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  1. Leaving Sunday on 28 day cruise. Beginning in Los Angeles ending in Australia. Passengers can get off and on one week before arriving in Australia. Our paperwork states " 4 formal nights". I am thinking this is 1 a week? Am I correct? Any ideas when they might be? There are lots of Sea Days. Also being in a suite, will there be a reservation card for the 1st evening embarkment specialty dinner? Thanks for your help. We always receive good advise from members of CC. azgrandmax3
  2. azgrandmax3

    Departure Speciality Diner

    I am aware that we are to receive a complimentary specialty dinner as passengers in a full suite. But can someone inform me if this appears on paperwork we receive from Princess? Is there a name given to this benefit? Also do we have to schedule for our first evening or can we request a reservation for a few days later. Thanks we are just trying to be prepared for whatever is to come. azgrandmax3
  3. Is there a priority benefit for Full Suite passengers if waitlisted for a tour? I thought I had read something about it, but can no longer locate the information. If someone has had experience regarding waitlist tours please advise me. Thanks azgrandmax3.
  4. I have booked a cruise on the Majestic. Cabin is on Dolphin deck rear facing. On the Royal same location of cabin has a terrible "Ash" problem from the stacks. So I wonder if I need to be concerned while on the Majestic. Thank You for your knowledge.
  5. azgrandmax3


    We used them once and NEVER again. Booked a tour in Pompeii was suppose to be a group of 8. Ended up with a full sized bus load. After a long day of walking tour (that we expected), had to walk another two blocks to wait for a bus to return to ship. Then bus did not return us anywhere near ship.
  6. We are preparing to do our second move over in Sept. The first all went perfect. Gave up a 2 week South American cruise and had a free 28 day Med. cruise. Travelled in a full suite with refund of unused SBC and air costs. The second was a two week cruise for which we will be doing a 28 day Trans Atlantic starting in CA ending in Australia. Also in a full suite. Original was a balcony ungraded to a mini before offer, so offer included a full upgrade in cabin which became a full suite of our choice. Added bonus was having all tips included. We have learned to ask for extras from what they offer. Enjoy your cruise and you can always do the one you gave up another time.
  7. This Sept 23 we leave LA for our cruise ending in Sydney Oct 22. What I am wondering is this? Can we expect to see Whales and or Dolphins from the ship? We are considering a tour through Princess at the port of French Polynesia mainly to see Whales. But wonder if it is really necessary? Thank you for your thoughts and experience regarding this port area or any other on our way to Sydney.
  8. azgrandmax3

    Buying FCC Terrible Customer Service.

    I agree, that is bad! Do write Princess and make them aware.
  9. azgrandmax3

    Help with Australian Visa

    Thanks to all of you. You have been a big help. I always can depend on CC for the answers. One more thing to scratch off the ever growing list of "To DO".
  10. azgrandmax3

    Help with Australian Visa

    We are U.S. citizens and ship will be docking in Sydney, Australia. Then we head directly to airport. We have read the info on Australian web-site leaving us with two different opinions. Seems we need only a Transit sub class Visa. The other is that we need Australian Visa that can be ordered on the PC. May I ask your experience with this issue. Many Thanks,
  11. New Move over offer today from Emerald Princess Around The Horn cruise. They have upped the offer to any 21 day cruise. Or 3 (7 day cruises.) Total refund in SBC. Includes cabin upgrade. They must badly need cabins for Guaranteed passengers.
  12. azgrandmax3

    any experience with moveover offer?

    CONGRADULATIONS!! By chance were you and the other couple set-up for a Tour with Patrick Watts on Feb 22? Going to Volunteer Point to see the Penguins? Just wondering since we and another couple are on the wait list. And waiting for 4 to cancel. We are the first 4 to be called next. We also did a wonderful roll over last year. Ended up receiving two cruises. One was 28 days and the other 7. Everything was as we were told it would be. Enjoy!!
  13. azgrandmax3

    Cruise 19 Days Out--Still No Assigned Cabin

    We are also boarding the Emerald Princess on 2-14 without our cabin assigned as of yet. I know it is tense not knowing. Past cruises we have had very good cabins given to us. On a 14 day Russian adventure we ended up with the owner's suite paying the price of a basic balcony. Another time we were upgraded to a mini suite very much forward, yet original cabin was a basic balcony. All will work out.
  14. azgrandmax3

    U.S Dollars

    We are cruising the Santiago to Buenos Aires tour, not extending past the ports. Tours are all ship ones. My concern is will US dollars be honored? Or do we need to get some foreign currency? Please let us know of your experiences. Thanks,
  15. azgrandmax3

    What to pack

    I will be travelling from Santiago Chile to Buenos Aires Argentina mid February. Will someone please inform me if I will need a winter coat on ship will cruising around the Horn? I expect I will while viewing the penguins, just unsure about other days. Thank you in advance.