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  1. We are thinking about doing the dolphin discovery while in Tortola but are a little hesitant on reserving with a credit card. Has anyone had any luck just showing up without a reservation? Our DS is 7 and we cannot do it through NCL as the NCL age limit is 8, which is why we are looking at booking directly through the company. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this.
  2. camaj

    Gibbs Cay

    We were just there in April and there were several vendors at the end of the pier offering excursions for a lot less than carnival. We ended up going with one who charged us $80 for three people. We went snorkeling and then to Gibbs cay. It was similar to the reefs and ray excursion through carnival but about $100 cheaper. Only about 12 -15 people on the boat. They did an excellent job. I don't think they just go to Gibbs cay though. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  3. Just wondering if anyone has ever booked a fishing trip with private tour operator such as Ti reef or other operator. If so can you give me some details . Last time we were at grand turks there were private tour operators off the pier and were giving good rates on excursions. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knew what the "extras" were. We asked PVP and they said they were unsure and there would be something on the cruise for us. Anyone?
  5. We have taken our 6 yo on the Dream, Pride and Freedom. Of the three he liked the Dream the best (he was four when we did that one). He really loved the water park area (he was tall enough) and there seemed like there were a few more activities for kids on the Dream than the other two. Now he did still really enjoy the other ships, but I think some of the newer ships have more for kids to do.
  6. I have read a post from 2007 that there were no bathrooms on the tiki huts and that you had to take the water taxi back to shore to use the restrooms. Is this still true or do they have bathrooms on the tiki huts now? Just wondering how convenient the restrooms were to get to.
  7. We are planning on using a taxi as transportation post cruise (and possible pre-cruise) and I wanted to know if I needed to bring a booster seat for our 5 yo for the taxi ride. We are going to be in Ft Lauderdale, but I imagine the whole state uses the same guidelines. I just don't want to get down there and denied a taxi if we don't have a booster seat.
  8. The Punchliner brunch is on the Pride. Only went once, but I think it is the same menu every day. I think they only have it on sea days though.
  9. We were just on the Pride last month and were in the two middle aft balconies on deck six. They told us that our rooms were on a list of rooms where the divider could not be removed. I think it might of had something to do with us being in the exact center, not sure though, just assuming. So I think it is going to depend on the rooms that you are in whether the partition can be removed or not.
  10. We were also on the 5/5 sailing that went to the ports in question. I posted a review in the review section a few days ago but it hasn't show up yet. We really enjoyed HMC and GT. I think I liked GT slightly better. You didn't have to worry about the tender process and there was some more shade on the beach. Don't get me wrong, HMC was really nice too. I am sure you will have a great time.
  11. Just got off of Pride last week. 8x10's were $22. Any additional photos of the same print were $10.
  12. We found it was cheaper to get a day pass than to book it through the ship. When we went our son was 3 and there was no charge for him. I'm not sure what the age cut-off is for getting in free though. You might find that info in the Bahamas section. Our son really enjoyed it. There was a lot for him to do.
  13. Nice pics of sapphire, I'm seeing mixed reviews of sapphire having restrooms, do they have them? Also are there vendors for snorkling gear, food, drinks,etc?
  14. great review, we are going with our 4 yo in May so it is nice to hear you had a good experience with camp carnival.
  15. We are trying to decide what beach to go to when we get to St Thomas. We have a 4 yo son who loves the water. Which beach has the calmest water or would be best for a 4 year old?
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