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  1. pattikakes

    Cell Phone Charges.. Advice for the NEWBIES

    Let me ask a question about internet on the ship. Has anyone used this and how does it work? I understand they have computers in a room which you can use and they charge by the minute or have packages. Is that so? Also, is it hard getting on the computer or are there usually computers available? Also, someone has said they're really slow. So, does that burn up a lot of your minutes? Thanks for the info.
  2. We, too, are first time cruisers on the Infinity Aug. 14th. I'd love to have a copy. I appreciate all the help we can get as all of this is new to me and it seems I have a lot to learn about cruising. email is pbksmith@hotmail.com. Thanks so much!
  3. I know the coupon book has been mentioned several times but where in Seattle would we get it? We'll be in Seattle for a day before the cruise. Is there somewhere around the Pike Place Market to get it and also any advice about what to do or where to eat in that vicinity?
  4. We, too, will be on the Infinity Aug. 14th and we're so excited about our first cruise. We've traveled quite a bit but never cruised before and this will be our first trip to Alaska. I know there's lots out there about what to pack; but honestly, with airline luggage restrictions, etc., I'm a little perplexed. Should I bring long slacks and jeans or capris or a little bit of both. And, will it be warm enough if I bring a lightweight jacket, hat and gloves and rain slicker? How about sandals or will I need some closed shoes and socks? Thanks for the help!
  5. As "first time" cruisers on Infinity in August, I have lots of questions. I was wondering about the shipboard activities I've seen mentioned here on the boards like seminars, wine tasting, bingo, games, etc. Can anyone tell me which ones are included and what the charge is for the ones that are not? Also, another first timer question: We booked some excursions from the Celebrity website already. How do we connect with those excursions once on the boat or do they have the information in our stateroom upon checking in?
  6. :)Anyone know if the mug is one you can use hot or cold and if you prepay and do it before your cruise, where and when will you get the mug? Will it be in you cabin or do you have to pick it up somewhere else?
  7. :)We're first timers going to Alaska in Aug. and I've seen a lot of posts about soda cards, concierge happy hours, etc. Can anyone give me more details about these and prices of soda cards, etc. Also, I'd like to know about the Wine Experience or wine tasting. Anyone know the details about this? Thanks for helping a newbie!
  8. pattikakes

    Are there infinity secrets?

    We, too, will be first time cruisers on the Infinity to Alaska in Aug. and would appreciate any tips or recommendations anyone might have. We're so excited as we've wanted to go to Alaska for about 20 years now and we don't want to miss anything!
  9. pattikakes

    Question for recent Infinity cruisers to Alaska

    :)We, too, are on the Infinity to Alaska this summer and we wondered if we took the Butchart Gardens & Butterly exhibit (4 hrs) would we have enough time to walk around a little and sightsee before having to go back to the ship. Does anyone know or has anyone done this before? And, if so, would we take the transportation back to the ship from the gardens or into town and then have to get our own transportation back to the ship?
  10. pattikakes

    Infinity w/Alaska Questions

    Thanks, Ron, and everyone else for the information. This is all new to us "first time" cruisers. Also, anyone know what they charge for the soda card on a 7 day cruise and how does that work?
  11. pattikakes

    Infinity w/Alaska Questions

    :) We, too, are to be first time Celebrity cruisers going to Alaska in Aug. and I must say I'm a little confused about the dining details. We have early dining and I presume that means in the MDR every night. Does that mean we can go in there in nice business casual clothes every night except formal nights on which we'll need to wear more dressy clothing? And, does that mean husband will have to wear a suit? Also, if we decide not to do the MDR, will we have to change our dining plans and get a reservation for another dining option?
  12. pattikakes


    We will be cruising for the first time and August and had planned on the gratuities being automatically deducted as well as giving extra to those providing special services; however I have a question about excursions. Someone posted on another board about tipping the guide. Is that for excursions arranged through Celebrity or the independent ones on land or all excursions? Also, someone else posted about an extra $2.00 charge at one of the alternative dining options. Can anyone clear those issues up for me?
  13. pattikakes

    First time to Alaska what do I not need to forget?

    We, too, are cruising on the Infinity in Aug. This is our first cruise so, I have lots of questions. I noticed that there were many posts about the tips on the ship being added in and that sounds fine; however, I'm just starting to hear about tipping for the excursions. Tell me is this for both the excursions you take from the cruise line as well as the independent excursions once you get to port and if so, what do you normally tip? Is it about the same, 15-20%. Also, if anyone knows, I know that there's a cover chg for the speciality restaurants but someone on another board said something about $2.00 chg for one of the alternative restaurants. Anyone know about this?