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  1. I attach it to one on my longer necklaces and wear it around my neck it works great. Less bulky than the lanyard.
  2. Received my full refund on May 21st chose option 2 for my cruise April 11 on Sky Princess. Did not dispute with credit card company just waited princess out. Fair included all cruise dollars paid and ez air too. Total was right on....
  3. Yes showed up today on my credit card. This was for my April 11th cruise. Said it went through on the 21st but showed up today in my account. Option 2 🙂
  4. My full refund for my April 11th cruise was posted to my credit card this morning. Everything was correct. Glad that is over for me. Good luck everyone....
  5. Dear Member number: We know you’re waiting for your refund and may be frustrated by how long it’s taking. We hear you and are doing everything in our power to get it to you as soon as possible. Rest assured we’ve received your request, and it’s in our queue. We ask for your continued patience in affording us the time to work through the refunds properly. Because we are not able to use our usual automated process, our team is manually handling a large volume of requests while working from home. We want to try to make sure each and every guest's booking is handled accurately, and as ef
  6. I received our future cruise credit of 25% today for our cruise on the Sky Princess which was supposed to depart on April 11th. No refund yet. Hoping to get it real soon. Will give it the 60 days then will decide what to do. Submitted form the day it came out which was 3/12. Would have been in Paris yesterday. 😞
  7. Just looked at mine also on United site and it shows cancelled now too.
  8. This is what I got in response to an email I sent my PVP about EZ air and refund. Our flight is scheduled to leave on the 10th of April. Still waiting for our refund. My email to her... Just a little concerned I see our flight is still ticketed on the united site and the flight is supposed to leave on the 10th of April. This will all be cancelled through Princess correct. Just wondering what is going on with the refunds. Her response.... "Yes it all will be. They are working on now. So many to do they are working as quickly as poss
  9. Yes it was cancelled we were going on the TA out of Fort Lauderdale on April 11th. I filled out the refund paper and submitted it last week.
  10. Can no longer pull up my cruise personalizer for my cancelled cruise. This is what I got when I tried to enter. Glad I printed out all of the payment information on it... Important Acknowledgements for Your Cruise Vacation Before entering Cruise Personalizer, read and acknowledge these notifications Voyage Cancellation Notice As you may be aware, as a proactive response to the unpredictable circumstances evolving from the global spread of COVID-19 and in an abundance of caution, Princess Cruises is voluntarily pausing global operations o
  11. Thank you did not get an email or anything about cancellation, just disappeared. Hope it will show up as a credit on my CC
  12. I think I just messed up, had a paid excursion on my cruise personalizer that was cancelled, went into my personalizer and pressed cancel thinking it would take me to another page and it didn't it just went away. Hope I get a refund on it. How did it work for other people who cancelled their prepaid excursions on Princess website???
  13. Yes that was so cool, hope they all get their own mini suite or suite for when they are all on board. They deserve it....
  14. https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ I am watching too, so sad was to be on her next month but I understand.....
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