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  1. I could not tell you, I have never had it and our levels say the same thing. I have not ever seen special lines and there is no markings on our set sail passes.
  2. Maybe now I can use this as an excuse not to dress matching the DW. All for Water.
  3. I am surprised, when we were on the Allure a month ago we found the hosts to be Great. Of course we are not real big on having them chase us around to see how we are doing, we like the low maintenance ones. did you change rooms or anything? We had a cruise once where everything caught up with us on the last day, no way we could drink all the wine. i also wish they would get some new certificates out soon. I thought they would be out a few weeks ago.
  4. Same here, I know that I used to put in the reviews how much money they were saving me by not having wait staff causing me to quit gambling and go to the bar for a drink. Now they have fixed it and it does average about 5 minutea, unless you get the real good ones and they just bring them when they think you might be close,
  5. Don’t text and drive. Almost got ran over by a gentelman on the Allure.
  6. No it is considered 2 separate cruises. Just finished 2 and we started at zero each cruise. Even heard someone joke about it to host and she nicely laughed it off.
  7. You can also cash he points in for money. It’s 20 dollars fr every 100 points you you have about 280. The Host can tell you how,
  8. Can you tell me where you parked? That was a great rate. Thanks,
  9. As long as his Monster is non-alcoholic then it should not be a problem.
  10. We have only been able to get the discount when booking onboard. This is the same for C&A discounts internet,
  11. I can’t remember the exact times. If you download the Royal app you can get the schedule for each day,
  12. We just got off the ship and I would recommend reservations to save you a little line. You can walk up but you may wait a little longer to get a table. On the 3 and 4 night cruises formal night was the second night.
  13. As you point out your kids are Adults. Go with the 2 rooms and have fun.
  14. She stops right after her port visit to Cuba. Agree on the shenanigans
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