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  1. My husband and I postponed a June 2020 river cruise with Vantage to June 2021, so I have been following your ordeal attempting to receive your refund. On Channel 7 in Boston, there is a consumer program called Solvit7 that seems to be very successful in solving this type of problem. We live in Southeastern Massachusetts and Vantage is out of Boston. Not sure where you are located and if they service MA residents only, but if they can't help you perhaps you have a local television station that has this type of program. Companies hate bad press. Good Luck!
  2. We were on the B2B February 23rd to March 15th, so our exposure doubled. Celebrity notified us a few days ago that a passenger on the 2nd cruise had tested positive for covid-19 and gave us a list of instructions to follow. When we returned home we decided on our own to self quarantine for 14 days because we were in contact with so many people for the 21 day sailing. Today is day 12 of 14 and we have experienced no symptoms. Celebrity's lack of communication with us has made us wonder if we should cruise with them again next winter or ever again. We had previously booked anoth
  3. We were in cabin # 3147 last winter on a 21 day BTB and every night there was a very load banging noise. Many different personnel came to the room to listen and finally an engineer said it was the waves hitting against the ship. They offered to change our cabin and we were moved to a higher and much quieter deck.
  4. I tried it again using your instructions and it worked. Thank you very much.
  5. I was attempting to complete online checkin for our February cruises and kept getting an error message on the " onboard expense payment section.' I could not proceed to the next screen so I telephoned Celebrity and after an hour and a half on hold spoke to a very helpful agent who said there have been problems with that particular page. He told me to check "cash account" instead of 'credit card' and I would be able to proceed. He was correct and we have now completed the checkin pages for both cruises. My choices are to either try to edit this information online at a later date or wait til
  6. We booked a 2021 BTB in January of 2019. One cruise stayed the same price but the other one was $ 500 less. We retained the three perks originally offered. Also received the $ 150 BTB discount on our vacation. If we get lucky AMEX will have another promotion and we will save even more money. Thanks for the update.
  7. We were in San Diego in June and did a wonderful boat tour of the harbor -you buy tickets right on the pier.
  8. We have taken our grandchildren on trips and always have a notorized letter which gives us permission to travel with and seek medical attention for the child. The children all have their own passports. Twice we have not been asked for identification (land trips) but both cruises ( HAL and Princess) we were asked for the letter and the person checking us in took the letter to a supervisor to approve. I would never take the chance of being denied boarding and ruining the vacation.
  9. We haven't cruised on Norwegian in many years. I notice that in all but two of the specialty restaurants meals are alacarte. How much would you estimate the cost of dinner for two if we each had an appetizer and entree? Thanks for your help.
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