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  1. This trial will be federal so it won't be streamed live. You can probably get the tweets for it when it starts.
  2. The donut burger is just that a burger with the donut as the bun. They make them at our state fair.
  3. I always look through the binders. I have never found anything on a ship, but we stayed at a very nice hotel in Las Vegas , and I found in a drawer two coupons for a free breakfast at the cafe. That was very nice to find. I think I found it in the bible.
  4. I bring my own soda, and just bring a cold to dinner with me.
  5. I only take photos of mine and DH's food. But I take photo's and share with people who enjoy the food pics
  6. Monterey is beautiful. It is a short taxi ride to Cannery row. But to far to walk it. We go there often. One street over on wave st there is a big antique store looks like a barn. If you rent a car you can see other parts of the town. Pacific Grove. You can pay and go through to pebble beach. Nice picture taking. You can also see the 18th hole at Pebble Beach, just go through the hotel. Take the whole 17 mile drive and see the points. Carmel is a very short drive from Pebble and lots of nice shops and you can go down to the end of Ocean st and visit the ocean with the white sand.
  7. You could have watched the David Copperfield trial where he got sued for a person getting injured. They also exposed how the trick was done. And this is not a joke, I think the jury is out deceiding the out come now.
  8. I have sailed 3 times and I have no offers of anything lol
  9. Is this going to be a federal trial?
  10. They want you out spending money , not watching t.v. , they would find me in my room reading. Cant stop me from doing that.
  11. Had no idea it was that much. I may need to put my stuff down, but not at that price. I guess I can put mine and hubby's bag on my little scooter.
  12. Now they may want you to pay for better entertainment. I would not pay for a broadway show. If I do that I might as well stay home.
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