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  1. LOL, this policy is as clear as mud. They start saying that “ face coverings are generally not required “, followed by saying “ we require all guests to wear masks onboard while indoors... “ etc, etc. Now I read in post #60 that even while crossing the pool deck passengers need to wear it. Beyond ridiculous.
  2. Hello Cat, one suggestion would be to book dinner at the alternative restaurants as well as excursions as soon as available. You say you’re going on Voyager, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the vibration that is felt in the aft cabins. Many are not bothered but I am, so I always book a cabin toward the middle
  3. Oh, don’t worry, the kids under 12 will be vaccinated soon enough
  4. Hello Daisy , thank you for posting. What about masks while outside on deck, are they also required? Enjoy the cruise!
  5. And that's exactly why I will not book a cruise or travel anywhere where my fate is dependent on a covid test. We all have different tolerance to uncertainty, I guess mine is very low. Time to travel domestic in the USA, many beautiful places to get to know
  6. Is there anything to keep Regent from changing their T&C up to the time of boarding? Since all the Covid restrictions seem to change by the day , I cant believe Regent hasnt left plenty wiggle room to amend as needed
  7. I cant fathom committing to buying a product that not even the company that sells it has a clear certainty what it will look like in the end. I love cruising, but no way I'll subject myself to this uncertainty while putting my money on the line. You all have more sangfroid that I will ever have!
  8. If this is going to be the protocol for every cruise, you're going to get this repeated many times over.
  9. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article251909713.html Royal Caribbean reverses, won’t require passengers on U.S. cruises to be vaccinated Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article251909713.html#storylink=cpy
  10. I'm not a stockholder, so I dont care what big bucks FDR gets or doesnt get. Ive never cared about compensation packages for executives when I fly AA or whatever airline, I just care about prices and service when I buy their product
  11. Nice, I can certainly work with that! Although, I wonder if they're going to make the vaccinated crew wear a mask? Ugh!
  12. Yep, sounds like Philadelphia indeed. Although in the last few days people seem to have started awakening and thankfully are ditching the mask at least while walking outside. And because I find these restrictions oppressive I certainly wouldnt sign up for a cruise where I'm expected to wear a mask in all public areas, maybe including the pool deck! By the way, a couple of weeks ago I stayed at a hotel in The Villages, FL. Masks were required in the public areas and no room service or housekeeping was provided . But yes, once outside the hotel freedom is palpable. Can't wait to move there!
  13. I agree, I believe many feel as I feel. No way I'll go on a vacation being more inconvenienced that I'm at home
  14. Yes, youre right! Those not vaccinated should wear some sort of symbol, preferably tattooed unto their forehead oh, I dont know, what could that be...
  15. At a time when they dont know for sure when their existing ships will start cruising, I think it a bit ridiculous for them to be talking about new ships
  16. Hi Sheila! Yep!! Can you believe this insanity?? Why does the CDC have this kind of power? Right now I’m on a plane, packed like sardines! Guess the CDC has no problem with that. “Science “!
  17. I'm sorry, I certainly dont have any inside knowledge, just reading the tea leaves which unfortunately seem very clear.
  18. My thoughts on the chances that cruise will happen ? Zero. The other day they discovered one Covid case in NZ and that prompted a total lockdown on whatever city it happened.
  19. My own premature expectation : There will not be any Regent cruises in 2021. I'll be happy to be proven wrong
  20. For some reason my most memorable cruises have been on Navigator. My last cruise on Regent in November 2019, New York to Miami, was perfect , except some bad weather. The crew/staff could not have been better, service and food excellent. As others have mentioned, I like the cozy size of the ship without sacrificing suite space. If you don't book an aft suite the vibration is not an issue. Sometimes getting a lounge chair around the pool was challenging.
  21. I don't have a crystal ball but, who knows, in the end you may find yourself very fortunate not to have your cash tied up with Regent.
  22. Yep, yet people keep giving them their $$$$ for new bookings
  23. Libel??? LOL!!! Since when its spouting opinions from anonymous posters actionable?
  24. The fact that I receive emails from my TA trying to entice me to book a Regent cruise is really beyond the pale, I would say this is malpractice. I dont understand how anybody of sound mind could make a final payment or a deposit on Regent ( or any cruise) right now.
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