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  1. We were on the Queen Elizabeth on Jun 26, 2019 .. best day yet at Hubbard Glacier .. Huge amount of calving .. What a memory.
  2. >>Bell Boy took the ship's excursion, a private boat trip that gets so much closer... We were on the same Voyage to Hubbard Glacier Jun 26, 2019 on QE .. there was a large amount of calving that day.. the most we had ever seen. We didn't realize there was an excursion from QE to a smaller explorer ship .. But we guessed it as we did see the smaller ship as you can see in the video below ... those explorer ships are the greatest as they get so much closer .. but the view from the ship was spectacular too .. Here's my 5 min video of that day -- if you
  3. I'll add my two cents .. We've done Club on QM2 several times .. loved the single seating and reserved tables, expanded menu and lovely service. Club dining on QV and QE are even better ... Cabin is just a regular balcony cabin. Still .. I think Britannia Club is the best value Cunard offers.
  4. I think Tyler and Karen meet in the Champagne bar at night. Lots of depth of focus shots in that scene make it hard to see where you are. The wonder would be if this scene was shot with available light. That location would also be a challenge for ambient sound and likely was shot after midnight. I love that bar unless it's crowded.
  5. At that upgrade price, go for QG ... We've done both PG and QG .. as has been said, either is wonderful but the price for the upgrade is right -- generally I think there is much more of a difference.
  6. We have done many voyages on the QM2 including the aborted World Cruise 2020 .. just finished watching "Let Them All Talk" .. It's beautifully shot and acted but as a film/story it is quite cerebral and literally it's "All Talk" .. But what better place to talk and reflect than onboard QM2 .. Literally every venue on the ship is used to advantage except the Churchill Cigar Lounge (it's a no smoking movie) ... It made me realize all over again what a terrific ship is the QM2. This piece is well worth seeing for those familiar with the ship as many of the scenes will hit home and make you wish
  7. My guess average age on QM2 winter crossing is about 75-80. Just a guess. Seems that way to me. Lots of round trippers too from either New York or Southampton. Christmas time lately has been a trip from New York down to Caribbean and back. That's a wonderful trip as the ship goes all out for Xmas.
  8. I would think we spent about 3 to 4 hours in Tracy Arm on the Explorer ship. Then about an hour to get to Juneau and back to the Solstice. It was nifty boarding the Explorer ship inside Tracy Arm. Very special. We had plenty of time in Juneau as I think all aboard was at 8:30pm .. Alaska has never disappointed me. It's really impossible to capture an image of how close we got to the glaciers .. but I kept trying.
  9. Glacier Bay is certainly impressive. Been there and loved it. BUT -- Tracy Arm can be exciting too. We had a beautiful day off the Solstice (in 2013) onto the small Explorer ship for a close up look at the Sawyer Glaciers (South and North) and to top it off a pod of Orcas gave us a terrific show.
  10. This is one of my favorites from 2015 as it includes a very LONG queue -- a cookie --- a nap --- drinks before drinks -- sail away Fireworks -- and the Churchill Lounge.
  11. We had such great times in Alaska on Infinity and Millennium. We had hoped to get back there, especially Icy Strait with one of our favorite nature walks.
  12. Ah .. yes .. the Bistro on 5 for $5. And then at some point I think it was the Bistro on 5 for $10 .. ? We loved it on Infinity and Millennium. But can you imagine them letting you make your own crepe these days? Shot on Millennium Summer 2014.
  13. I failed to mention, the video was from summer 2012 on Infinity up in Alaska. Great times for us. Will they ever come again?
  14. For those of you who never did Qsine, here's what you missed in less than 2 minutes.
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