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  1. We’re doing the same and planning to do as Colo suggests. We will stay onboard and enjoy u til last call, hop a cab, leave the bags with the porters (I assume the sky will be at pier 2 and we will be elsewhere) and then we are going to brunch and watch the ocean. Either steak 954 at the w or coconuts on the intercoastal by the hall of fame.
  2. I also use Smith's and highly recommend them. So easy, fast and hassle-free. Also, don't rule out staying in Southampton. There are some really nice smaller places to stay and it's a neat place to explore a little. I've particularly enjoyed the Pig in the Wall and the White Star Tavern for lodging. I believe the poster who said it was 10 said, pp, - they divided the cost across their party. Have a great trip.
  3. I work in marketing research. Qualtrics is a legit company. It is very common to ask respondents to keep the contents of a survey or discussion group confidential, especially when discussing ideas for new products or services.
  4. The Harbormaster schedule (porteverglades.com planned ship movements) will show which side is scheduled to be against the pier. While typically they prefer to "back" in, stern to the 17th st, sometimes they will dock the other side to the pier. Typically this is because of mandatory lifeboat test or maintenance.
  5. Over the last few weeks I have been contacted multiple times by Qualtrics on behalf of Princess to complete a survey. Every single time, the link says I've either completed the survey before or my session has expired. This happened again this morning with an invite that had been sent 5 minutes before my opening it. I work in marketing research and know that this is not how this is supposed to work. The links should stay active for a reasonable period of time; shutting it down too fast introduces bias. It's also really irritating and frustrating. Any one else having the same experience?
  6. Hi All, Just received notification for the 11/18 sailing that the pier in Southampton has been changed from the Queen Elizabeth 2 pier to the Mayflower Terminal. Thought folks would be interested to know.
  7. I had originally intended to buy a transfer from Vilshofen to Munich post-cruise for the 8/10 Melodies cruise on AMAViola, but my agent was notified several months ago that upon further review, they wouldn't be offering a transfer this trip since no one had booked the post-trip to Munich (I'm going independent). After talking to my agent and he with AMA, we were able to settle on a transfer to the Munich airport from which I will independently transfer to Munich. I'm debating between train and the Lufthansa shuttle service (bus, runs every 15 minutes to central station, drinks served onboard). Anyway, check with agent to see if transfers are possible. The value of the pre-post trips also partially hinges on whether you're traveling as a couple or a solo. As a solo, the single supplement for the add-ons is full tariff and does not makes sense value-wise. I am far ahead on my own.
  8. Cruise week of 2/18 it was open all but 1 day. We had rough seas out the first two days and the water washing out of the pool onto the tile floor around the pool was creating a slip hazard. I suspect this has been the primary reason for it being closed much of this season. The water is also damaging the spa doors and encroaching inside into the spa hallway.
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