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  1. Yes it's 2021. I'll keep my eye on the prices. My TA is always very quick to respond. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! I think the agent has great service, but it's the first time I'm working with them.
  3. I'm booking a group via a travel agent and some family members are planning to book the Royal Suite. I've never booked a suite. The other rooms in the group (balcony, OV and inside) all have $50 OBC each. (I shopped around for travel agents and even with only $50 OBC my agent had the best price. We had another offer that had $250 in OBC for balconies, but the base price was higher.) Is there a typical or standard OBC rate or % with the Royal Suite? The fare is a little over $10,000 for one week on Jewel of the Seas. The agent told us $400 but that seems kind of low when I read about diff
  4. Thanks all for the replies and advice. Makes me wish I had an AMEX card LOL. I'm glad to read that indeed it is the normal procedure that the card number does go to the agent and the agent forwards that info to Royal and then Royal is the one charging. I've done it this way on past booked group cruises, but I never had any concerns about people going out of business (in the past I always used the same travel agent - this booking it is a new one). I've reminded our group about getting travel insurance that is specifically for cruises and covers bankruptcy. Thanks ag
  5. Thank you! Travel Insurance - yes that's a good idea to see if it will cover cruise bankruptcies. I thought I had read on here that you should always give payments directly to the cruise line - is that possible if you have booked with a TA?
  6. Thanks for your reply! I'll check out the RCI board and try to find those discussions. For the deposit, I gave the TA my credit card number and the charge was directly from Royal Caribbean on my statement. So the same as how your TA works - the TA processes the card but the charge was direct from the cruise line. So what I'm wondering is, and hope this never happens of course, if the TA goes bust, will the TA have access to our deposit money or if we call Royal will they give us back our money directly? I know with bookings, if you booked with a TA they
  7. Thanks in advance for any replies - I need advise please! I'm booking a family get together group cruise for 60 people celebrating two 80th birthdays and a wedding reception in July 2021 (so the cruise date can't be moved). We're using an agent for benefits and service. It's the first time I'm using this agent, but they appear extremely reputable, reply very quickly, and came highly recommended. I've gotten my individual booking confirmation (as part of the group) from Royal Caribbean and it appears on Cruise Planner. So everything seems in order. My credit card was debited f
  8. Hopefully we will make it to our 50th - I'm expecting either the cake will be dropped or be on fire. For our 60th probably both. 🤣
  9. Yes it was funny and so unbelievable that our wedding celebration cakes got messed up twice. Let's see how our 50th wedding anniversary cake comes out LOL. About our hometown wedding cake - that's a funny story too because all my life I've loved that specific cake I ordered (a traditional Swedish cake called a Princess Cake) - so much so that my friends even spoke about my cake obsession in speeches at our wedding. My future mother in law and I spent the majority of our wedding planning looking for a baker that would make a tiered Princess Cake for us but in a very unusual blue
  10. For twenty years my husband and I have been laughing and telling the story of how our wedding cake got messed up at our hometown wedding. The baker mixed up orders and our cake was delivered to the couple that was getting married the following next day and we got theirs! Well, two decades later, last year my husband and I were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary on Anthem of the Seas in the Radiance conference center. We ordered a decorated sheet cake still thinking about how our original wedding cake was delivered to the wrong place. The cake was supposed to
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