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  1. In my experience with booking online shores + transfers with HAL, the flight time frame was very clearly disclosed at the end of the description (e.g. “For flights 3:00pm or later only”). If I plan to do a HAL transfer to the airport I check that time before booking the shores + transfer. I don’t know if HAL also adds that language to the plain transfer.
  2. Ahh, okay. I knew about “the List” but didn’t catch the picture part.(Sort of like having one’s photo on the wall in the post office, huh?)
  3. Or “hunting someone down”. I almost went to one of the DRM to give an envelope for one of his staff I had a hard time finding.
  4. This is probably a good place to ask something that I’ve been wondering about: If the crew member doesn’t particularly know you, how do they know whether the HSC is in place? I got to thinking about that after I gave several well deserved envelopes to some of the Lido staff. Only 1 of them would have been in a position to know us to check a list or account ( because she served us in the Canaletto where we had a reservation tied to our account.) The others knew us by our first names- my DH by his, and me by the variation I go by ( which was not what our account was under). Looking back, I probably should have put our cabin number on the card..... what do others do so staff can know the HSC is in place and the cash is for them?
  5. I believe Zaandam had a piano player in the Mix when I was on her in 2018. The thing I like more about Amsterdam is that she seems to have more places outdoors, especially with the steamer chaises. She has several on her aft decks.
  6. Would your cancel for any reason insurance transfer or do you have to “use” it and purchase again? (I haven’t seen CAR insurance that returned better than 75% when the “any reason” clause is used.) If you booked through a TA you have to go through the TA.
  7. We had 2 beverage cards, gratuities ( from HAL promotion) and OBC from the BigBox for our last cruise. We did not get a confirmation at all. When I called about that, the first one sent did not include the additional promotional items. When I called a few days later to ask for the promotion ( which had started the day I booked) I was told we had it. When they sent the new confirmation everything was listed. I believe it was on the second page.
  8. Regarding international coverage, A lot depends on your cell phone carrier and your plan. My AT&T plan allows me to buy a day pass valid for 24 hours. It allows me to use my domestic contract abroad for $10 a day. As for ships internet, streaming is only available in the highest level package. I was able to buy it prior to leaving for our last trip at a discount. We did not stream.
  9. @RevNeal Regarding the yellowed shirt- assuming it one you like and fits, have you tried soaking in Oxyclean? I find it works really well on oxidized whites and the yellow spots that crop up on underarms on favorite shirts.
  10. And I was concerned it was The next ship on HAL’s drawing board.😯 (That would even make the KingKongDam look small.)
  11. DH and I wear zippered money belts (the type with the long zipper in the back, that hold up your pants) that have copies of both our passports and some cash on ourselves at all times. (https://www.amazon.com/Travel-Security-Belt-Hidden-Approved/dp/B07M7MVBR4/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?keywords=money+belt&qid=1565445190&s=gateway&sr=8-7) I have altered my jeans to have deep pockets with a second zippered internal pocket. The main pocket bag goes as deep down my leg as my hand can reach. The zipper inside is only deep enough to be hidden. My slender working wallet goes in the zippered pocket and loose working cash goes in the deep pocket.
  12. Definitely notify HAL in advance. You will likely be given a menu the night before so you can preorder dinner for the next night. And as previously stated, you might want to clarify what you mean by Diabetic diet. You might want to make sure that follows you for any HAL shorex with a meal included. Some of HAL’s No Added Sugar (NAS) items are pretty high in carbs, and “fast” carbs at that. (NAS pie, I’m looking at you.) From the “regular” menu I found the flourless chocolate cake to have very little consequences to my blood sugar, but some of the NAS items not so much.😫
  13. Of the ships left in the fleet, I personally would go with Veendam ( or her sister Maasdam, assuming they are the same other than the aft “warm-tubs” on Veendam in place of the pool), or Amsterdam. Veendam: I LOVE the small size, the teak promenade with proper steamer chaises, the fabulous and many outdoor spaces, the un-glassed top deck, staircase Oscar, the Pinnacle Grill with WINDOWS, the lovely dining room, the lido with huge windows. She gets my first place for ships in the fleet. If I get a chance to sail Maasdam she will likely become first or second place..... Currently Second place for me is Amsterdam with her nice “hidden” aft public spaces with steamer chaises. Her lido has nice windows and she has a nice promenade. But the Queen, Best in Show, Prinsendam. 😪 I’m pretty sure that when the Ss and Rs are gone from the fleet, so will I.
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