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  1. Here is the original post with the travel company removed for cruise critic purpose So just a update. Looks like I made lemonade out of lemons lol So, in the end I'm glad that vantage cancelled my cruise. Uniworld was having a 30% sale. So ended up booking a 11 day/ 10 night cruise Remarkable Rhine & Historic Holland. It is 3 nights longer than the vantage cruise (and cheaper fare than the 7 night vantage- plus Uniworld is all inclusive-I would still had tips/an extra excursion and some drinks on Vantage). I was also able to book upgraded flights on British Airways in World Traveller Plus for $1530/each RT. And if anyone is a member of a certain warehouse I booked through them (same price as anywhere I looked-I get $900 in a warehouse gift card and my 2% back for my executive membership-so that will be around a additional $1100 cash to spend at warehouse. We were going for the tulips in Amsterdam but we are flying in a few days early so will just book us a excursion instead of a "tulip cruise". I travel for work so I used my Hilton points to get us rooms at the Hilton Double Tree Central in Amsterdam-better and cheaper option than the Brussels extension fro Vantage. So just really worked out!!!!
  2. Thanks Roz-I really didn't know exactly where the ship would dock from the hotel but I liked that it's right next to the central train station. I'm diamond in hilton honors so I just booked the cheapest point rooms and will get a upgrade if they are not full. But I will automatically get to go to the executive lounge even if I'm not upgraded and free breakfast in the buffet or in the executive lounge . If was just me and my mother I would just do train from airport and walk to the ship from the hotel. But my dad has had 2 knee replacements and and doesn't understand the concept of getting your a@@ on the train with luggage lol And than I don't want to wear him out by walking from hotel to ship with luggage. I'll see what is the best non train option from the airport and will probably just have hotel call a taxi to the ship. I think I can coral him enough to use the train without luggage to get around amsterdam lol
  3. Yes we had cabin assignments I was told by the rep that the whole boat was charted out.
  4. Thanks everyone. You never know about pricing. As of yesterday the double cabin price on uniworld was actually cheaper than on gate1 (it was a lower cabin than on gate1 but I prefer the cheapest cabin anyway because I'm not in it much). Plus that everything is included on uniworld vs still having to tip and buy drinks outside of dinner-and one extra excursion on gate1 that we would purchase. The single price on uniworld is more but if you take off all the things not included and the cheaper double cabin than it ends up only about a $600 difference. And just doing spot checking the airfare was cheaper on uniworld-so it might be less than the $600. So if the cabins are still available will go with uniworld. My mom is a little gun shy because of the vantage cancellation. I think she wants to stay with a well know river cruise company even though I told her all companies have done this.
  5. Thanks. It does. I priced the cabin with 3 and it comes out to $12,000 (without air). So to sleep on a foldout for $4,000 and limited space is a show stopper. I can get 2 cabins on uniworld all inclusive for less than that. I'm looking at Gate1 at the moment
  6. So, if you have read my previous post about Vantage cancelling my river cruise I'm looking for a replacement (Vantage replacement dates didn't work for us). So I have looked/priced all the major lines and found decent prices for a double cabin but there is 3 going so the solo cabin have been crazy high. I even priced the AMAKristinia triple cabin and it is $12,000 for the 3 of us (I can sail on other lines with 2 cabins for less than the triple one cabin price). So, the gate1 pricing is better than the rest. I have searched for reviews and have found some but would like to hear from people you have actually cruised with them and their opinions. We are not picky people but I want something decent. Thanks for any help
  7. Yes, I’ve phoned AMA but didn’t specifically ask about the 3rd berth. Just assumed it was a couch. But didn’t think about this until today I have a TA getting me some quotes so will see what she comes up with.
  8. Hello, if you read my previous post about Vantage cancelling my Tulip River Cruise for this upcoming March-I’m looking for a replacement. One option is a triple room on Amakristina? I have searched for reviews or pictures but hard to find any info. Does anyone have any experience with a triple room? My preference is to book 2 rooms but that might not be in the cards this late. It’s 3 adults but we are small people and it’s me (51) mom/dad 75/79. What I can tell the 3rd bed is a fold out chair????? Thanks for any info
  9. It wouldn’t be a big deal except there are 3 of us and vantage had single cabins. I wouldn’t have even booked with them if there was a even number going. But hopefully it’s will work out in my favor. The more I thought about it-we were doing the brussels extension and the price we paid was way too much for what it included. So now looking to book the river cruise part and diy the rest. I have a ton of Hilton points and airline miles so will use those. Told mom to pack light because going to have to do some train travel.
  10. It’s official now. Receiving my refund. Now working with a TA to find a replacement. Vantage rep said it was a management decision to charter out this cruise.
  11. I've done some calling today. There are availabilities but $$$ and when I booked parents got free airfare and mine was reduced and I had a single cabin. I'm not currently seeing any good promotions. And combined with it being 3 people makes it even more expensive. It would be nice if we could change. I would probably get a upgrade since all the single cabins are booked. lol
  12. Coral-it's ok. I just wished I had more flexibility between my inflexible job and parents needs/wants. This combined with it being a tulip trip and a short season just adds to it. I'll see what I can find. Might postpone it another year.
  13. So, called to speak to someone different. Apparently there is only one person in the cancellation department that I can speak to and they do not work weekends. Well, I had a good experience with Vantage up to this point. Just disappointed at the moment with them. I don't want to book with anyone else until I get a full refund so I will have to wait. I'm still going to call around and see what is available.
  14. Thanks everyone for the replys. The irony is that I received a email with my invoice just last week. My parents haven't received a phone call so this all sounds funny. I'm about to call and talk to someone else and just see if they say the same. The person that called me doesn't work weekends and I talked to him late yesterday so I haven't "officially" cancelled. So I have sailed with uniworld and avalon in the past. How does grand circle and teeming compare? I'm going to call AMA/Uniworld/Avalon/Viking and see what they have. I've looked at emerald but It looks like they are all booked. I'll keep you posted
  15. Ural Guy-it's the River Splender that leaves on March 30 (we also were doing the pre cruise in Brussels). They didn't call my mother yet. I called her and told her. We have airfare through Vantage so at least we don't have to deal with that. Thanks for the suggestion about doing it on our own but my parents are older and my dad has some mobility issues so it would be completely up to me to do all of the planning and logistics and I really don't want to to that. When it is just me and friends/hubby we do DIY. I've been on 2 river cruises with my mother-she wants my dad to go on one since this was probably be his last trip to europe.
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