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  1. I just got off Caribbean Princess and really enjoyed him. He had the crooners bar singing on the last night of the cruise. He has signed off today however not sure where he is going next
  2. Just at the end of a 2 week cruise on the Caribbean Princess and it never seemed to work for me
  3. they were a feature that debuted for Hal on the zuiderdam and are now on all the newer ships. It would be easy to miss them if you use only the forward or aft banks or the inside mid ship elevators. I been on both ship so for me the locks the ship passes thru would determine which ship and cb has slightly better production shows . Just saw bravo last night and enjoyed it. Cb also has game shows while Hal has America’s test kitchen and Lincoln Center stage
  4. On Caribbean princess For the current sailing they told Is that we were welcome to leave carry one in crown grill and state rooms would be ready at 1. We were able to go to our stateroom upon boarding as it was announced that staterooms were ready earlier then expected
  5. I had that happen on a b2b the involved 2 ships. I went to the loyalty ambassador on the second one and showed my cruise card from the first. After looking up my history in the computer they put a diamond sticker on my card and updated their records for that sailing to reflect that I earned diamond status . They also notified the diamond concierge so she could issue a key to open the diamond lounge door
  6. Carnival should also resume the 1 way Alaska sailings they did untill 2009 . They are currently the only brand owned by ccl that does Alaska sailings that do not have one way offerings. Also Victoria has just approved a motion to limit cruise ship call by not signing any additional contracts until a environmentally friendly solution like shore power can be implemented.
  7. I was on the Regal Princess last year and still remember how nice the ship was. I enjoyed every minute I was on her and would sail on her or any royal class ship again . Loved the Love boat horn under the great belt bridge
  8. I don’t believe they can shorten the show as Andrew loyd Webber requires that they preform the Show as written I was in a elementary school production where the teacher wanted to remove one song from the show . We were told that we had to put it in the show as the show had to be preformed as written or not at all
  9. On Indy during the westbound ta in 2016 the CBP process in st Thomas was a absolute disaster. There was only 5 officers for the whole ship .. they will have us citizens go to the theatre and non us to the dining room We also had a delayed departure as health and coast guard inspections also took place on the same day so you may get some extra time in st Thomas . We still had a cbp inspection in Ft. Lauderdale but it was a quicker process as they only did a brief look at the passport and collected the blue form as they were still collecting them in 2016
  10. You will likely clear in Vancouver unless the next stop is in Victoria. . It will save a lot of time on arrival to preclear. If you do have to clear on arrival in Hawaii. The CBP there is the most effective in getting people thru quickly. . They were able to clear Explorer in under 3 hours in 2017 while st Thomas took 4-5 hours to clear the passengers alone and the inspections for them and coast guard resulted in a delayed departure
  11. You will likely have to do us immigration on Bar Harbor. Fill out a Canada customs card and hand in to guest services for Saint John and us immigration in Portland . The non us lines can be a bit on the long side and the ship will have a staggered system in place to manage the crowd in the non us area. They may have 2 lines. One for Canadians and one for every one else as they likely need a I94. One ship even told Canadians that they had to fill a I94 out when it is not required and even gave us 2 papers one saying to go to the us line. One to the non us line. I followed that one with the required documents that matched the cbp website
  12. I believe that the Bahamas allows royal to open the casino in the evening only. I was on the Anthem that had a overnight call in Nassau and recalled the casino opening around 9pm.
  13. When I did Alaska b2b on Radiance I was not required to get off the ship as a zero count was not required. It is only required if immigration is doing their inspection on shore in the terminal. They will have a meeting for b2b passengers (usually held in The colony club on deck 6 aft ) and also send a letter to the stateroom explaining the process
  14. When you take it on the plane. Beware you might get pull aside for a bag check at security if you put it in checked luggage as it tends to show up all black on the screen
  15. All 4 port side aft elevators travel to deck 14. It is the Radiance class where only the outside facing elevators go to deck 14 which is why there is the Separate button that is used if you are heading to those decks there is a step up to enter the Viking Crown Lounge area . As there is a platform in the middle where the dance floor is. There is a bypass to the right that goes around it and will take you to the diamond Lounge .
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