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  1. We were actually onboard the Jewel in the South Pacific in March when the azipod broke. We were dining in the back of the ship. The ship made a loud noise and shook. We had been denied entry into Honolulu (as many other countries had already denied the ship entry) but after the engine was disabled, the Coast Guard deemed it unsafe for us to try and continue onward to California. Looking out the stern you could tell that the ship was not running with full power as water was only coming out one side of the ship (instead of both sides as it had been doing up to this point). It was quite an adven
  2. My husband and I are both retired and in our 60's. We live about 20 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri. Today marks one month since we returned from a 21 day cruise through the South Pacific (which was extended by 4 days because we were unable to disembark in 4 different ports). The time on our cruise was great (but anxiety increased as we were turned away by more countries during the last 7 days of the cruise). We ended up having 20 sea days. We are adjusting to the conditions here in Missouri. Only trips to essential businesses are allowed. We were walking at parks (with 6 feet social distan
  3. I have booked three guarantee cabins.Two with Carnival and one with Norwegian. I have been happy with all three.The one time we were traveling with another couple and linked our reservations and ended up with cabins next to each other. This might have just been luck.
  4. Can't wait to hear more stories (true or made up)! LOL! I have been checking into cruisecritic every day to read your updates. You really do have a big fan club!
  5. So has anyone just bought the Ultimate Arcade pass and shared it with their spouse? I am assuming you can share it if you can swipe it three times every three minutes. Also wondering if you play games like foosball and air hockey, it surely includes both players as that is how most video gaming places operate. I am departing on the Norwegian Jewel in a few days and was wondering if their selection of games is smaller since the ship is smaller? For our 21 day cruise, it is showing $161 for the pass. If you could both use it, it would be well worth that price.
  6. I have booked three cruises with the Free at Sea promotions and been able to use my shareholder benefit on all three.
  7. Thanks for the information. I know at other cruise stops we have been able to use the beach at hotels if we purchase drinks but the loungers are typically only for the overnight guests. I may look into the day passes. Are they typically busier on cruise port days or should I just visit on one of my days that I am staying on Moorea?
  8. We will be staying on Moorea for 4 days after our cruise in March. I know the Hilton sells day passes with lunch included but I was wondering if you would be able to go there and buy a couple drinks at their bar and snorkel.
  9. Our cruise from Sydney to Papeete has already dropped $200 per person since final payment a month ago. We still have almost 90 days to go. I went ahead and did my one time upgrade (plus a small amount of $) last week from inside to oceanview because I wanted a certain area of the ship and those cabins are now sold out. Our cruise has actually dropped $600 per person since we booked it last summer. I think it depends how well the ship is selling. This one is a repositioning cruise so we fly into Sydney and out of Papeete which requires higher air fare for most. We used frequent flyer miles. You
  10. Norwegian has raised the price again. Our cruise is in February and the 3 meal package is $118.
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