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  1. I thought I heard that a vaccine was required to enter the SL or CK.😇😇😇😇😇
  2. At the start of this I made a joke to DW and MIL that I was going to make my own. They laughed at me thinking I could not do it. Told them when I start they had to leave me alone, they said they sure would. Now my DW and I have masks for every occasion, have given a few hundred out to friends and family. Can make around 20 two layer masks with filter pockets for about 10 dollars. If wife sees a pattern she likes, she gets it and I knock a few masks out for her. of course I have another problem now, when we get to cruise again and she starts trying on her clothes asking me how
  3. In Florida ” You may not have sexual relations with a porcupine”.
  4. Can’t cruise, so I thought I would send the wife camping 😇😇😇
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