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  1. Absolutely and what a great film. Watched it countless times and yes , the music is perfect. Ann.
  2. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/5950/ Hopefully this is the link for voting.
  4. Hi Dean, It’s a great feeling isn’t it when the refund actually hits your Bank account? We are still puzzled with the randomness of the refunds for this 22/5/20 Serenity cruise, as our refund was made two months ago on 24/11/20. Stay safe and with luck we’ll be cruising again in the not too distant future. Ann & Paul.
  5. I really hope it will soon be your turn! Do post when you get your good news. Ann.
  6. Yes, we have. See our post at the top of this page.
  7. Hi Dean, it seems like we’ve known you for years! Such a shame the Meet and Mingle wasn’t to materialise ~ they are usually good fun and an ice breaker. We heard from our TA a few days back about the refund, but thought we’d keep quiet until the funds were with us. It certainly is a relief and by posting our news, we thought it would give the rest of you new hope. It surely can’t be much longer now, as we hadn’t done any more than wait reasonably patiently. Easy to say now the waiting is over!! Anyway, do post when you have received your refund. We’ll continue to follow the boards. Ann.
  8. SERENITY departures 22nd. May and 31st. May. Hello to SusieQft, Dean, André and all others on here who were booked on the above cruises. After 236 days, we have today received a full refund for both these cruises cancelled on 2nd. April by Crystal. Our TA has kept up the pressure and achieved the right result. Needless to say we are relieved and sincerely hope you all will soon be refunded. We still love Crystal and will book again once it is really safe to travel and we have been vaccinated. We’ll keep following these boards ~ it’s become a regular habit!! Susie, many thanks to you for maintaining the amazing spreadsheet. We are sure, in due course, that our refund will be shown against our two cruises. These are numbers 59 & 70 on the spreadsheet. Our patience has paid off at last. Keep well everyone, Ann & Paul.
  9. Be sure to take a tour on the Conch Train whilst you are visiting. It’s great fun. I cannot seem to paste a link on here, but just Google ‘Conch Train’. It’s 10 years since we were there, but I believe it’s pronounced ‘Conk’ ?
  10. Our May back to back cruise was cancelled by Crystal on 2nd. April. 7 months ago tomorrow. Be prepared for a long wait. We also booked through a TA in the U.K. and no sign of a refund yet.
  11. That’s not a saying I know here in the South!! 😂 If and when we get our refund, I’ll be posting the good news on here first !!
  12. I seem to recall we are in the same situation as you, in that our cruises were booked through a TA. Our cruise was cancelled by Crystal on 2nd. April, so we are now at 210 days and no direct contact from Crystal. Our TA is chasing Crystal’s London agent - Cruise Portfolio, Wells Street, London. Only yesterday the latest was that they ‘have high hopes and it’s taking longer than anticipated’. It’s so depressing to see on the spreadsheet that refunds are being made where the cancellation and cruise dates were later than mine or where card disputes have been raised with Crystal. There is no obvious refund system whatsoever.
  13. Patty, we agree with you ~ there is no detectable system to the refund order. It is particularly galling to see refunds being made for later cancellation and cruise dates to ours. Our 22nd. May back to back cruise was cancelled by Crystal on 2nd. April and at nearly 7 months since cancellation, we are still hanging on for a full refund of the cruise, port fees and flights. Booked through a TA in the U.K. so not easy to dispute through our card company. It is heartening to see some people are getting their refunds. Ann.
  14. So pleased you have your full refund and yes ~ a great relief! This gives us hope. Our wait so far is just edging 200 days. I feel prompted to contact our travel agent today for their update. Ann.
  15. I seem to recall reading on this forum or Crystal Family Facebook page that the receipt of ‘goods’ purchased would commence at the start of service. In our case on arrival at the departure airport on 22nd. May. 2020. A quick calculation would be 148 days up to today (16/10/20). Too late most likely for a claim. Maybe I have not explained that very clearly ~ It’s late ! There’s a lot of us who have waited over 6 months now, which leaves us where? The options are few. Watching and waiting, venting on here, moaning to TA’s, Crystal are ignoring us it seems. There must eventually be an end to our predicament.
