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  1. We were on the Odyssey in Nov 12 from Athens to Dubai, we did not have to arrange any visas ourselves. we are from the Uk. It was an interesting trip, Petra in Jordan is a must see, all trips we arranged with Seabourn on this cruise.
  2. Like you I just cannot believe what I am reading on here!!! How are you both.... 'Clueless' I hope :D The on board shop sells shampoo and conditioner if anyone is desperate.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, I suspect that SWTC is more of a fair weather thing to do. I did wonder about Montevideo as some one said the markets were great. We have had fun times with SWTC both in the Med and Norway. :)
  4. Chairsin, Are there any ports on this trip where Shopping with the chef is available? I suspect not. Many thanks
  5. We have usually booked Seabourn air I have always found it to be cheaper than I can book myself and they arrange the transfers etc. Occasionally We have had to have a forced overnightin a hotel which effectively was a freebie.:)
  6. Chairsin, many thanks for your reports, we are doing similar on quest on 2nd February so have really enjoyed your insights.
  7. Many thanks, it seems to be only for US card holders.:(
  8. Thank you to everyone for the replies and pictures. I am certainly looking forward to lunch at the patio grill all wrapped up to keep warm. We sailed the Norwegian Fjords and everyone else was inside as we sat on deck wrapped in blankets to enjoy the views. Brrrrrrr :):D
  9. Hopefully someone who has done this area will let us know. We are also sailing this route in February and it would be good to know if the MDR will be available for lunch. Otherwise it will be a crush in the buffet area, as presumably outdoor eating is not an option.
  10. Great to hear that SD1 is finally cruising again. we were so sorry not to board in Nice, however we are looking forward to an alternative cruise next year.
  11. Hi I have just seen this we are still in Nice we had a call from our ta just as we arrived at Nice airport. As you can imagine We were not happy. Oh well we have made the best of things we are staying at the Negresco until Saturday morning. Then back home. Happy to meet of it suits you. It must be aweful for the company and all the staff. Hope seadream 1 is back in operation very soon. The spare parts must be a pain to find.
  12. We were informed yesterday by our TA that Seadream 1 would be sailing today. We are travelling tomorrow to Nice and hope to board for the taster cruise on Wednesday. I am keeping everything crossed, I really don't want to spend the time just in Nice.
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