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  1. 1 hour ago, pavementends said:


    Well, no.


    The vaccine works pretty well, call it very well. >90% effective. And almost all who DO get infected have minor symptoms. But not all. Some really very small number get very sick and a very few die.


    So there is a pretty small risk to you (well, to me, I'm not sure I care about you) of becoming infected if there are non-vaccinated people around you. It DOES matter.


    Read the news. Well, reliable news. The expectation is that if we are fortunate the disease will be less and less common and will have less and less effect on the way we live. It has been noted that there is only a single contagious disease that has ever been totally conquered. Smallpox. Many other formerly terrifying diseases- say bubonic plague and polio- are still around.



    No... it's well yes....  Everything I said was true and you supported it.  I didn't say you wouldn't get sick but the odds are very low.  And it's 95% effective.....  So, we either live like it works or we don't........  I choose to live like it works...

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  2. Now that I'm vaccinated I am as protected as I can get.  It either works or it doesn't.  Whether someone else has the vaccine or not makes no difference.  If it works it means I should never have to wear a mask or worry about anyone else wearing a mask or having a vaccine.  If it doesn't then we are all in a world of crap.  


    The only issue is if someone that didn't get the vaccine get's Covid and we get quarantined.   We shouldn't because people that don't get vaccinated are on their own.  Don't feel sorry for them,  {assuming the vaccine is available and they don't have medical issues}


    And I am 100% behind people making their own choice, no issues at all.  But, don't expect me to make any sacrifices because they don't want a vaccine.  They'll need to stay at home or take their chances.  


    So once they take away any mask requirement then I'm ready to go.  Don't care who else is vaccinated.  We are in Florida and are very happy with the way the Governor has handled the situation.

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  3. 17 hours ago, LGW59 said:

    Curious to understand how it is "perceived control"?  I find the cruise I want, I make the reservation, I receive $800 OBC, make my down payment, done, totally in my control.  If I decide to make a change, quick call to Celebrity, done.   

    My comment had to do with people that think they are giving away control because they use a TA.  Not true.  Same with a quick call to the TA.  Just get a big one that works 7 days a week.  So someone that books directly with Celebrity, which i do a lot before I move it to a TA, doesn't have any more control then me.  Unfortunately, they are throwing away additional OBC.  I get the Celebrity OBC as well as the additional TA OBC. Why would I want to throw away free money?  


    You do want you want.  Makes no difference to me.  But when new people read these posts they should be informed that there is additional money to be had if they want it.  


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  4. I used to book with Celerity because I wanted 'control' of my reservation.  Then I realized I was throwing away $300 - $500+  for a $3,000 cruise.  That was crazy.  So now I use a large TA and get the OBC.  The prices are the same but I get some OBC and maybe dinner or tips, etc.  I usually don't get to book their group booking cabins because I like specific cabins they don't normally have.


    I've never had a problem changing anything and never needed them on the weekend.  I guess there could be a reason but it hasn't happened to me.  Many times I have booked on the ship because of the deals then transferred to the TA and got the best of both worlds.


    Some folks like the perceived control but the OBC and other perks are worth more to me,  Just use a big TA that you can contact easily.





  5. I'm waiting until mask requirements are gone and I see how cruises will be when they come back.  I'm really itching to cruise but too many other places to travel where I can walk down a street without a mask.  And you know, 6 months after the vaccine is widely available, most restrictions will be gone.  People want to forget.  Cruising as I've known it will be back for the most part and that's what I'll wait for,  


    And no, not afraid and yes, I've traveled, I eat out in restaurants, go to the gym, go swimming, biking and running.......  Just not willing to spend the money until I don't have to wear a mask and we see if we can get off the ship on our own, room service is a go, we can sit at a bar without a mask.   They haven't reduced the prices and I'm not willing to pay inflated prices for a watered down product.


    I can't wait to hear about peoples cruises but not for me this year.  Besides, we have too many trips already planned so we couldn't fit it in.... lol.


