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  1. hannibal54


    Why would you deny the crew of gratuities? Break out the popcorn on this subject.
  2. hannibal54

    drink package on mariner

    You can get the drink package on a 3 day sailing, I did it in August. I am not sure what the price is, I bought it at a discount.
  3. hannibal54

    Best shuttle service FLL to Port of Miami

    I have always used SAS, never had any issues.
  4. Majesty of the Seas, today!
  5. I was on the Mariner last month and I submitted my photo. They didn't retake my picture and the lady thanked me for uploading my photo. If you can help the people behind the desks in anyway, I am for it.
  6. hannibal54

    Delayed Boarding Message

    We have issues for our 10-29 Majesty cruise. They sent us an e-mail that we wouldn't be leaving Tampa until 8 PM and boarding would start late in the afternoon. Now they are going to board us before noon but we still don't leave until 8, at least we will be on the ship.
  7. hannibal54

    Error message!

    They have locked me out twice now. I called Royal and my TA called Royal about my last cruise, both of use had long phone calls, they final unlocked me. Now I am locked out again for our cruise next Monday. I am not going through the process again to get unlocked.
  8. hannibal54

    Transportation Options FLL-MIA

    I agree, I have used SAS many times.
  9. hannibal54

    Royal Website - Cruise check in

    At least you are not locked out. One of my last cruises and my next cruise in a week, they had and have me locked out where I can't access anything.
  10. hannibal54

    Renting a car with Budget

    I have use Budget from the POM, as others have said it is a small place. The last time I rented from them I took the SAS shuttle from the port for $15.00 per person to FLL and got my rental there. The price was lower than the POM price. If you have joined their loyalty program, you can just go to the desk and pick up your paper work without talking to anyone, then head straight to you vehicle.
  11. hannibal54

    Majesty Questions

    Enjoy your cruise, when you get off, we will be going on board for her last cruise out of Tampa.
  12. hannibal54

    New and Improved CC

    I like the idea of using the bold print, much easier to read.
  13. hannibal54

    Taxi fare from FLL to cruiseport ?

    When asking questions about going from FLL to the port, it is better to name which port you are sailing from.
  14. hannibal54

    Current Captains Con't

    I got the 5,000 post.
  15. hannibal54

    Smokers a problem on Mariner

    Deck 11 Bob.