15. After that you can request a new invoice that will show the benefits applied.
  3. does it apply to existing bookings or only new bookings?
  4. I called today and while the program is applicable to all booked cabins, you have to call to have the benefits applied to your booking. All future bookings will automatically add the benefits. FYI - I called because on the new loyalty page there were 3 sailings listed as Yacht Club Member sailings with a 20% discount. As I had already had one booed I called and they applied the additional 15% to my booking. These sailings include: Star Breeze 5/22/21 Black Sea; Star Breeze 10/10/21 Sea of Cortez; and Wind Surf 2/22/22 Greater Antilles
  5. Looks like it applies to all future sailings. Additional points will be awarded for premium staterooms for" sailings on or after October 5, 2020" so I assume that is when the program officially starts - even though the ships aren't actually sailing yet.
  6. I agree that it is not much - which is why I posted originally. It is better than nothing and I am glad there is at least some recognition of past cruises but I'm not sure discounts mean very much. The other thing that is missing from the past program are the complimentary cabin upgrades.
  7. I don't think it is an additional 5% - just what we were getting before. It also says it applies to all itineraries but doesn't say whether it applies to all fares. I am grateful they finally adopted a program more consistent with other cruise lines. I am also grateful they awarded points for sailings before they took ownership. Going back 24 years we have 322 points.I think Windstar is doing a great job holding everything together in spite of difficult times for a fairly small company in comparison to the giants. We have three future cruises booked and hope that we get to be bac
  8. Summary of new Yacht Club benefits: Level 1 (1-15 points) - points are 1 per night Save 5% on all itineraries 5% discount on laundry, & wifi and Windstar branded merchandise Customized keycard Level 2 (16-39 points) Save 5% on all itineraries/additional 5% booked onboard $50 OBC per person 5% off beverage package, shore excursions, laundry, wifi and Windstar branded merchandise Customized keycard Level 3 (40-89 points) Save 5% on all itineraries/additional 5% booked onboard $75 OBC pp 5% off beverage p
  9. I just received my letter explaining the new loyalty program. While I am in the top tier and get OBC, wifi and laundry, I wonder whether those in lower tiers feel that are getting anything.
  10. My only hope is that whatever people feel about masks and shore excursions they follow the rules of the cruise line. What I have always enjoyed about Windstar is that people all seem to respect the other passengers. I personally do not want to be on a cruise where this controversy is played out on the ship.
  11. “Pandemic theater” is a rather strong response. No one can predict or prevent against anything. I was just raising questions and pointing out there are risks and benefits to any decision.This will be an area of dilemma for people for a long time. As a health care provider I am constantly assessing risk and yet I have no fear of cruising. I will make the choices that are right for me and I (mostly) trust others to do the same.I would rather not be quarantined on a ship for days at a time - but now I book verandas or suites. I would prefer to get off the ship on my own but Windstar has good excu
  12. While I love to do this to explore on my own and do private tours, I also would have anxiety about others bringing that pesky virus back on board. I know that many countries are certifying their tour guides as “Covid trained”. I wonder whether cruise lines would allow people to use those guides for private tours or whether the only way you can get off the ship is on a ship excursion.
  13. I completely concur with everything Donna says. We are Elite Plus on Celebrity and have done 37 Windstar cruises - definitely prefer Windstar. We actually are also booked on the April 2022 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta sailing for the same reasons - we live in San Francisco. We did the same itinerary pre-pandemic and enjoyed it so much we are doing it again (hopefully) this coming May and again in October but from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego. Right now, until the pandemic is a distant memory, the easy flights are much more appealing than the itineraries.
  14. Another consideration now a day is if you end up getting quarantined on a ship and have to stay in your cabin would you want a balcony door you can open?
  15. I knew that - I guess this whole situation changed my sense of timing! My payment is due November 1 and my cruise is the end of January - so in my head I think two months.
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