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  1. Thanks for your thoughts, I had totally forgotten about the limited ferry schedule. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone! I'll be heading to Bermuda in a couple of weeks with RCL on a shower 5 night cruise, leaving me with just a day and a half to cram everything in. I'm reading mixed things on Hamilton - some say you gotta go, some say there isn't much to do so it isn't worth the time. We definitely want to do Horseshoe, Tobacco Bay and St Georges. Debating on the Blue Hole/Lagoon. I was thinking of heading to Hamilton just for a nicer dinner and possibly some night life (I think we're docked on a Tuesday which may change things). But, maybe it isn't worth it to get on that ferry there and back if I can just stick closer to Dockyard? Any thoughts one way or the other?
  3. Hi all! I'm hoping you guys can help me with some suggestions on what to do in Miami for a day between getting kicked off the ship and heading to the airport for an evening flight. I'll be on NCL, which doesn't have a luggage program anymore and I'm trying to avoid dragging our bags around with us all day. I know we can take one of their excursions, but I was hoping to just go for lunch and roam around Miami on our own instead of doing one of their 2 tours. Would it be ridiculous to get to MIA airport, check our bags, and then leave the airport for the day? Any suggestions?
  4. Hi all! It's been a few years since my last NCL cruise so I am wondering if they have any sort of luggage service where they will take care of getting your luggage to the airport on the last day? I'll be on the Sky out of Miami, and my flight home isn't until later in the day. I was hoping there would be something I could do with the bags so I wouldn't have to lug them around before heading to the airport. :)
  5. Hi all! We just got back from our 4-day to Freeport and Nassau yesterday. You guys are super helpful and helped me find my way around for this cruise, so I thought I'd share a recap with you. We arrived at Jaxport around 11:30, went through security, showed our ID's and passes about a hundred times, and were on the ship by 12:30. SHIP: Small, but in great shape. There's some wear and tear if you're looking for it, but looks great if you aren't. It's pretty hard to find a good spot on the second floor of the Palace theater, the glass seems to hit right at eye level no matter where you are, or there's a pole blocking a part of your view. We were only there for a game of Bingo and one of the gameshows, didn't go to any of the productions. The atrium is very pretty, especially when all lit up at night. We spent a lot of time at the Atrium bar thanks to it being pretty breezy out on the decks - say hi to Andreea and Simona, they make great drink recommendations. FOOD & DINING: Buffet breakfast on the Lido was the normal eggs, pancakes/french toast, hash browns and some fruit, and there was always a line for the omelet station. Nothing new to report there. I stuck to the buffet breakfast, no complaints. Hubby had omelets, said they could have been better (probably if they were fresh cracked and not poured out of a bucket...) We stuck to the grill/Rotisserie/Mongolian for lunch, all were good - Rotisserie being the best, Mongolian always had a long line. We never had dinner on the Lido, so can't say anything about that. Pizza was slow if you wanted something other than pepperoni or plain cheese, but yummy. Same for the deli - could be backed up, but yummy. We had Your Time Dining and were assigned to the Sensation dining room. We made it to dinner 3 of the 4 nights, 2 of the nights the service was pretty slow, the last night was much quicker. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a table. There was a lot of confusion between the different waiters - I never liked how you had to talk to 2-4 different people to get your whole meal. They seemed a little unorganized - forgetting drinks, not realizing what table got what drinks, getting drinks after the app had showed up - that kind of thing. The food itself was mostly good. Between us we had.. Shrimp Cocktail - Good Escargots - Hubby enjoyed, I didn't try it Pan Seared Tilapia - OK Braised Beef Brisket - Very good Stuffed Mushrooms - Good Veggie Spring Rolls - Good Lobster & Shrimp - Very good Roasted Prime Rib - Not good Crab Cake - Mostly good, but had hard pieces of uncooked potato..maybe? Picked those out. Sushi App - OK, but small. Mahi Mahi - Good Roasted Spring Chicken - Very good PORTS: Freeport- Captain said we had run into some rough seas, ship was being swayed and we had to slow down on our way to Freeport. We arrived about an hour and a half later than planned. We had booked a deep sea fishing excursion, but it was canceled due to the weather/rough sea.. or so they said. We took our time getting off the ship. Freeport is much more done up than I had expected. Yes you are docked in a very industrial area, but there are lots little shops, a few bars/drink stands, and music right off the ship. We were stuffed into a shared taxi to Port Lucaya, $10 per person round trip. They dropped us off