  16. Hi, I do remember reading your comments a few weeks ago, as you are in the same situation as us. Our deposit was made with a credit card and the final payment with a debit card. Our TA also was ‘not happy’ when he thought we might take the same course of action as you. He tried to assure us we would get our refund, but no idea when. A claim to ATOL would only be possible if Crystal declare they are not able to make the refund. We feel we have been very patient and reasonable, but now it is 6 months since our request for a full refund, it’s time to put the pressure on our TA. Why should we be the only ones who are not happy? The bottom line is that we have handed over a considerable sum of money to our TA and have received nothing in return.
  17. Thank you. We’ll need to keep this in mind.
  18. Indeed, you are probably correct. Was it Tom Wolber or Jack Anderson who said refunds were being processed in a systematic manner? Since our refund is for a fully paid 16 day back to back cruise including flights, port fees etc...and in the region of GBP£14000 (US$18000) , we feel it will be skirted around, whilst deposit only refunds and disputes may be taking preference. Possibly that is the system?
  19. Hello roger b, yes we agree that we should have had a refund by now! The difficulty with disputing this is that we booked through a TA and the money was paid to them, not directly to Crystal. We hoped we had all areas covered by booking a package (ATOL protection), adequate travel insurance and by using a Credit card for the deposit, followed by using a Debit card for the final balance. We do feel aggrieved and that we are backed into a corner. It’s nearly 200 days since cancellation and looking at SusieQ’s amazing spreadsheet, no one is getting refunds without going through their card company! The lack of regular communication from Crystal is galling as is the fact that we seem to have made a rather large loan. Ann & Paul.
  20. NB. we are in the U.K. Hi, we were quoted this following information in paperwork dated October, 2019. This related to a cruise departing 22nd. May, 2020. Subsequently cancelled by Crystal on 2nd. April, 2020. We are still waiting a full refund. Hopefully this may be of use to you.
  21. Hi Dean, That’s good to know ~ thank you. I believe our 22nd. May, 2020 cruise was cancelled on 2nd. April, 2020. Maybe not too much longer now. Ann & Paul.
  22. I am fairly sure your refund was correctly applied and you now are able to relax whilst considering your next vacation. If and when our refund is processed and finally finds it’s way to our bank, will I continue to monitor these boards out of habit I wonder? Probably yes, in order to check on those names which have become so familiar and how their situations have resolved. Until then it’s back to watching and waiting.
  23. Hi, we are in Essex and have had the same conversation with our TA. They definitely do not like the idea that we may become more forceful by using the Chargeback option. We purposely booked a ‘package’ which gives us ATOL protection if Crystal fail to refund us. We had adequate travel insurance in place, but that seems to be worthless. It’s six months in a few days since Crystal cancelled our back to back cruises. We requested a full refund. This includes flights, transfers and port taxes, which Crystal have never had to pay!! Our TA assured us we will get our money back, but cannot say when. Another 6 months maybe?
  24. On 8/13/2020 at 2:45 PM, commodoredave said: I’m not sure why I finally got paid. It could have been my regular stream of sarcastic and irreverent posts that parodied Crystal’s inept management that they simply got tired of seeing. Perhaps the Crystal Faithful donated their own money towards my refund just to shut me up. Or maybe it was just my boyish good looks and charm that Crystal couldn’t resist! Whatever it was, I now have my refund. commodoredave, We are both pleased and jealous that you have received your refund. We suspect that as our Cruise Critic name ‘comas’ is alphabetically close to yours, Crystal have mistakenly refunded our money to you!! 😂😂 Since we are now about 17 days short of a 6 month wait for a full refund for two back to back cruises last May, a few more days, weeks or whatever won’t make much difference to our displeasure and disbelief in the way we have been treated.
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