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  1. Thanks for all the information. Helps that so many have the same understanding. Azgrandmax3
  2. Please help me understand Loyalty Credits. I have completed 32 cruises with Princess. I noticed a Loyalty credit of $25 once I boarded ship this past Sept. When I asked what it was for at the Captains Circle was told it was for number of cruises. OK sounded good to me. I have 3 other cruises booked for 2020, no such credit shows on my booking. I have called Princess three times, no one seems to know what I am talking about. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the reply's. My concern is not while on ship. Wondering how it works at Heathrow to connect with private shuttle service. Any advise?
  4. Has anyone used whatsapp in Australia and what kind of charges do you get.?
  5. Anyone recommend shuttle service from Sydney airport to hotel in Sydney
  6. Can anyone recommend a shuttle service from Heathrow to london hotels.? Has anyone used super shuttle in london ?
  7. We will arrive from Heathrow July 22. Needing mid range priced hotel for one night. Can you recommend one? Do you know if London hotels offer a shuttle service from airport to hotel? Thank You AZgrandmax3
  8. We link often. Call princess to do so. The other person will need to call also. FYI every time we received an upgrade or other offer so did the linked couple.
  9. Could someone recamend a shuttle service to use to get from london hotel to Southhamton cruise port
  10. Within a month we will arrive at SLC airport from Tucson. With 45 minutes to board our next flight on Delta headed for JFK airport. It appears we arrive at F6 and depart again at D7. From directory it seems one gate is in terminal 1 and the other is terminal 2. I can only walk at normal speed. Will I have to take a tram? Is there a walkway between terminals? Thanks for you input. Joyce
  11. We will be travelling next year on the Majestic departing from Australia. All our ship tours etc are in Australian dollars. Received the same message as yourself. We have two other cruises booked (that do not depart from Australia) and no such message. We are US citizens and have never used debit cards. Will get on for the Majestic cruise. Hope this helps.
  12. Does anyone have experience requesting a handicap room for hotels they have stayed at on a Princess Land and Sea package. We will be staying at hotels in Ireland. Appreciate any advice you may offer. Thanks
  13. I have also tried several times today with same message. Maybe it's the weather.
  14. Thanks for your input. Another question if you do not mind. We are arriving the day before our cruise on the Majestic. Is this an area where there are things to do and see during the early evening? Appreciate your and all other comments.
  15. Has anyone stayed at the Holiday Inn Old City The Rocks? Any views on it?
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