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  1. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned The Bull. Yankee Jack often plays there from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon--quirky, dirty and fun. It also has a second floor bar and the infamous 3rd floor Garden of Eden where you can get nekkid' if you want (though that doesn't usually happen until late night). Our criteria for good beach bars are casual, tap beers and seats along the sidewalk or very close to. The Bull, the front bar at Rick's, Flyin' Monkey and a few others meet this criteria. We like Whiskey T's at night for the bar atmosphere plus decent food and good band. Island Dog on Front Street has sidewalk seating and good hot dogs and seafood sandwiches. Spent a lot of time at the front bar at Sloppy Joe's as well (close to the street). Just got back from a 10 day visit to Key West (great time even though we had 12 inches of rain over the 10 days--hence a LOT of bar time).
  2. JackofHearts

    Best Place for Lunch in Key West

    Also agree on on El Ciboney's. Blue Heaven is excellent as well, in walking distance in an Old Town residential area. Old speakeasy.
  3. JackofHearts

    Labadee Damaged

    I just read a post on another thread that used an apparent new feature of this forum--just put "(No Flames Please)" in your post.
  4. [quote name='gr82cu2']Overall, we felt the new menu was not as good as the old. Having said that, my favorites, and they were very tasty, were the shrimp cocktail, surf and turf and sticky bread and butter pudding. It used to be we had a hard time narrowing the choices down to what we could actually eat. This time we had a hard time finding things we thought we would like. YMMV[/QUOTE] OMDV--I actually felt the opposite, liked the new menu much more and had a very difficult time narrowing the choices. I tend to like the lighter fare and had at least one international dish every meal.
  5. JackofHearts

    What bugs me the most

    16 cruises, four lines, never a problem.
  6. Eight different ships, three times on Freedom, twice on Mariner.
  7. JackofHearts

    Wine Permitted to Carry Onboard Now

    Dang!! We just got off the 10/28 Freedom out of PC and had one of our suitcases taken to the Naughty Room--had two bottles of Halloween themed wine (one "Poison" with a skull and crossbones and the other Dracula Pinot). We followed advice to blindly reach in the suitcase and retrieve only one of the contraband items and surrender it. So got the Dracula Wine through and got the Poison wine back the last day. One week too soon!!!! BTW, our traveling companions (about 6 couples) must have had at least 20 plastic bottles amongst them filled with vodka, gin and jack that got through without question.
  8. JackofHearts

    Anybody Live on the Freedom 10/21/12??

    Thanks for the effort Parker. Welcome to the boards, you should stay around!!!!
  9. JackofHearts

    Anybody Live on the Freedom 10/21/12??

    I don't think this was the most Cruise Critic friendly cruise. No on-board responses and I couldn't find any roll call for this cruise. Anyone???
  10. JackofHearts

    Anybody Live on the Freedom 10/21/12??

    I'll try this again. The ship should be leaving its St Marteen or St John stop tomorrow heading back for two days at sea, arriving Sunday morning in PC. Unfortunately, the itinerary route is straight for the Hurricane. Love to hear what they decided to do.
  11. JackofHearts

    Anybody Live on the Freedom 10/21/12??

    I probably will.
  12. JackofHearts

    Anybody Live on the Freedom 10/21/12??

    This is a current storm projection, shows 45 + winds and high waves NE of the Bahamas Friday and Saturday just when the Freedom is at sea in this area making its way back. Really hope someone on board can login and update us on what is happening with their itinerary. http://www.stormsurfing.com/cgi/display_alt.cgi?a=atlatrop_slp
  13. We are sailing on the Freedom right after you. We're following that tropical depression that is forming off of Nicaragua and is supposed to head northeast over Cuba and the Bahamas later this week and then off into the Atlantic. Projections show that it will be off in the Atlantic when we sail, so all we should get it some rocking and rolling the first night. But the projections show it crossing your route for your two sea days next Friday and Saturday. I know they will keep you safe and far away and that the projections will surely change, but I'd be most interested in hearing what, if anything, they tell you later in the week and how your itinerary or route might change if that becomes necessary. Hopefully, it will not affect the timing of your return! Hope your cruise is a good one.
  14. JackofHearts

    Jacksonville oceanfront hotel...any suggestions?

    I live in Jacksonville Beach. Here's my thoughts. One Ocean is a highly thought of hotel right in the heart of the Atlantic Beach/Neptune Beach Town Center, lots going on there. Since you mentioned pool, one of the oldest continuously operating bars in the US of A is a block away, Pete's bar, a true beach bar with about a dozen pool tables and other games (est 1933 and appears to have never been renovated!!!). Caution, a golf polo shirt is WAY too dressed up for this establishment. Wear your flip flops and tank top and order your $2 PBR tall boys. A true destination place. Alternatively, Jax beach has five beachfront hotels (four on the ocean and one a block away) Probably about $50-75 bucks cheaper, or more, but good places (Quality Suites, Best Western, Comfort Inn, Fairfield Inn and Marriott). About 30 bars and restaurants within walking distance (the long walk referred to above is about 9 blocks, and the first two are right in the heart of the entertainment district). There are three or four pool halls within a mile of downtown jax beach, none scary.