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  1. Not sure if they’re still doing it but when I was on the explorer in 2017 for the ice show. they Will assign specific day and time for the Ice show. How they did it was in the cruise compass they would have specific muster stations assigned to a show. They still had a standby line In the event you’re not able to make it on the day assigned to your muster station . With the Covid protocols they may has switched to a first come first serve reservation system And schedule more opportunities to see the show . The ice show on explorer of the seas Was very good quality
  2. The cups are coded to expire on a specific day . On explorer they had to replace everyone’s cups twice on a 24 day Sydney to Seattle cruise as they expired after 2 weeks . I also took a b2b on Freedom where the cup was coded for 2 weeks even though it was only supposed to be good for one week. and did work on the second cruise. The machine will tell you what day it expires when you use the machine
  3. Bars will be open although some Will open later on in the day. For mariner generally the bar in the Windjammer and the pub on the promenade are likely to be open in Port . The only place I know of that has restrictions and bars opening is Canada which only allows one bar per deck to open well in port
  4. I do not see them getting rid of Radiance class. Do that and they have lost half of their Alaska deployment as 2 Radiance class ships sail from Vancouver. They are also a favorite class for many.
  5. I was in Martinique in November on a cruise. We had a note emailed to us before the cruise stating that a passport was required to go ashore. When we got there. There was no Passport check when disembarking or reboarding. Alway good to have a passport if you are not sure if a port requires it
  6. Canada announced yesterday a extension of the cruise ship ban to Halloween. Essentially cancelling the rest of the Alaska season for 2020 for all lines
  7. Unless Royal decides not to bring quantum of the Seas to Alaska in 2021 we will see Quantum of the Seas in Vancouver as the September 27 sailing from Seattle will end in Vancouver. The Norwegian Bliss also has to go under at low tide and still looks like it barely clears the bridge.
  8. I can see older ships getting the hand washing stations installed like newer ships. The crew will serve the food so they would need to find a way to keep queues to a minimum the island setup they have would help . Coke freestyle machines would be eliminated or moved to a crew manned drink station and a new glass would be provided each time.. condiments would be those single serve packets. ( relish needs 2 or 3 packs to get enough). The frozen dessert on the pool deck may move in to the windjammer dessert station or a food venue on the pool deck if the ship has one. which would possib
  9. I am booked for Alaska at the end of August. BC provincial health officier has stated travel may not be able to resume for 12 to 18 months. That is inline with the vaccine. So Alaska cruises may not happen this year. Might not happen next year ether as 18 months puts us in to 2022
  10. The reduced Capacity means who is currently booked will still go on the cruise. Not sure though when the CDC will allow ships to sail from or to us ports
  11. If we wait for a vaccine that could come in 18 months and for everyone to get it some of the cruise lines may not be around or have less ships as they are losing money as the ships are now just doing loops in the ocean. With no income coming in. they could get non us cruises going if ports have reopened to soften the financial blow but the virus would have to stop spreading for it to happen
  12. Likely the Carnival Spirit could be used as it will go out of service till Canada reopens to Cruises in July
  13. The problem is if Canada closes ports then cruises out of Seattle would be affected as well as the Jones act requires a stop outside the states. Seattle based stops typically stops in Victoria so a closure would affect it aswell Canada wants to delay that start of the season
  14. This one seems to survive in heat as Singapore has cases and it is always above 28 Celsius there
  15. I did a similar cruise in 2012 on Radiance and for boarding day. There is a all aboard time that is in place for the purpose of the muster drill. Passengers have to be onboard for the drill but are welcome to go ashore again after the drill. On day 2 the all aboard time is similar to that for a port of call
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