    Happy sails

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  6. 2 hours ago, hcat said:

    The Mountain Cabin sounds nice but a Cruise cabin is preferred...when the time is right.     Snowbirding this year ... sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico  will be nice! 

    Walking and biking in the sunshine are calling our name!

    Ha.  I live in SW Florida so that's daily for us.  We bike ride to Sanibel every weekend.  Looking for a change.

  7. I know most of us on here are chomping at the bit to get on a cruise, otherwise we wouldn't be on Cruise Critic.  I see a lot of people willing to go ahead as soon as the lines start cruising.  But as anxious as I am to cruise and looking at some of the great deals out there (sadly not Celebrity), I still can't pull the trigger and book one.


    I'm not cruising until things get back to "normal", whatever that is going to be.  I'm fine with lot's of disinfectants, staff serving me at a buffet, etc.  But I'm not wearing a mask on a cruise or not being able to go to a show because of social distancing,  or sit in a bar, etc.   I'm not going to take a ships excursion or not be able to walk around in port on my own.  Oh and it's not about having to wear a mask, social distancing, etc. as I abide by those protocols now.  It's not that I'm afraid to catch Covid (but don't want to, lol).  But that's not a cruise I want to be on.  


    If other people want to cruise, more power to you and I hope you have a blessed time.  It's just not the vacation for me right now.  If the cruises were half price..... I might consider but not sure I'd even go then.  Cruises will get back to somewhat normal.  It's not if, but when.  It might be 6 months, might be 2 years.  And yea, there will probably be some protocols in place but not much.  Six months after most of the population has a vaccine, most things will be back to the old normal.  People tend to forget......


    We are leaving next week for 8 nights in a cabin outside of Blue Ridge GA.  Lot's of hiking, sitting in front of the fireplace on the patio and just exploring the area.  


    Be safe all with whatever you choose to do!



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  8. On 10/1/2020 at 4:39 PM, phoenix_dream said:

    I'm curious what you mean by record numbers.  Is that recent?  I was interested so I googled it and through June Florida tourism was down 60%.  So are you saying that in July and August, the hottest months of the year, not to mention the hurricanes,  you saw people visiting in record numbers?  Where were they coming from and where were they visiting??  As I may possibly be one of the people fleeing bad weather that you don't want to visit, I am honestly curious.

    Sorry, not visitors, people moving here.  At least that is what the local news is reporting and what we are seeing (I'm a Real Estate broker).  I guess it all depends on where we look as I don't always believe the local news.  But, you should see all the new housing developments even in our little area.  It's amazing.  You can't find a house under $300k or if you do, be prepared as you'll usually pay over asking price with multiple offers on each house.


    But yes, tourism is way down, that's true.  



  9. We live in S Florida so we are OK weather wise - lol. We have rented a cabin in the mountains for GA in a few weeks.  Should be fun and cool.  Can't wait to see the leaves.  My wife doesn't want to fly so that limits what we can do.  


    Not interested in an AI since we don't drink.  At least 30% of an AI is for alcohol I bet.  Just not worth it.


    So we'll hang here and hope most of the tourists stay at home.  I doubt it but one can hope. 😁   People complain about Florida but we are getting people in record numbers down here.  They are fleeing from something.......

  10. I would not cruise in March.  But not that I'm afraid of Covid but I'm not cruising with a mask.  I'm not cruising with limited excursions.  I'm not cruising until things are closer to the old "normal".  And they'll get there, maybe not 100% as it used to be but close enough. 


    I'm not paying the current cruise prices to have a reduced experience.  Just not worth it.

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  11. Would really like to cruise but will not do it until I don't have to wear a mask.  If it's a year, two years, so be it.  It would not be that enjoyable, especially for the premium prices they are charging.  


    I do wear a mask whenever in public places so it's not that I am against them.  Just wouldn't be a whole lot of fun.  I'll wait.  In the meantime we are heading to the GA mountains.  Booked a nice little cabin for a couple of weeks.  

