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  1. Love the Dawn. But the Jewel class ships have the excellent Great Outdoors and the deck 13 forward Spinnaker observation lounge/bar that the Dawn does not have. Like both of those extras.
  2. I'd probably stick with what you have then. Those others are just out from under the larger balcony overhang that is created by part of deck 12. We really like the larger overhang for some sun and also weather protection. Makes the balcony more usable to us without taking anything away. .
  3. We were under the youth center once. Early evening sounded like a herd of elephants. However, I believe they close around 10 pm. What other cabin numbers do you have available? We do like the mini suites though.
  4. We've used the same TA for our 22 NCL cruises. On our first (Alaska), she picked the room and assisted us with what benefits were available. I had already settled on a ship based on what a friend had told me. Also, she has always given us some OBC with every cruise. After our first, I understood enough to be able to pick everything for myself. I would then just give her the info and she would do all the booking for us. Now, she is just like family. In fact she says that I make it so easy for her, she should be giving me all of her commission. If you use a TA, be sure to find out if they have any fees of their own like a cancellation fee if something comes up before final payment time. Also, I get my travel insurance through her agency. It is competitively priced. However, just going direct with NCL isn't wrong either. I just like having my own TA always readily available.
  5. It's a nice place, well done. However, beware that the food and drink prices are like really high. Last time thought I'd just stop in one of the lounges and have a cool one. One cup of Belikin beer...$9. Was good....but not that good.
  6. Actually, a port stop at Harvest Caye should not be advertised as a stop in Belize. Confuses folks.
  7. And me being an aviator, his book about the Wrights was excellent.
  8. The original locks being used with much of the original equipment is amazing. The fact that the lock doors were built hollow so they would have buoyancy and not have weight hanging on the hinges, clever. They can be opened and closed with just very low horsepower motors. Super engineering for the era.
  9. I checked US Amazon listings and it is available used from several sellers on there for about $6 and free shipping. The author, David McCullough, has written some other stuff also. After I read The Path, I thought he was so good, I read his other stuff. I do agree, savor it slowly so you can digest all that the Canal and how it ever happened is about. The canal is about equal to going to the moon as far as an unbelievable achievement considering technology of the time during which it was completed.
  10. I second and third that book. I've read it twice. It's long and very detailed, starting with the first French effort to build the canal in the late 1800s, until the completion of the canal in 1914. Well written. Will make what you are going to see much more meaningful.
  11. I can’t remember exactly. But it was pretty obvious with a suite/haven sign or something like that. Or, as you approach the big check in area just ask the person monitoring where the suite checkin is and they will quickly direct you or escort you. The terminal isn’t really that big for the Dawn.
  12. Been over a year, but yes there was then. It was small and then you were escorted to another waiting area after you had some snacks and such.
  13. Was on the Jade a few years ago during first week of Dec. Were decorating during that week.
  14. We've done one port stop on Acapulco. My wife stayed on the ship. I got off and walked all around the port area including a backstreet up to a big market. I was not comfortable. Just a few blocks from the port area was pretty run down. And lots of police and army presence. I stopped in a public restroom. Was required to pay a dollar before using the pretty nasty facilities. Next time, if there is one, I'll just stay on the ship. An organized tour would probably be fine though.
  15. This is a stockholder owned and publicly traded company. It only has one purpose and that is to maximize profits. That's what it is about and why it exists. They offer the product by balancing what will sell best with what keeps expenses down, again to maximize profit. That's all it's about. And then we, the consumer, buy the product...or not...depending on how we perceive the value. It's not personal.
  16. Only, and only because you are a noon LAX arrival, you hope, and because you are getting close to bad traffic time in L.A., I would book the NCL transportation. Otherwise, Super Shuttle or Uber. Assuming a 4 pm ship departure, you need to be at the port terminal within two hours of flight arrival.
  17. If in doubt, just mention to the server that you do have a show after dinner and don't mind being a bit rushed with the service. Otherwise, the service is designed for relaxation as much as possible, no hurry.
  18. In an SF Dawn suite last year, the main cabin had one US plug and a bunch of two prong European plugs. The butler said he frequently has to get extension cords for guest. After that cruise, I did like the butler said he does and bought a couple of the 2 prong European converters off Amazon. Haven't needed them yet in later cruises though.
  19. If the balcony has room, the cabin steward can usually find you an extra chair.
  20. We do Super Shuttle, although last few cruises out of other ports have used Uber.
  21. We sailed on the Dawn one year ago Boston to Bermuda. One of the best cruises we've done. The Dawn, wonderful ship, wonderful crew, food just great. Loved her.
  22. We've done Super Shuttle always at L.A. But starting to use Uber more on recent cruises out of other ports.
  23. You can't win. Had a bomb gone off and blown a few of the guests to pieces, NCL would have been blamed for that too.
  24. LAX can be horrible even after you get there. Our last SWA flight on a Sunday, lined up out the terminal and down the street for half a block jus to get in and checked in. Then security was the same thing. That total process alone took well over an hour and that was before getting out the gate. Could be done but have a plan B available.
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