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  1. I am really sorry to be reading all these concerns about how Azamara are failing guests by their extremely poor (ie lack of) communication regarding the current Corona crisis. For many years, Azamara was the only cruise line we sailed with. We were very loyal customers. We loved the size of the ships, the ambience and, most of all, the truly wonderful staff and officers, many of whom we got to know quite well. But over the last two years we jumped ship (as it were) and went to other lines like Silversea. That was not because of the on board experience but because of the predatory pricing
  2. I have to agree. We have enjoyed all of the many cruises we have taken on Azamara but the price increases and silly gimmicks have made other cruise lines, such as Silversea and even a few Regent cruises, better options.
  3. Jimmy's trivia on the Muse was great fun. Drinks served throughout, apart from blended drinks as too noisy.
  4. We were on the round Japan cruise from 16th April which may well have coincided with the last leg of your trip. I repect your observations but I have a different opinion on many of the points you raise. Firstly, dress code. The SS code is well publicised and aired frequently in these pages. It is a Marmite thing (love it or hate it) but nobody should travel with SS and be surprised by it. It is adhered to and it should be enforced. I agree laundry service is good but to clarify; laundry left out before 9am with be delivered and hung up by 6pm the same day - an excellent turnaround.
  5. Just to add to previous posts, on the Muse you do not have to book Atlantide or IndoChine. Silver Note and Hot Rocks have very limited capacity and it is sensible to book. You can turn up at La Terrazza without a booking and always get seated It is so sad to see such misinformation being posted.
  6. I could not disagree more. Silversea may be more formal but we always find passengers and staff to be very engaging. We are currently onboard Silver Muse and you could not hope to find a friendlier, warmer and more engaging staff anywhere. They are absolutely delightful and great fun. They are also highly professional and service is outstanding. Food is outstanding too.
  7. The whole thing strikes me as a cynical way of raising profits. It is of no interest to me. Under the "old" system I never got the upgrade despite applying every time. This system reduces the odds still further. Given the price increases as well, the Azamara product (even though we have thoroughly enjoyed every one of our many Azamara cruises) is getting less attractive and we are looking elsewhere - something we would have never dreamed of doing a couple of years ago. Our next cruise in April to Japan is on Silverseas' Silver Muse. Even though cabins are much larger on the Muse a
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