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  1. It was lovely! So glad we had that cruise to carry us through this past year. I remember how much fun it was following your posts with her voyage across from dry dock. We are on the Equinox Sept 5th and the Constellation on Feb 4th 2022. You on either of them?
  2. We're Sept 5th and no e docs yet. Ipee you were on the Silhouette Feb2020 weren't you? That was one of the last cruises before lockdown
  3. It probably depends in large part where you're cruising to. For us the X insurance at $100 less was perfectly fine cruising in the Caribbean.
  4. I'm not arguing with anybody, although you seem to be taking issue with my comments.
  5. This study had over 52,000 people in that had had covid. If I had had covid and gotten over it and my own body produced antibodies then I wouldn't get the vaccine and risk the side effects. You get the vaccine to protect you from someone who is infected. I'm sure that things will be modified as it goes along.
  6. How are they going to handle the people who can prove they've had covid and according to the Cleveland Clinic are just as immunized as people who have gotten the vaccine and do not derive any additional benefits from being vaccinated.
  7. We've had 1243 before with the slanted balcony. I too worried about the light but no worries! It was great and we actually have cabin 1243 on the Equinox for an upcoming cruise and it too is the slanted balcony. You will love it!
  8. We always used Travel Guard in the past but purchased through Celebrity for our upcoming cruise. Rate was $100 less.
  9. Alabama is going strong! The last of the mask mandates was lifted April 9th and we're rockin n rollin! Cannot wait for Sept and that beautiful ship and my upgraded drink pkg! 😄
  10. What an amazing photo!! 🦅🦅🦅🇺🇸
  11. I think we're in the same place . Only one Larrys Pistol and Pawn. By the way, I'm still laughing! 😁
  12. Thanks! Glad to know it will still be here! 😊
  13. Oh no what does this mean? 😳 Please don't tell me this forum is going to end! It's like a life line every day. Not only do I count on it, but a lot of my friends count on me sending them the laughs from here.....I still keep my source secret while giving them a smile! ☺️
  14. I know everyone will be glad when we can "return" to normal but I am really going to miss this thread and the posters. The laughs are the boost I look forward to every morning! I share many of them with friends but keep my source secret! ☺️
  15. I have often wondered if it was a Candid Camera segment and there were people watching and laughing their rears off watching people trying to open those plastic bags, which I'm still convinced someone glued shut!!
  16. Happy Easter to all on this board. You've lifted our spirits every day and made us smile and laugh and I thank you!
  17. Can't thank posters enough for the laughs they've brought every day! I'm sharing some of them with friends and family and the laughter spreads to others. 🤗
  18. Thanks for starting our day with a laugh! We get our coffee and read the humor and pass some on to give friends a laugh! Please keep them coming! 🤗
  19. If the cookies are not on the list and somehow make it home then the calories do not count!! ☺️
  20. Thank you for giving me laughs every day! 🤗
  21. We were on the Silhouette from Feb 14-23rd in the Caribbean and while on board booked our next cruise. As always, hygiene is stressed, particularly regular hand washing. Never considered cancelling, but everyone has to make their own decision based on their comfort level. The ship was kept spotless and I warrant to guess that I encountered far fewer germs on board then I do going to local stores and public areas. I take precautions as to sneezing, coughing and hand washing but I'm not going to be panicked into stopping my life.
  22. I'm glad to hear they made this gesture and you may enjoy this evening even more. We had considered a Valentine's Day dinner but didn't go for it. We figured we would be tired from traveling, everything that's involved with boarding and unpacking and everyone else trying to get into a restaurant for that special day. Figured that a couple of days later it might be a more relaxed, enjoyable evening and it will mean just as much!
  23. My heart just breaks for everyone involved. We still have very fond memories of flying with Michelle. In fact, my husband's screen saver picture is of us on the "beach" where Michelle landed so we could all get out and take pictures. It is just terrible. Monika
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