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  1. Exactly. I must have mentioned this every night that I felt the food wasn't seasoned enough. And I feel the quality is degrading every year, as if they are pushing you to specialty restaurants. The addition of bananas foster as a desert item was nice.
  2. All the furniture in the MDR was replaced as well. All photos taken were on kiosk only and it takes hours to have them printed. No more spin to wins, replaced by slot credit good on any machine. Slight menu change since Oct 19. Same production shows and Freedom Ice. No more pushing for 10's by wait staff, but head waiter came on day 4 asking us to rate service and food quality in both MDR and WJ and wanting feedback as to why score given. And I can't say enough how staff handled the extra two days at sea.
  3. I saw the same thing awhile back. I would use the middle set , the ones that begin in May. I will be on the week before you, so I have been planning according to them. They are the ones showing the new cabins, etc.
  4. Too bad. This is her first sailing post dry dock and you could have given the CC community first looks at her by doing one of your live reviews. 2 weeks!
  5. I guess this confirms that you are no longer booked on the March 8th sailing. I would have liked to have met you.
  6. The dark blue on Celebrity reminds me a lot of Holland America. Just saying. Even though HAL is not blue.
  7. And nobody will remember the fairy tales in Once Upon a Time. And Freedom Ice will become Freedom Hover Boards
  8. Looking at the cruise planner shows that FOS will still have Freedom Ice, Marquee, and Once upon a Time. These shows have been on FOS for more than 7 years now. I was really hoping that during dry dock that would change. 😢
  9. I know I could't find anything. I know on Allure, Mamma Mia was performed three times. Do you know how many times Grease is performed on Indy? Thanks again Bob for all you do.
  10. Does anyone know if FOS will be performing a Broadway type production post amplification/drydock in March? I know Indy got Grease.
  11. I think I should be getting the Teppanyaki at no additional cost and Playmakers retaining the $35 limit due to the fact that was what was in effect at the time of purchase. Same holds true to those in the past who got drink packages at a cheaper rate due to IT pricing mistakes
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