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  1. How do you get in touch with Cleve?
  2. A couple of years ago, I had booked a tour with a guy who asked for school supplies for the local schools. We brought them but our tour was cancelled due to the heavy rains Roatan received a couple of days before arrival. the island was flooded. He did carry us on an abbreviated tour. I am returning in March 2020 and would like to get in touch with him again. Is anyone aware of this type of tour and any contact information?
  3. Does anyone know which hotels currently offer the cruise and stay packages?
  4. i agree with this post if I have booked through the ship.. If I have booked independently, it totally depends on the quality of the service
  5. what was the reasoning for the cancellation?
  6. When the doors open, you will be greeted by hostess who will show you to a table, if you don't like the location, ask to sit where you like.....very accommodating. We were seated right in front of the stage
  7. You have to make a reservation.....this only gets you in....not a reserved seat. Doors usually open 30-45 minutes before showtime so it's 1st come 1 serve
  8. I was on the Breakaway in January, the "premium" seats are behind the stage. There are rows of tables on the floor in front of the stage and the booths in the back. Of course seating is crowded to enable more people to get in. I thought the show was great. Definitely show up early or on time to get desired seating
  9. nothing at all to do at the San Juan airport except wait 🙂
  10. not to hijack a thread, you seem very knowledgeable of New Orleans. Will be there this weekend for the Breakaway. Looking for out of the way Mom and Pop restaurant....good food decent prices. We have been going to Cafe Maspero for years. Any suggestions?
  11. the ship docks at Harvest Caye. They have a covered walkway to the beach area or you can ride a shuttle
  12. glad to hear that you like the room, it's my room on Jan 27 for 10 days. take care of it 🙂 good to know that the balcony is larger and the room is a good location.....I did good in choosing it...enjoy the rest of your cruise
  13. i don't understand why so many posters have to be mean when they reply. Love thy neighbor
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