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    New to MSC

    Thank you Essiesmom!!! 😊
  2. We are also looking to book Seaside for next summer and my husband is also gluten free. We are completely new to MSC (have only sailed carnival), so not sure what is “Seaside Yacht Club”, is the Yacht Club a restaurant? Or is that the main dining room? Did she have any issues finding gluten free items throughout the ship?
  3. lulu78

    New to MSC

    Hi there! I’m new to everything MSC, really interested in cruising with MSC next summer on the MSC Seaside. We’re typically a large group cruising (20+ people) ranging in ages 3 to 70...I’ve only cruised Carnival, while some of my group have done Royal. Please give me all info possible... how does MSC flow vs Carnival? is there a formal night? do we get assigned a dining room and time? Can I choose my preference? what are the daily activities like? how does tipping work? Sail and sign accounts? sorry for so many questions 😊 but huge thank you in advance!
  4. The kindle idea is great, but most kids, especially little ones love to physically hold the book and touch it and point at pictures, etc., I know my 2 year old does, not sure how old the OP kids are. All I can suggest is asking the camp carnival staff (the library is basic in the camp carnival area), there's a good 10 copies of each book in there, plus games. I don't remember any kind of check out system, but I never asked so can't say with any certainty that there is not one. If not, I would have them pick out no more than 3 of their favorites and make that work for the week. :)
  5. I once cruised with a group of 40 on the Victory, all family. We had all of our rooms linked, so we were all seated at 4 of the long rectangular tables on one side of the dining room. The seating arrangements were great. It wasn't the best experience over all though. And all these years later I still can't put my finger on why it was so bad on that ship, I'm talking like they were 3 hours long dinners before we were all done and served (we had the late dining), I don't know if it was the crew or our group size! Hopefully your experience is better! There were a couple nights we skipped it because I just didn't want to sit there that long, and I hated skipping it because I love going to the dining room for dinner!
  6. Hi! Was just on the Paradise:) The cruise director's name is Brandon, sorry can't remember his last name. But he was excellent, very nice, fun, entertaining...just great!! Hope that helps! :)
  7. Just got off the Paradise last Saturday with my almost 2 year old. She had a blast and so did we! Sure you have extra packing, naps, cutting up foods, cranky moments, but you deal with it, and the other 90% of the time you're making beautiful memories. She's almost 2 and this was her second cruise, first she was 17 months. At least 3rd and 4th are at a lower cost and tips are not automatically added for children under 2, however, we still tip extra to our dining room staff and our room guy, after all at this age they did serve her, she must've eaten her weight in chicken nuggets and cookies all week, lol! I wish I could post some pics but it's not letting me. Oh!, and camp carnival does offer play times for under 2, check the schedule once on board. :)
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