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  1. Has anyone heard of Dec. Jan. Feb. Cruise cancellations?
  2. This morning our flights as originally booked, with same $ amounts added to our account. All seats also remained the same. I wonder why some had to rebook flights?
  3. We have also received deployment message from Princess this morning. About 3 hours later checked our "manage bookings" and the new booking number for the Grand was listed. Also our cabin which is the same as we had with old (Star) booking. Called Princess since NO flights were listed for this land/cruise tour. We were informed they are protected and will appear soon on our booking. This is the first ship after many years of sea travel that we have "change of ship" happening. Has anyone had the air appear later as we were told? Thanks
  4. Can someone tell me if PRINCESS transfers people to there hotel when they arive at 1:50 am. Or do they wait around at the airport for a later transfer time?
  5. Has anyone received there refund from FAB tours for the July 28th and 29th tour date?
  6. Appreciate this topic. We were able to add the dinner without any extra costs and kept our original booking. We try not to change booking numbers, last time we did it affected our flight costs. What is your understanding about when this dinner can be scheduled? Last couple cruises it had to be first night, but then we were in a suite. They would not allow us to change. Thanks again.
  7. We were on the Majestic back in Feb when remaining cruise was cancelled. Yesterday (the 14th) we received our final checks for total we were due. Received the first checks about 6 weeks ago. ☺️ Hoping our next cruise is not cancelled. It is to be in Feb, Panama Canal FL to CA. Thinking with departure and arrival ports being USA Maybe less hassle.
  8. Does anyone have a drink menu with the prices?
  9. Can we get any drink at lunch or dinner with beverage package?
  10. Has anyone received there money from Princess from the Majestic that ended on Feb 22nd in Fremantle
  11. We were on the last Majestic tour. The third day of cruising we were all informed the tour would end on the 22 of Feb. Which was 9 days of cancelled travel. Princess made the correct decision. All passengers had to disembark before it headed to Singapore, the scheduled port for dry dock. Basically we boarded the Majestic in Australia and also got off in Australia. Every aspect of the situation was handled very well. We were well informed, all air arrangements were made for us. Also free internet and phone calls. Funds returned for days lost and future credit for the same amount. We h
  12. Has any one heard of a new sale on Princess?
  13. We will be travelling on the Majestic soon and wonder if the large plastic tumblers are part of the soda packages? Our last voyage in October we did receive the improved tumbler (requires no straw), and wondering if I should pack it for this trip. Thanks for your help.
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