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  1. I would do the Sunrise. The overnight in Bermuda sells it. My first cruise was supposed to go to Bermuda and we missed it because of weather, always wanted to go back. But dont think you can go wrong with either 1 or 2, 3 would be a distant 3rd for me.
  2. I've had 3 on Carnival (Valor, Splendor and Magic) and 2 on Royal Caribbean (Oasis and Freedom of the Seas). In all honesty I didn't see much difference in the food/service or overall product. In fact, I think my two favorite cruises I went on were the Valor and Magic (although all were awesome). The only thing you might find "shocking" is the decor in the older Carnival Ships. If you can get past some gaudy decorating, you wont miss a beat. Definitely try it and see what you think. Either way, i'm sure you will have a great time!
  3. Thanks! good call on Trip advisor. I've been going through shore excursioneer and the Carnival excursions websites. I'm probably putting too much thought in it, she'll have fun doing anything lol. I've done most of the types of excursions (ziplining, snorkeling, swimming with stingrays etc), so I'm up for anything. Cant wait to surprise her on Christmas!
  4. Thank you everyone for replying. Some great reminders/tips/suggestions. I really appreciate it.
  5. thank you! El Cielo looks amazing! Definitely some great advice. Going to run a few of these by her after Christmas (when I Finally tel her about it haha). Thanks again!
  6. lol. You are right. Sorry if I made it sound that way 😉
  7. Ok, so I booked the 6 night Carnival Horizon on 3/29 out of Miami. I am actually surprising my mom with this as a Christmas gift. This will be my 7th cruise, but her first (she will have turned 66 by the time we are on the cruise). It's been a while since I was a first timer so wondering if there is anything I should prepare her for haha...I know she has a passport, I can give advice on what to pack, probably take the motion sickness patches (i think she will be fine, but never know), What am I missing that would be awesome for a first timer? Also, she's pretty adventurous fo
  8. I’m in your picture!!! Lol. The picture of the solarium pool, I’m the guy with the sunglasses just to the left of the giant colorful bird (my head is just above the railing to get in to the pool. Haha. That’s funny.
  9. We encountered the same. We had such a great time on this cruise. The only complaints I heard were of people complaining about the weather. Did I spend 10 days in the Caribbean and still go back with a little bit of a sock tan....unfortunately yes lol But the rain did not hamper our trip at all. We had an amazing cruise. I had to laugh at one person that said...”I didn’t come to the tropics for rain”. Tropical literally refers to warm and hot and moist lol.
  10. Just saw this. Reading through now. It’s making me upset. I want to go back. Lol. Sitting at the Houston airport. Back to reality of work. Going back to reading about your trip!
  11. Omg I just looked it up! He was killed last year. Console himself was actually our tour guide that day. If I remember correctly he was a retired police officer or something like that. He was awesome. So sad to hear that. I attached a pic of my friend and Inwith Cosol. Hope that’s ok. I’ll be happy to remove it, this is your Review.
  12. We booked the same tour with Spencer Ambrose while we are there in 2 1/2 weeks. Did a similar tour about 8 years ago with Cosol and loved it. Doing Spencer this time because you travel more on the boat, Cosol drives you to the beach and takes you back on the boat. The Roads in St. Lucia are crazy curvy and i wasn't enjoying the bus ride. I have to say about the mud baths, my friend Emily and I had pretty rough sunburn (mine was on my forehead) and after we applied that mud and rinsed it off....the sunburn was practically gone. It was crazy. Excited to use Spencers this time. One th
  13. I travel every week for work. Have an alarm with camera's connected straight to the police and fire/CO2 detectors connected directly to the fire department. Also awesome neighbors who keep an eye on my house while I'm gone. Not to worried about that. But i do see how that could be a worry.
  14. Ok so I go to Royalcaribbean.com and everything is in German. I cannot get it to English. lol. My cruise planner is in English but the main pages are German. Weird.
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