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  1. Hi All, Just received notification for the 11/18 sailing that the pier in Southampton has been changed from the Queen Elizabeth 2 pier to the Mayflower Terminal. Thought folks would be interested to know.
  2. I had originally intended to buy a transfer from Vilshofen to Munich post-cruise for the 8/10 Melodies cruise on AMAViola, but my agent was notified several months ago that upon further review, they wouldn't be offering a transfer this trip since no one had booked the post-trip to Munich (I'm going independent). After talking to my agent and he with AMA, we were able to settle on a transfer to the Munich airport from which I will independently transfer to Munich. I'm debating between train and the Lufthansa shuttle service (bus, runs every 15 minutes to central station, drinks served onboard). Anyway, check with agent to see if transfers are possible. The value of the pre-post trips also partially hinges on whether you're traveling as a couple or a solo. As a solo, the single supplement for the add-ons is full tariff and does not makes sense value-wise. I am far ahead on my own.
  3. Cruise week of 2/18 it was open all but 1 day. We had rough seas out the first two days and the water washing out of the pool onto the tile floor around the pool was creating a slip hazard. I suspect this has been the primary reason for it being closed much of this season. The water is also damaging the spa doors and encroaching inside into the spa hallway.
  4. If you could manage it, I would love to see the daily programs. Thanks for sharing!
  5. AMA Cruisers - please post as much DETAIL as you can about your cruises. I, and I'm sure many others, would be especially delighted if you could share menus, the daily programs, and the excursion details. There is a woeful lack of this kind of detail available and it sure would be appreciated. Thanks - an addicted planner!
  6. Yes it there is not power on the island and that represents a serious problem for trying to turn a ship around. Not to mention the ship provisions there...that isn't possible. I believe they are trying to find a good turnaround port (very likely to be either Miami or fortlauderdale), deal with the folks on board who will have major logistical issues and then deal with the next cruise which is very likely to be cancelled because of the additional logistical and $ issues raised by turning around in an unplanned port. San Juan is out of the question. And the hotels that had generators are now running out of fuel to run them and closing. Things are desperate for basic living in Puerto Rico. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Does Princess provide any type of narration or interpretation while cruising the Norwegian Fjords? Just curious, since it is a destination cruise. Thanks!
  8. I am very curious to know, once you get there, if while cruising the fjords, does HAL provide any narration or interpretation of what you're sailing by? Thanks! looks wonderful!
  9. There are refill station all over airports these days. They are push button systems like those on Princess. I think the risk of contimination not that high. Reusable water bottles have a lid with a mouth piece or straw that's no where near that spout on the dispenser.
  10. I've been looking at marine weather and there's a big storm to your south which is why you've been more northerly than usual. I arrived in Southampton today and the weather wildly variable. Sun one moment, pouring rain. The primary consistent factor is high wind. Current winds about 35 gusting well above that. They are calling for a sharp drop in temps by Saturday. From where I sit, I see another burst of rain coming across the Solent with the sun setting behind it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Enjoying reading your updates, especially since I will be joining on Saturday. Thanks. I'm particularly interested in the weather and sea state for your crossing. It has been very windy the last few crossing, so interested to hear if this continues. Funny you say that the Britannia DR is normally closed on embarkation day. On each of my previous crossings, I dined there for my embarkation lunch.
  12. I believe, but am not positive, that at least 1 name on the booking (per cabin) must remain consistent to do a name change. Otherwise it's considered a new booking.
  13. I also observed the weirdness on the ais going into NYC. I've never seen it before. I think it was just a glitch though because when I look at the pings of the posititions there's nothing weird. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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