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  1. Either way, there were multiple contributors, not to mention arrogance and complacency.
  2. A2Mich

    Restaurants near Marigot market

    Good to know. Thanks
  3. Partly. Sounds more like excessive speed under ice warnings, the brittle steel used in her construction, and the weakened structure from the coal bunker fire all contributed to the disaster
  4. For use on cereal? This is simple. Poke the foil hole, insert straw. Suck up milk through said banned plastic straw, then spit milk out into cereal bowl. Problem solved. 😁
  5. I wasn’t sure of the bulk of these towels. IIRC correctly, there was also a towel station on CC as well as by the ship tender hatch. Pier will (should) be open by the time we go again, so even if we had to return to the ship for some reason, shouldn’t be difficult.
  6. A2Mich

    Ultimate Abyss

    With the majority of cruise pax I’ve seen, I sure as hell hope clothing is required.😂
  7. We are only going for a week. Was going to purchase for more of a souvenir to bring home than to actually use. If the kids wanted to use them at CocoCay, could always use the mid week laundry bag. Definitely would not be using at the pool.
  8. Well, that certainly an alternative way to look at it!😁
  9. A2Mich

    Does Harmony use WOW Bands?

    Good to know. Guess I’ll find out when we go. Thanks for the info.
  10. A2Mich

    Special Requests

    Ice in the evening, fresh towels everyday, and extra pillows.
  11. A2Mich

    Does Harmony use WOW Bands?

    Oh ok. I’m confused as to whether you purchase them at Guest Services, or at Bolero’s, or both. Have heard 3 different answers so far.
  12. I would think that a bartender would likely ask for your card at a bar, and an old cup won’t work the fountain machines. The cups have an RFID chip in them to operate the Freestyle machines, on the ships that have them.
  13. Also thought the kids would find this really cute for a favorite photo.... they also have a monkey, but thought the elephant was cuter.
  14. As far as the robes, the ones for sale that I saw were of higher quality and much thicker than the in-room ones. Those I have seen for sure. Here is a photo of the towels I’m referring to....
  15. I think Bob might be right on this one. The photos shown on the website are definitely not the same as the light blue pool deck towels, and also looked to be much larger, a darker royal blue, and with the RCI logo. I just wasn’t sure of the thickness and overall quality. But, thank you for replying.