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  1. Everybody needs a hobby...mine is shoes. Every time I pack I think “hmmmm... which pair can I leave out” and none volunteer! 😂
  2. I admit to being one of those who packs 15+ pairs of shoes, unless of course it’s longer than 10 days😂
  3. Ditto...after I loaded it onto booked cruises, nothing happened. You are not alone!
  4. You are right. While both passengers must choose same olife choice, both do not have to purchase beverage package.
  5. Ahhhh! My favorite. When I was child, my family loved him! I saw him for the first time at forest hills tennis stadium and I was hooked!! After that, he would appear yearly at a local venue, westbury music fare. Such a wonderful performer! How about “Scarlet Ribbons?”
  6. I saw Dylan in 1965 at the forest hills tennis stadium. It was one of his first appearances with an electric guitar. Opening act....mamas & papas.
  7. What’s really embarrassing is when you step on the scale with packed luggage to find its overweight....and realize it’s you that is overweight!😂
  8. Many cruise lines don’t allow shorts in the dining room for dinner.
  9. Yikes! I’d take O in a minute, but I’ve never been on celebrity. I’ve been on the riviera a number of times and would jump back on! Of course, knowing it was such a savings really makes the deal sweeter. Enjoy whatever you do! k
  10. Is drink package included in either? that really is a big difference and an additional day on O.
  11. True....UP to four categories. I just perused the email announcing the sale. When you select one of the itineraries included in the sale it shows all categories PH3 and above as CLOSED.
  12. see chart above on longer cruises some higher suites are entitled to more reservations. hope you enjoy your O cruise! k
  13. What I should have added... we were in an owners suite. Our new on board friends were in an A. They had already reached their limit and the butler added them to our reservation, much the same as if they had asked for an additional reservation. My point was it can be done, but is not guaranteed.
  14. Maybe not all their buddies....but then again I’ve never tried that. The one time we asked for friends to join us, our butler responded affirmatively. it probably depends on length of cruise, whether or not other passengers use all their allotted reservations and/or how many times the butler is asked. I’m really surprised that the butler couldn’t make it work for them at least once. I don’t think that would be asking too much! k
  15. Best suite on board in my opinion!
  16. There are only 2 with that configuration and they go quickly! For our upcoming cruise they were already booked, so we are trying a 12th deck one. We’ll have to compare notes afterwards! k
  17. Why is 11080 (or 11083) better than deck 12 Oceania suites? can’t beat an aft view Cute round window in bathroom Huge wrap around balcony more secluded just my opinion... k
  18. My husband bought me a cartier tank when I saved his life. An added bonus!
  19. hi Janet, We switch back and forth between HAL and Oceania: HAL when we want a quick ft lauderdale Caribbean cruise and Oceania when we want a luxurious experience. HAL is always the less expensive alternative for us, but when you take other things into account that could change! On Oceania, all non alcoholic drinks are included (not so on HAL). If you choose concierge class you will have access to a private sun deck, but on HAL it can be difficult to find a lounger unless you book a private cabana. Specialty restaurants on Oceania are included in the fare, but on HAL you incur an extra charge (about$30 p/p per nite). When we cruise HAL we wat in pinnacle or tamarind very nite because the main dining room is not as good as Oceania. there are many other reasons that Oceania is a better choice, but they differ with each passenger. Try it, you’ll like it! k
  20. It’s hard to determine what’s right for you without knowing you! I had a hard time only using 2 large checked bags and 2 carryons, but that’s me. I like choices in my wardrobe and I don’t like to spend time doing laundry on vacation. checking a second suitcase....the answer is always yes for me! whatever you do, enjoy your cruise.
  21. 11080....my absolute favorite!!!
  22. Also, if your name is on all those lists, other passengers are listed more than once as well! Not as bleak as it looks! Good luck!
  23. I was just remembering that too! Something about a MaitreD accepting numerous “cash incentives” from passengers in exchange for additional specialty reservations. I think he was fired...
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