  12. Agree but this is also the reason I won't cruise again for a while  And it's not that I am against wearing a mask as I do now but I don't want to go on a cruise and have to wear a mask or social distance from others.  For me it would just take the fun out of it.  


    I'll wait until a vaccine is integrated into the population.  I believe that once we get a proven vaccine then most of the precautions will be gone.   People will put this behind them and we will start living our 'normal' lives again.  Just human nature.


    Bless all those that sail during these times.  Have fun and keep my cabin warm for me- lol



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  13. 18 hours ago, Marvy Mare said:



    If we ever go back, I’d love to try snorkeling. You said that you rented a car on Aruba and Curacao. How did you know the best places to go or have you been there before? Did you bring your own equipment? I did talk to a couple who did a snorkeling tour on Bonaire (actually I think they went to an island off Bonaire). They said that it was amazing. 


    That was our first time there and yep, brought our own snorkel equipment.  Forgot who we used for the car rental but I put a review on the Aruba and Curacao boards.   We also went to Klein Bonaire (the little island) for snorkeling.  We used Woodwind and they were great.  By far the best water/coral I've ever seen.  But I'd trade it all for the turtles in Curacao.  When we go back we will probably do it on our own as they have a ferry that drops people off at the island.  


    I like to rent a car if feasible and Aruba and Curacao are easy to get around.  So for the price of a cheap excursion we can explore the island and snorkel all day.  


    These are by far our favorite islands.  I can't wait to go back.  Oh and we were in Curacao on a Sunday too so late afternoon shopping was non existent.


    Keep writing…...




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  14. Loving the review.  Great writer and great pictures!   Thanks for taking the time to write it. 


    The ABC's are my favorite islands.  I am surprised that you didn't snorkel on any of these islands.  These 3 islands have the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.  On Aruba and Curacao we rented a car and went snorkeling/sight seeing around the island.  On Bonaire we took a snorkeling tour which was out of this world.  On Curacao we snorkeled with the turtles up North. Best time in the water ever.   I can't wait to go back.  Almost booked the April cruise.... glad we didn't.


    Looking forward to the rest of the review.

    Thanks again!!!!


  15. 6 hours ago, momof4blessings said:

    Did you end up going with Woodwind or take the ferry? We usually prefer snorkeling on our own but only if the quality is as good as where the tour would take you.

    Yes we did.  As other folks have said Woodwind is very good.  The reason we did is my wife was more comfortable doing it this way.  Next time we will take the ferry.  Woodwind didn't have enough water time for me.  


    You can't go wrong either way.


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  16. Call or email Celebrity and ask them to add the beverage package to the web page.  happens all the time.  Once it is on the web page you can upgrade if you want.  I had the same issue and also with my OBC.

    email is: CelebrityRRS@celebrity.com 



    PS wait and do it just before the cruise as they often times have upgrade sales.

  17. 5 hours ago, CM1984 said:



    Celestino recommended a gas station, not too far from the dock, we found it after some twists and turns, cost was around $15.00 total, our friends paid so we weren't sure of cost, possibly $4.00 per gal.

    It's a little strange filling up at least when we did.  It's the gas station he recommended just down the street.   You pull up to a booth and you can't see in.  You tell them how much you want to pump and they put up a number in the window for which pump to go to.  Never saw anyone.  We didn't ay by credit cars, thinking they only took cash so we guessed at the amount.  


    It's a great island to drive around.  make sure you go North and do the turtles first as it can get crowded. 

  18. Maybe we just don't care as much or they don't approach us as much but it's never been a bother.  A quick no and it's over.  Guess I don't see it in the same light as others.  Certainly not enough to come on Cruise Critic and complain about it.  I'm on vacation and it will take a lot to bother me.

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  19. We didn't have any fee in October.  I think they do charge though from say 11PM - 5AM or something like that.  We use room service at least once a day, sometimes up to 3 times.  Love it.


    I think it goes back to when I was a kid and wasn't allowed to order room service in a hotel - lol

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