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  1. @LAFFNVEGAS Good to see you posting again.
  2. @kazu Months ago, didn’t you mention self-watering stakes? Do you use the ones that you pair with plastic water bottles, or wine bottles? We’re preparing for a short trip and I’m wanting to provide water for the beginnings of our garden while we’re gone.
  3. Good Morning All, The sun’s just coming up here and it’s a clear day. I’m guessing it will be hot.😜 Love the picture Kazu posted with the Golden. That could be our boy. Loves ear, chest, tummy and rump rubs. Loves hugs. Loves ALL attention, (good and bad) as long as he is in the center of it. And watch out when he wants to sit in your lap. He’ll back right into you. All 120 lbs of him. 🤨 Our case count has decreased a lot in the past week, but several weeks ago I was in a Target where a young woman was running around with a smirk where her mask belonged. I notified
  4. Just a thought- are you a Costco or Auto Club member? We have used their buying services to purchase vehicles in a “no-haggle “ format. I even special ordered my Subi that way, and got a great price. They email you the contact information for the dealers participating, and you talk with only the person who is designated.
  5. True story: Some years ago we went to a Jane Austen tea and the speaker was a food historian who spoke on food in her day. They drank a LOT of beer. Every meal, and much of the fluid intake was beer or ale. The speaker noted (as you are showing) the vitamin B content is very high for those drinks. And here in California, it is against the law to put the vitamin content on those beverages, so people don’t get the idea they are “health foods”.
  6. This is from the Super Bloom in 2017. Those are poppies- the color is off. (Taken with my iPhone.)
  7. Good Morning All, Again we have cloud cover, which should burn off shortly. We have a few California Poppy plants on our slope, of the thousands of seeds I sowed this year. We also have some very fat doves to go with them. 🤨 So far, only 1 poppy bloomed. Yesterday I pretty much finished weeding the slope and had to carefully work around several poppy seedlings. Bought more seeds yesterday and will see how that goes. It’s likely too late for this year. So far have seen no poppies on my rides. We just didn’t get the needed rain. The mustard is blooming and turning
  8. I appreciate you sharing your posts here on CC. The one that stands out the most for me and is seared in my memory is your Antarctica trip, and crossing Drake. It was one of the drivers for me to take that cruise, and to go with HAL. No way would I want to possibly face water like that in a small expedition ship.
  9. I agree. I typically attend Mass a few times during a cruise, especially if the priest isn’t leading the interdenominational meeting.
  10. Interesting. At first I was thinking it was David Atterbery (sic), but that didn’t quite seem right.
  11. Thank you. I attend a non-liturgical church (now independent) that broke off from the Quakers some 15/20 years ago. We use “He is risen” and “He is risen indeed” as our greeting and start of service. We also practice communion with the elements and water baptism for those who desire. (The pastor lead, Quaker meeting we left was starting to do both when we broke off.)
  12. Good Morning All, We have cloud cover and a promise of break through to a warm day later. There are some pretty impressive specimens of dandelion on our slope that are topping my to-do list for today. Every time I pull them out I think of the day I bought some at the farmers market, steamed them and served them for dinner. DH wasn’t impressed. And were they ever bitter. (Guess they are full of phytonutrients.) Deep dish pizza is a favorite we have not had in years. There used to be a chain in SoCal (Numero Uno) that made it. Have not found a recipe that makes their style soft
  13. Am really enjoying this. Did anyone notice the familiar voice narrating? The Earl of Grantham.
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