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  1. We recently booked a cruise out of Miami but was having trouble finding an affordable flight out of the area on the Sunday. Our flight in is one way to FLL. I checked Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach and all three were expensive unless it was a late night flight. I was looking at getting a rental and driving to Orlando, but even that was a little high priced. I was playing around and found a 2:15 pm direct flight out of Fort Meyers which was very reasonable even with the cost of the rental and gas. The drive is less than Orlando and we have never driven Alligator Alley. It feels like a bit of an adventure. We have priority debarkation so should be able to be off the ship by 7:30. Has anyone done the drive to Fort Myers to catch a flight before?
  2. We were on the Vista in cabin 9359 right under the walkway just inside the doors from Guy's burgers. We did hear some noise while we were awake. Mostly rumbling from rolling of carts. It was not too loud. We were never woken up while sleeping. We just booked Horizon for December and have another room booked on deck 9. This time it is closer to being under one of the deck bars.
  3. This seems to be true. We are currently on the Vista and boarded Sept 8. The check in desk agent (Miami Terminal) told us that cabins will be ready at 1:30. This is after they saw we are Diamond. When I questioned this, I was told that the Vista is a large ship and that there were too many cabins to get ready and that there was not time to get all the priority cabin ready ahead of time. We boarded and went direct to lunch. Around 12:30, we went to take a look and there were no FTTF/Priority cabin access signs on the closed doorways to the cabins. We went in anyways and found our cabin was done and the SS cards were in the mailbox. As a bonus, our luggage was already there... I went to guest services today to get some change, and one of the digital TV boards behind the desk had rotating messages/announcements. One of those messages started that cabins were going to be ready at 1:30 and FTTF/Priority were welcome to go to the cabin early. Mixed messages.
  4. I hate the open air markets but my wife loves them. Almost all the booths have the same items made in China. The vendors are all pushy (at least the ones in Mexico). Often it is crowded.
  5. Are there any issues using Uber or Lyft for pick up at the FLL airport and pick up at port of Miami after a cruise. Are they allowed to pick up at the airport and cruise port? We have never used them before.
  6. I have not tried Uber Pool. Another option is the Tri-Rail from PBI to MIA. We have used a number of times from MIA to FLL.
  7. Thanks for everyone's help. I think I will buy the Value plan and try to retrieve e-mails early morning while having a coffee. I will be in port on the day I need to upload a report on the VPN, so I will use my cell phone data. It will only cost $10 for the roaming and the data is included.
  8. We will be on the Conquest in a few weeks and are debating purchasing the Value plan $10.25/day instead of the Premium plan $14.88/day. Is there a major difference in internet speed between the two plans? Is it worth the extra $37 for an 8 day cruise? I need a plan to use for a few reports through my company VPN as well as checking e-mails. We are thinking of also buying the Social plan $4/day for my wife to use on Facebook. Does that also work for e-mails or will she have to piggyback off my plan to check e-mails (couple of times a day).
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