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  1. To this day I can't hear the words Toga Party without being reminded of the movie Animal House. On a side note my Mother was so glad when I finished university- her sheets were now safe!
  2. Allegra, Classica and Romantica - before the Classica and Romantics were Neo. I prefer the smaller ship style. Personal but the mega liners are not for me.
  3. Hi Riana, Yes FINALLY! Its been a long time coming- We just could not make it fit before. Teen swims very seriously and any holidays need to be slotted around training/ competition schedules. But this actually works!
  4. Hi Ron, It feels like yesterday.... Luke is now a towering 14 year old... he is taller than I am and Im not short! Yes its the Mediterranea for us. Got what seems like a great deal.... we start and finish in Singapore with a stop back in the middle so the way I look at it I can fit in Singapore Chili Crab 3 times.
  5. Yes Im aware that Costa change things up quite regularly. Im aware that they are also known to cancel. They been doing it for years. At this point there is nothing else around that suits us- either date wise or itinerary wise. If its a cancel its a cancel... We have been to all the ports before except for the one stop in Cambodia and to be honest we not really that thrilled by that one anyway. This is more a trip to get away and to recharge rather than see new places. Flights and hotels not even thought about as yet- well thought about but certainly not booked... I have an excellent travel insurance policy that will cover any cancellation if needed. If we have to we will just skip the cruise... and do land based instead.
  6. After many years of land travel and trying to fit a cruise in around school, life and a supremely busy teen I have finally managed to get it together and find a date that suits everyone (well its only the teen and I- but he is the difficult one). Booked 27th March 2021- yes its a long way off to Asia. Its an Easter cruise and teen will have his birthday on board- funnily enough he had his 7th birthday on board too.
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