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  1. I received my credit card refund last week for a cruise that was set to sail in May. The credit card refund took only a few weeks but I still have a portion of my cruise that was paid for by a gift card. Does anyone have any experience with getting the gift card back? How long does it take and how do I get it? Thanks!
  2. I am wondering the same thing about Amex charging back the $100 offer/benefit I used??? I also have another part of my refund coming back to a credit card I no longer have, probably never seeing that credit. Anyone else in this situation? Carnival said they can only refund the card that was used.
  3. I am sure its been discussed so I apologize in advance. Has anyone rebooked a cruise using credit from a cancelled reservation that is less than the original reservation cost? If so what happens with the difference? We originally had a cruise leaving March 12, 2020 but cancelled the day before due to CDC's recommendation. CCL was allowing cruisers to cancel and use that cost for a future booking. Now we are ready to book and the new cruise is lower, is it a wash or is the difference applied to your OBC? Also has anyone rebooked and had that cruise cancelled? This seems like a
  4. I booked an upcoming cruise with a casino offer of $500 OBC and I think "Drinks on Us". I believe there were other perks but I can not remember. My question is, is there a way to see the original offer or what all is included? I see the OBC on my account but no where does it say about the DOU or other casino perks. Thanks and cheers!
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