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  1. TiogaCruiser

    confused about gym fee

    Ha ha. At least they didn’t say louder.😁
  2. TiogaCruiser

    Pre & Post-Cruise Hotels on HAL.com?`

    Mine came up under shorex in my booking. I’m not sure if you must be booked to see hotels.
  3. TiogaCruiser

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    That right up there with HAL’s short lived ad blooper that “we’ll take you to 7 countries and 100 continents”. Long live the proof readers!
  4. TiogaCruiser


    There have been several people mention 6 figure amounts, but I don’t know. That would probably be a good question for the insurance board. I usually buy 100k. For my Antarctica trip I had my TA bump that limit to 500k due to the remote nature of most of the trip. The southern part of South America is pretty remote also.
  5. TiogaCruiser

    Golf clubs?

    So do walking sticks/poles (the telescoping type) count as ski poles? We’re planning on hiking in Norway....
  6. TiogaCruiser


    I don’t know what the limits were in the past, but after comparing our exposures and cost, weighing against return, and seeing little value for double covering something (like expensive medical), it works for us in some circumstances.😉 There is sufficient delay, baggage coverage, etc. for our comfort level. Adding: in my specific circumstance, had I bought “private” cancel any reason insurance and cancelled when I did, my loss (cost of insurance + 25% of total paid for entire trip) would have been ~$1680 more than it was with Platinum. YMMV
  7. TiogaCruiser


    I’m unclear as well as what you mean “the reduced price after final payment”. It’s sounding like you got a discount applied after you paid. Do you mean the balance? Here is what happened when I had to cancel with HAL Platinum, 4 days prior to leaving. I called HAL. Cancelled over the phone. Received a refund (100%) for PG and shorex booked onto my card within 48 hours. Within 4 business days 90% of all I paid (deposit + balance) was credited back and showing on my card. There were no forms to fill out, nada. The plan was still in HALs ballpark so to speak. Platinum becomes a real insurance policy (granted, with low limits, but a fairly comprehensive insurance policy non the less) just prior to you starting travel. If you have a covered loss from that time forward, you file a claim with the insurance company. I don’t get why some insist Platinum is not insurance. It includes an insurance policy. As several people have said, each person has unique exposures and a different comfort with risks. I have both purchased HALs Platinum and gone with “private “ insurance. My health insurance (which includes evacuation) covers me abroad, (as does DHs). I do usually add in an evacuation policy. So the amount of the medical coverage isn’t as much a factor for us. Private Cancel for Any Reason can be very expensive and the best return I have found is only 75%, and many companies require you to cover the entire trip. When you take take into account that you pay approximately 10-11% of the CRUISE fare for Platinum, even if you also purchase air and a pre or post cruise tour, and it returns 90% of the cruise + air+precruise tour, it may make the HAL Platinum a better option for you. Or not.
  8. TiogaCruiser

    One Main Course

    It could simply be that these ships already have the technology for tracking and billing in place and readily available to all MDR stewards. Havent i I read that some of the ships use iPads to send orders to the kitchen, and hasn’t HAL offered upsell special entrees in some of the MDRs?
  9. TiogaCruiser

    Holland American charges for dead people?

    I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. There isn’t enough detail but another reason Insurance might not pay is what his condition was when they first booked. You say he was ill on and off. If on the date they booked he was not healthy enough to jump on the ship and go then, the insurance would not cover.
  10. TiogaCruiser

    Highclere Castle

    We’re expecting the big traveling exhibit in the near future in LA. Not sure when, but it’s supposed to be leaving Florida soon. We got a small traveling version at Museo, a small museum in Anaheim a few years ago. It included many of the dresses, including Mary’s proposal dress and the Dowager’s black and Purple signature dress.😁
  11. TiogaCruiser

    Dress Code? The slobs have won.

    Not sure if those are any better than the type from 10 years ago that looked like they were pulled from the oil spill in the Gulf.
  12. TiogaCruiser

    Dress Code? The slobs have won.

    What’s that! No seat belts!
  13. TiogaCruiser

    Highclere Castle

    Thanks for clarifying Bampton
  14. TiogaCruiser

    Tell me what I don't know about Neptune Suites

    We’ve been to Glacier Bay 3 times and had different experiences at Margerie Glacier. Twice with Captain Bos (recently retired) he had us nose to 1 o’clock at Margerie for a while, but did several slow spins there. The cruise with Olaf we were parked nose in only, then a turn to port to leave. Essentially those on port saw the channel.