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  1. Need an idea of cost for a 2 hour tour by taxi for 4 people. Anyone done this fairly recently?
  2. Four people for a two hour tour of the island by private taxi. Has anyone done this recently and what was the cost?
  3. Anyone do a taxi tour around the island? Looking for a 2 hour tour, 4 people, and need to know the app. cost.
  4. Thanks for all the good information...We have had our share of terminal problems over the years including Hurricane Sandy (NY) when my wife tripped over a small suitcase in the baggage section when they were on auxiliary power. She broke her hand and really messed up her teeth, I had insurance but the people at the terminal never turned in the accident report so we got zilch....Lesson learned.
  5. We have a 14 Journey cruise from Galveston on the 16th. The city is flooded now and they call for rain every day up to our departure day...SO, what happened to all those people last weekend who couldn't get to the ship. My wife is physically challenged and could never walk 2 or 3 blocks in 2' of contaminated water. Besides us having 100#'s of luggage...Does Carnival give a credit or would insurance cover the cruise?
  6. Thanks for all the ideas. I have it planned for the next day (sea day) @ 10;30 AM. I did send the events dept. a note asking for a room but nothing back so far...The nightclub sounds ideal but maybe without permission I'll look into deck 5 outside. Thanks again.
  7. Planning a M&G for a large group and since I need to plan ahead I need to know if Breeze has a Sports Bar connected to the casino. I know we can probably get a room from Carnival but that wouldn't happen until we board the ship and with over 100 people and no way of contacting them,I need to find a place ahead of time. I looked at the diagram of the ship but it doesn't show anything...Appreciate any help you can give me.
  8. Your roomie should have also taken an earlier time. If you get there later you walk right on the ship.
  9. The idea is to make money. Nobody is forced to play. My biggest complaint about Bingo is that its often scheduled right before the nightly show and most people stay, making it hard to find a seat.
  10. If you're flexible and watch for bargains, IMO, there is no more economical way to travel than cruising. We avoid AI since we don't drink and don't need to pay hundreds extra for a service we won't use.
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