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  1. You have; several days ago NCL changed their recommendation for pre-cruise testing from 72 to 96 hours. (96 hours for a PCR test had been [and still is] a requirement of the government of Bermuda for cruisers sailing there even before the NCL change.) NCL: "We strongly encourage all guests to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 96-hours prior to their sail date as an added precaution. If a PCR test is not readily available, then we encourage guests to at a minimum take a COVID-19 antigen test, prior to travel." https://www.ncl.com/sail-safe?intcmp=pdt_sl_SAILSAFEVAC
  2. Having a day or so, or a few days, without a problem doesn't mean CC has fixed anything. In any event, there's no reason why anyone should have to use an incognito browser to access CC.
  3. The flight departs at 11am, not arrives then. From reading the OP, it appears Celebrity believes the flight departure is “too early” after disembarkation. (See comment 7 above, as well.)
  4. The OP is asking about shorex that they’ve already booked and paid for under a lower Latitudes status that did not have a discount, not about booking new shorex. Is that what you were talking about?
  5. Maybe by then their system will have re-set itself. Good luck!
  6. I have sometimes found the Chat feature on NCL’s website to be helpful.
  7. The poster to whom you are replying is in the U.K. I don't think they can have those test kits delivered there, nor can they download the necessary Navica app there, it must be downloaded in the U.S. (per the web site) No way to know what testing requirements will be in March, but right now, Celebrity is not doing testing at the port as a general matter. There are some threads here on CC where folks have listed testing locations in Fort Lauderdale: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2800304-where-can-a-get-the-fast-result-covid-rapt-antigen-test-in-fort-lauderdale/?tab=comments#comment-61786070 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2803697-rapid-antigen-test-in-ft-lauderdale/
  8. I think you will find out that @BirdTravels is correct. NCL blocks the ports needed for WiFi calling unless you have the expensive streaming package. That was the case for us just before the pandemic.
  9. We had the same problem with Step 7 as well. There is clearly a glitch in the system in the verification of your email, even though you put it in correctly and have received a verification back from NCL. Here's what worked for us: go back to Step 7, and where you see the little pencil (edit) icon near your email address, just change the last character of your address, type it back in, click "submit" or whatever the button there is (I can't recall), and you should see a little green check mark appear to the left of your email address. Until you are able to get that check mark, Section 7 will not show as complete.
  10. The OP is asking about shorex that they’ve already booked and paid for under a lower Latitudes status that did not have a discount.
  11. If you’ve already booked and paid for the excursions, I think you’ll need to contact NCL to get the discount. Perhaps they can refund the discount amount, or perhaps they will require you to cancel and rebook to get the discount. But I doubt that NCL has a system that reviews paid excursions to see if the guest’s Latitudes status has changed after booking and payment and gives you the discount without your asking. I am not speaking from personal experience, just what I think makes sense.
  12. I understand. But the definition of fully vaccinated doesn’t appear to be any different in the UK (where, as in the U.S., many folks are not even eligible yet for boosters), or in Spain. This would not be the first time that Celebrity phone reps did not have correct info. It strikes me as very odd that Celebrity would make a change of this magnitude but not announce it anywhere — not on its website or by email to affected pax.
  13. Right now, in the U.S., "fully vaccinated" has not been defined to include a booster shot. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html?s_cid=11350:cdc guidance fully vaccinated:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY21
  14. Perhaps that’s the earliest they send out the bid invites, but it’s certainly not the latest. As you saw in my earlier comment, I booked the same Breakaway cruise you are on, two weeks from sailing, only a few days before you did, and I am getting bid invites nearly every day from NCL. As noted in another comment above, it may not be the case that everyone is invited to bid. Good luck!
  15. I can't find it either. It was definitely there yesterday, as we were discussing the fact that it still said 72 hours when NCL had just changed their recommendation that folks take an optional test within 96 hours of the sail date, not 72.
  16. On the two occasions when we were lucky enough to be able to snag corner FVs, I had our reservations marked "Do Not Move, Do Not Upgrade." (In fact, in each instance, we "downgraded" ourselves from our originally booked C2s when the FVs became available.)
  17. Absolutely for sure!!! It is not often parties of fewer than 4 or 5 are able to book the FVs at all, let alone a corner FV. Go for it!!!
  18. Just to be clear -- are, for example, 8166 and 8181 still classified as FVs? And, if so, are you able to book one (they are often held back for parties of four or five)? If you can, I would grab one; these are fabulous two-room cabins with humongous balconies. Same for the corner FVs on the other decks, but we like Deck 8 because there's a cabin above and below. Here's the review I posted (with photos) of 8166 from our New England/Canada cruise in 2019:
  19. …as well as the Waterfront. We avoid booking above or below noisy or potentially noisy public spaces, and like to have cabins above and below us.
  20. Will it help you to see the actual FDA letter to Abbott extending the expiration dates? Here it is: https://www.emed.com/hubfs/EUA-abbott-binaxNOW-Rev-2021-04-06.pdf?hsLang=en If you do some quick research on the FDA’s extension of the expiration dates based on the demonstrated longer shelf life, you will see this is legitimate. There are a number of Abbott letters available on line showing the extended expiration dates of the kits. And if you do some reading here on CC in other cruise line forums (e.g. Celebrity), you will see the kits being used by plenty of folks to cruise. You are certainly free not to use these test kits, but they are not expired.
  21. Yes, many of us have had this happen as well. It all seems to be related to whatever problem is going on and still has not been fixed.
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