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  1. Thanks lasekeye. Just waiting to get a cancellation notice for our next cruise. Still hoping the June 3rd Transatlantic happens but I am preparing other options.
  2. I was hoping to use my husband’s share of the FCC for one cruise and my share for a different cruise. So, should this work?
  3. I am hoping this is the case. I am expecting a FCC from an expensive cruise and want to divide it on two others. Thanks for current information.
  4. My thought is that half of the FCC belongs to each of the persons in a 2 person cabin. Could they each take their FCC and apply it to different cruises?
  5. We are also booked on a 7 day MSC cruise while in Barcelona. Just need to figure out the rest of the time. Lots of options.
  6. We have booked a 15 day cruise on Carnival Valor from New Orleans to Barcelona departing Jan 25, 2021. The ship will under a refurbishment and then return on February 26, 2021 back to New Orleans. This gives us 17 days in between. Many options but we have also booked an MSC 7 day from Barcelona during that time.
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