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  1. I will go down the stairs from up top to bottom, just not up, will take elevator going up....
  2. Looks like our 2nd formal night will fall on Halloween this year. Is it ok to wear costumes to dinner or do we need to dress up.
  3. received our Medallion for upcoming cruise today and requested a lanyard. are all of the lanyard inserts blue, not the medallion itself just the thing to put the medallion in. Thanks.
  4. One quick question can we just bring out boarding passes to the terminal and check in the old fashioned way and not fill out all of the medallion information just the cruise personalizer?
  5. We leave on the 26th of October on our cruise. Filled out personalizer and everything in ocean medallion app. Everything was confirmed received email stating it was completed and will be mailing medallion. Looked at app today and it says can not start ocean ready and if it does the final step, selecting medallion etc is incomplete now. Everything was fine yesterday. Thinking maybe they are processing to be mailed, not sure. Anyone know?
  6. I have the ocean ready app and filled it all in and am waiting for my Medallion. 🙂 one question we leave on Oct 26th of this year and my stateroom buddy has the ocean ready app also and her app changed this last week it now has a countdown clock etc. Mine remains the same as when I originally downloaded it. Just wondering why it changed and not mine. This is her new app picture.
  7. There are a group of 10 of us going on the Royal in October. We are all senior citizens and some do not have smart phones etc. Are we able to just print out our boarding pass and they will have the medallion waiting for us when we get to the port or does everyone have to go to ocean.com and fill in all the information? We all have our personalizer filled out, is that all we need to do? Thank you for your help.
  8. Perfect Pam that is what I needed to know. Thank you so much appreciate it.
  9. This is my first Medallion cruise so new to me after 34 cruises. We are a group of 10 going and just wondering if they mail all the medallions to you or do they only mail them to the people that have downloaded the ocean ready app on their phone. Not too clear on this, read information but confused. Thanks
  10. I have been on a number of cruises but most of the time we walk off early with our suitcases. About 10 of us are taking a cruise in October out of San Pedro. Our shuttle does not pick us up until noon that day. What is the latest time you can disembark the ship?
  11. Does anyone know what times the shows are in the princess theater on the Royal. Our last cruise last month to Alaska on the Ruby it was at 6:30 for the early show. Thanks
  12. Thank you so much that is what I wanted to know. Appreciate your response...
  13. OMG that sounds like my sister in Mini suite, that why I don't cruise with her anymore. We just decided to do 2 per room. LOL love this post.
  14. Question on Mini suite. We are 4 ladies thinking of taking a cruise in Mini suite on Royal. For sleeping with 4 in a room there would be 2 in the bed and then 2 on the pull out sofa bed correct. There are not any wall pull down beds on the wall correct?
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