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  1. This is a question about wine stewards/servers. On a cruise a few years ago we had a wine steward that was excellent. I am wondering if he might be on New Amsterdam. His name is Roy Nunga. Anyone else have him and remember him?
  2. That is good to know. Thanks for reply.
  3. Would like to know if raisen buns are in the Lido for breakfast. We have done 32 HAL crusies and always loved them. Hope they still have them.
  4. We have done 32 cruises on Holland American ships. We especially like the raisen buns they have at breakfast. Asking New Amsterdam recent cruisers if the Lido still has them.
  5. I would also like to know what time the gym opens in the morning. Do they have recumbent bikes as well as upright bikes?
  6. Thank you for the information.
  7. Looking to cruise in December 2021. Niew Amsterdam and Eurodam are doing 7 day cruise on Dec. 23 and 22. Does anyone know if both azipods are working on Niew Amsterdam. Have read that the last cruises there was only one engine operating. Any adverse reports for the Eurodam?? Perhaps we should book cruise on Eurodam. Any advice would be welcomed.
  8. Received refund today. Cancelled March 27 cruise on March 19. So took 81 days for the refund to be posted to credit card.
  9. Thanks Ruth C for the detailed information.You are a wealth of info. We just booked an I cabin on the lower promenade. On two Rotterdam cruises in 2018 we had Lanai cabins. Too much noise with grinding and work being done on life boards. Also sections of deck were closed often for work. We like the smaller ships and Holland American.
  10. Anyone stay in category I inside cabin and can tell me about their stay in it. Is the ship in ok condition. Cruised on Rotterdam in 2018 in a Lanai cabin and the Lower Promenade deck was often closed off in sections and the noise from welding and work on lifeboats was deafening. Haven't been in an inside cabin since way back. We are five star now with 31 HAL cruises. Love the smaller ships.
  11. Dutch Cafe questions. Is there a charge for the Dutch cafe and what are the hours? Considering the K'dam and need some incentives to get me to book on this ship.
  12. Very good information about HAL cruising. Well put.
  13. Some years ago my husband had severe pain and went to ER. He had kidney stone and I will never forget what the ER doctor said: "pain is worse than childbirth."
  14. A few years ago we went to Park n Go and when the attendant requested the car keys my husband left and parked at the FLL parking garage. He had a Camaro then (now has Dodge Challenger). We had read reviews that said that when they returned for the car there were many added miles. They might like to take our Red Challenger for a spin so do not think we will park there for our November cruise.
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