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  1. 1. Crew-always friendly and upbeat 2.Great Military appreciation program. I am Viet Nam era 3.Call it people watching but actually it is more like sitting and visiting with everyone. Nearly everyone will stop and visit and every one of them is a story.
  2. Question for you. A while ago we were on this ship for 2 weeks and every morning there were two girls walking all over with a tray of breakfast rolls etc. and singing little songs and called themselves the roosters of the morning. Did you see anything of the sort. Almost a highlight of the day some days.
  3. On the Conquest end of November and we met in one of the dining rooms. They had pastries etc there, collected our old cards, came back shortly after and gave us our new ones. We waited another 15 minuets or so and they marched us off the ship, almost turned right around and back on. Mimosas, a group photo and end of story. Same cabin but had to change in the past. Just throw your stuff in a suitcase and they move the bags and all hanging stuff to the new room. The only problem we have found, and we have done a number of B2B, is the second week we would end up going down to our cabin from the first week.
  4. We have done a number of B2B trips. Same cabin sometime, same cabin sometime. If changing we tell our room steward ahead (he always knew already( and he and the new one work it out. Just kind of pack stuff in your bags, leave the hanging stuff alone and they take care of it. We slip each one a few bucks extra. As far as anything extra, you will get a letter to meet at a specific spot. Usually coffee etc waiting. After a seemingly long wait they collect your old S&S and give you your new ones. Then escorted off, through customs etc, and escorted right back on. Usually a drink of some sort in the atrium bar for all B2Bers then a group picture which should be delivered t you room maybe the next morning or so. A treasured keepsake of a bunch of people you will never see again but a fun little thing they do. Then you get the ship for a short time. Any more questions we can certainly try to help.
  5. When booking the second leg make sure they link the two cruises. Then you should be good to get a letter at the end of the first leg telling you the details for gathering and reboarding for your second. Also, the matreD will know and more then likely visit with you on the first week and ask where you would like to be seated (unless ATD, then makes no difference)
  6. Just off a B2B and had some OBC to use or loose on the first one. Bought some liquor and when they went to ring it up we were flagged as B2B so they held it until the end of the second leg.This was a change from in the past but was told it is the way they have to do it now.
  7. I guess I messed up posting this before. We bought some vanilla a couple years ago and need more. We are doing a B2B so can stop at eastern and western so can anyone tell us if there is someplace we can get more. We kinda forgot where we got it before. Thank you.
  8. I said last week, no more questions. I guess I lied. A couple years ago we were n a cruise and bought a bottle of vanilla some place. Actually need another but cannot remember where we were. Leaving Nov 30 and Dec 7 on B2B so will be both eastern and western. Does anyone remember where that may have pure vanilla? Thanks and this time a promise I may not have any more questions.
  9. Not sure about this ship but we have been seated with a group that ended up with 12 of us at the table. Never again. Was too big to talk to anyone but the people next to you or maybe one away and way way to squished. Actually rubbed elbows with people on both sides. Would have made more sense I our case to try for 2 6 tops and maybe rotate people.
  10. Apparently we are in the minority on this.We have been to the ports many time can only eat so much but what we both really enjoy is meeting folks. We sit on the promonade deck near the Achemy Bar and talk to people as they go by. If someone is silly enough to stop it could turn into hours. We have met many folks that we have traded emails etc and have kept in tough for years and even sailed again with a number of them Never had the friendlyness happen on a land based vacation.
  11. First, thanks to the kind folks that responded to my last question. One more and I will try and quit bothering you. We should get a 25% discount after our B2B for 25 cruises and a free upgrade for hitting Diamond. I assume we can use both on one cruise I.E. book a ocean view on a nicer cruise, get the 25% OBC then get the upgrade to balcony. Now here's the real question. I read somewhere that someone said they used theirs on one cruise and their Wifes on another. How would this all work and what are the advantages etc. Thank you all again for your patience and help. Joe
  12. We will be Diamond on our upcoming cruises and I just realized I have no idea what they do at the Diamond gathering that is different than the Platinum Party. Also, is it one or the other or will it be invited to both? Thank you.
  13. Posted this before on a different thread I think but-the ship had 2 marble sidewalks through the casino that converged on the ends. A couple of old guys on motorized scooters came along, one from each way. At the place the walkway came together, they ran into each other and started hollering at each other. One backed up a short distance and ran back into the other. The second guy backs up a short distance and runs into the first one all the while they are hollering at each other. I was laughing too hard to move but some other passenger came over and separated them and sent them on their way still hollering.
  14. I'd like to share a story. Several years ago on a Hawaiian cruise they had a Veterans gathering that had maybe 70 or so Vets. They passed the microphone and each person gave their name, state, branch where served etc.One old boy said he landed on Normandy Beach and of course got a quite an ovation. After the microphone got almost halfway around the room it came to another older gent. He said "My story will be different than anyone else in this room. I was for 5 years on a German submarine in World war 2. I fought you Americans. After the war I come to America, I am worried how I will be treated. I am treated wonderfully. I marry an American girls and we have family. When I am told of this meeting I am worried how I will be treated by the others Veterans but I am Treated wonderfully." He rubbed his 2 pointer fingers together and said "after the war we all became brothers" The place went nuts, and 2 young submariners almost ran people over to visit with this guy and the Normandy guy.
  15. On a Carnival Sister line ship walking through the casino. Where the 2 marble sidewalks converged there were 2 men driving their motorized scooters, one from each direction. At the intersection they collided. Both started hollering at the other, then one backed up a bit and took a short run and ran into the other guy again. The other guy backed up and ran into the first one, both of them steady holler and cussing the other. I was laughing too hard to do anything but one other passenger finally came over and separated them and sent them on their way.
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