at the casino and we walked over to the free beach area and Billy Joe's. The beach area is very small, not a beach to lay out on. The water was chilly, and it was pretty windy - not sure if this is typical or if there was an extra chill in the air that day. We had an order of cracked conch at Billy Joe's which was delicious, and a few beers/frozen drinks. Nassau- They gave us an extra hour in Nassau to make up for the lost hour in Freeport. Since we're late risers, we didn't want to spend the $30+ per person for a day pass at one of the beaches for just a few hours in the afternoon, so we decided to just hang around the popular areas and built our own bar crawl. It was a mad house. There were at least 4 other ships in port when we made our way off the ship around 11am and it was PACKED. Lots of vendors and stands. We weaved our way through towards Señor Frogs and walked down to the Fish Fry. We stopped at a small shaded bar at the very end for a beer, then went to Goldies for Conch salad and and more drinks. From there we took a cab to free beach area - Junkanoo beach, but parked ourselves at the Fat Tuesday's bar. It was much warmer out than the day before in Freeport, the beach was pretty busy and people were enjoying the water. We made our way down to a hookah spot next to Señor Frogs, then Señor Frogs (which was super packed) and then Sharkeez before making out way back to the ship. Our last day was at sea. It was pretty breezy and cold if you weren't in the sun on the Lido deck. No open deck chairs down there, but plenty on the higher decks (if you wanted to wrap up in a towel and brace the wind). Spent a lot of time at the Atrium bar that day, going out to brace the wind for a few minutes at a time for some air. We had an early flight out of Jacksonville, so we were grouped in with the Faster to the Fun folks and were told to meet in the Sensation dining room at 8:15am if we did Self-Assist, which we did. We didn't get moving out of there until around 9:15, and then it was about another 20 minutes of waiting to get on an elevator to get off the ship.
  6. Do drinks over the $10 limit that we get with the 25%, and bottles of wine get included in the 15 limit? If I were to get close to the limit for the day, could I go ahead and buy a bottle of wine? Which brings up another question, where CAN I buy a bottle of wine? Is it only at the MDR? Can I take it back to the room?
  7. Hmm, follow up question for you. Will everything be charged onto the credit card I used to set up our account or could I use a Visa gift card at the end of the trip?
  8. I believe it's $15 for a day pass, have no info on wifi.
  9. My hubby and I plan on signing up for Cheers on our cruise (in 2 days!). Is this charged to our S&S account to be paid off at the end of the cruise or paid on the spot? If I "buy" Cruise Cash today, will we be able to apply that credit to the Cheers program?
  10. Can you buy small trays of chocolate covered strawberries, and the other snacks/trays that you can order online, while on board from the Formalities shop? If so, are the prices about the same?
  11. Yep, he can. I did this for a few cruises I went on as a kid. Go to manage your account on Carnival.com, head to My Cruises on the left, and at the bottom you can Claim A Past Cruise.
  12. The only differences I can remember are.. 1. NCL has more 24hr food options (including wings, yummm) - but, I'm a pizza gal so I really love Carnival for that. 2. I find the decor on NCL nicer than Carnivals, Carnival is a little gaudy and bright for me - but really, who cares? 3. There were always lines for the specialty restaurants on NCL, and the fee's didn't help me wait for them. So while it's great to have those options, I didn't want to waste any time or extra money on them when there was plenty of food elsewhere (did I mention the wings? :) ). 4. I do remember having a hard time navigating the NCL ships. All of these are minimal issues, nothing that should sway a decision in one way or the other. In the end, a cruise is a cruise is a cruise. As long as you're on it, it's a good choice.
  13. Perfect answer, thank goodness. I didn't remember ever needing my birth certificate, but I read here on the boards a few times that you did need to bring it along.
  14. It's been a few years since my last cruise, and it will be my first cruised since being married and having my name changed. With that said, I'm reading that I need to bring my passport (great, name is changed), Drivers License (perfect, name changed there too), and original birth certificate - problem because of different last name? I know, super silly, I know married folks with changed names cruise all the time but I want to make sure I've got everything covered, and I read a line on Carnival's website saying "make sure all the names match." Are these the 3 documents I need? They're not going to ask me to pull out my marriage license are they?? :o
  15. Thanks for sharing! I went through TripAdvisor and there were lots of mixed reviews on the restaurants in that area, including Goldies, which I why I came to the boards.
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