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  1. Hi everyone! I'll be sailing in mid-September and some of the shore excursions that I'm interested in are currently on sale for 10% off onboard pricing. Will they get any cheaper between now and sailing, or should I book them now at 10% off? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your thoughts, I had totally forgotten about the limited ferry schedule. Much appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone! I'll be heading to Bermuda in a couple of weeks with RCL on a shower 5 night cruise, leaving me with just a day and a half to cram everything in. I'm reading mixed things on Hamilton - some say you gotta go, some say there isn't much to do so it isn't worth the time. We definitely want to do Horseshoe, Tobacco Bay and St Georges. Debating on the Blue Hole/Lagoon. I was thinking of heading to Hamilton just for a nicer dinner and possibly some night life (I think we're docked on a Tuesday which may change things). But, maybe it isn't worth it to get on that ferry there and back if I can just stick closer to Dockyard? Any thoughts one way or the other?
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