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  1. Oh wow. I never thought to check early. It wasn't even advertised unless you heard John's coffee with me video. Maybe it will encourage Carnival to do more unique itineraries instead of the same old plain vanilla ones.
  2. I sure hope so. I was armed and ready at 9 Eastern and just could not get through to book.
  3. Round trip from Baltimore. September of 2023. A 14 day cruise with a unique itinerary.
  4. My last few cruises (pre-pandemic), only had a few MDR selections during the week. Prime rib appeared one night. An occasional soup or pasta dish was offered. I do miss the old buffets with more quality and selection. Have to say that prime rib night was great with baked potato and all of the fixings! We usually walk through to see what the offerings are when they open up and decide what we want to do. Looking forward to cruising on Mardi Gras. So many options.
  5. I hope so. I knew it would move fast, but that was crazy!
  6. I tried, but failed. Sold out in a matter of hours. I couldn't even get it to load on the Carnival site. Kept erroring out. Couldn't get through by phone either. By the time I got through, all of the suites, premium balconies, and regular balconies were gone. Only thing left was balcony guarantee.
  7. Yes, that would be a great cruise! We don't care to fly much anymore, so that is a problem. We could have driven to the Greenland cruise embarkation port.
  8. Thank you for the perspective! I think we have decided to let this cruise go. If we would have had tons of scenic cruising, with an abundance of wildlife, I would have pressed the matter. My first choice actually would have been Iceland and I think my husband would jump on that trip, also.
  9. Yes, no info about Greenland. Only disappointment about covid-19 cancelled cruises there. It was the first place I looked.
  10. Anyone been? What did you enjoy about it? I have always wanted to go to Iceland, too. There's not much info out there on these infrequent cruises. I wonder if they are worth the expense and travel difficulties?
  11. Thanks for the quick replies! I am glad it's not touristy, that would be a plus for me. I was interested in what you do see while cruising. Ice flows? Whales? I didn't see any "scenic cruising" days in the itinerary. I can do some walking, but heavy duty hiking is not for me anymore. Are beautiful landscapes visible close to shore?
  12. Looking at a cruise to Greenland! It is a 16 day round trip from New York. Along with the stops in Greenland, it also visits Halifax, Sydney, and St. John's Canada. How will this compare to Alaska views, glaciers, and wildlife? That was our favorite part of Alaska cruising. What are the best things to do in those ports? I did look at the ports of call forums and didn't find any info. Thanks!
  13. Well, after a freak reaction to a medication I took a couple of years ago, I share your issues and can help a bit. There shouldn't be any issues with a standard folding walker or even a rollator that has a seat. They tuck away in a corner of the cabin just fine. I highly recommend that you get handicap assist at the cruise terminal to help you get onboard. It is very easy. Once you get inside, just ask for wheelchair assist. Save your steps and energy for moving around the ship and doing fun things. I hold my folded walker on my lap while I get wheeled onboard. Such a help! I was so upset that I needed a walker, but I was determined to cruise and had a great time! As far as tendering is concerned, a folding walker isn't any bulkier than a folding stroller or big beach bag. There is a lot of help for the transfer to and from the tender. For great information try looking in this forum under Special Interest Cruising -> Disabled Cruise Travel. They can help you with all of your questions. The MDR food portions are much smaller than they used to be. You can order the pasta dish as a side/appetizer portion. I skip a course that doesn't appeal to me, but order what I want. I usually eat about half of the portion. Frankly, the only people that seemed to notice are the waitstaff and once I tell them that I can't eat too much at a time, they are fine after that. In the MDR it is easier for the waitstaff to put in a standard order and not ask for special orders as everything is pre-plated and they have to work harder if you modify the dish. On several nights, we go to the lido for a slice of pizza, deli sandwich, or small portion off of the buffet. It is helpful if you have someone to share items with. Most importantly, enjoy your cruise!!!
  14. Unfortunately, my state (Alabama) doesn't have any testing availability according to that site. I recently returned from a family visit and had symptoms (vague sinus/headache, flushing) and I tried to get a covid-19 test and the earliest I could find (with symptoms) was 3 days out and only a PCR test was available. My husband, a couple of weeks ago, was notified that he was in close contact with a breakthrough case. He was able to get a same day rapid test and had a negative result within 2 hours. So, testing availability is a fluid situation. BTW....a local Urgent Care suggested I get an over the counter rapid test for my situation. I had to try a couple of places to find one (a double test) and it was easy and I was negative.
  15. Hopefully, we will see an improvement in Covid-19 numbers soon. Crossing my fingers....
  16. As a Veteran, I wouldn't rely on their ability to produce a 2 day turnaround. Sorry, but they are overwhelmed and not reliable. At this point, I would have a solid Plan A and Plan B to meet the requirements.
  17. We've cruised on Carnival for 22 years. Obviously, a lot has changed. Back in the day, we dressed and ate in the MDR every night. As time went on, we would try the buffet for dinner a time or two. We loved the flexibility and the options were great. Wonderful salad and dessert bar. Many fresh options at the different stations. Over time, those options faded and what was left was a mediocre at best option. I assume Carnival did the math and found the least expensive route for the buffet. We love the deli and pizza options and carving station for dinner at the buffet, but miss the old days. Know that the Mardi Gras will fill the void and will cruise on her for now.
  18. 1st drink at embarkation - Funship go to before dinner drink - Carnival Cosmo yummiest after dinner drink - Tiramisu Martini
  19. Oasis Class ships have one thing that most other Royal ships don't and none of Carnival ships have. That is Royal Suite Class with a private restaurant and lounge along with other extended suite amenities. When Carnival added the Excel Suites, they didn't add enough perks to match the price they charge. A mistake IMHO and a reason to pick Royal over Carnival for suites.
  20. We've had them either already on the balcony or delivered by the cabin steward. We always tip, but it wasn't really expected. These were extended balconies or suite balconies. So nice to take a nap on!
  21. It's seems logical that this would be true. Lots of casino offers. Diamond and Platinum cruisers wanting to cruise again. Vaccination requirements. Hassles to get exemptions for kids and unvaxxed. Now that school has started, families back off from cruising. I fall into that older group, but enjoy the Carnival vibe. I feel this will settle back to a more normal demographic when covid-19 settles down. For now, the "old folks" that are cruising may just be saving the cruise industry from financial disaster. The more cruises that sail without a major outbreak and people having a great time, the more others will have the confidence to take the plunge.
  22. This. With the current cruising environment the casino department might let it go. I would call and not possibly face a surprise cost at the port. Enjoy!
  23. The OP was asking a valid question. I have cruised on Carnival many times and have wondered the same thing, comparing Miami and PC along with newer and older ships. The OP stated that the ports were similar. They also said they were new to Carnival. I doubt they were "just trying to post something". I enjoy the Carnival forum because it is so welcoming and helpful.
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