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  1. Personally I wouldn't hold my breath. Perhaps if you were a loyal customer but if they upgrade you then everyone will want the same. I doubt the crew wants to open that can of worms.
  2. Martha I am so very sorry to hear about your son's passing. I can't begin to imagine how difficult this must be. Please know that your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Paul
  3. I got mine this week but the lovely Ms W. is six years younger and not eligible for number three for a while. We're not crusing again until April so not sure where we'll be by then. 🤷‍♀️ Paul
  4. In our case AMA substituted the AmaLyra for the AmaDante but it had no effect on our itinerary or dates. Paul
  5. Ahhhh... we love Colorado! Spent our honeymoon there several (ahem..😉) years ago. Enjoy! Paul
  6. I don't have specific notes about when we got our e-docs, but I believe they arrived on a Thursday and we flew out 10 days later on a Sunday. I too was a little worried but in the end they took good care of us. Good luck. Paul
  7. @notamermaid Thank you for the link. I was able to use a translator to read it in English. I see Ernst is very close to Cochem so I'm sure that's where the bottle was purchased. I'm glad you enjoy the fireplace mantle. We like it too but I wish it was a wood burning fireplace rather than one with fake logs and a natural gas flame. It's convenient but I miss a real, crackling fire. 🤷‍♂️ Paul
  8. Sorry everyone... as you can tell I still need some techenical support with phot uploads. I apologize!! Paul 🤦‍♂️
  9. @notamermaid I missed this post earlier but I still have to comment, On our last Moselle cruise we learned about these peaches. In one of the local shops I saw they had schnapps made from the red peaches (I enjoy good German schnapps!) so I had to buy a bottle to take home to Texas. Delicious. This past Sunday I tried making wienerschnitzel for the first time. Obviously I had to enjoy some schnapps too and I pulled out this bottle. The schnitzel wasn't too bad but the schnapps was excellent. 😉 Paul
  10. @NCHPcruiser Martha we didn't get our electronic paperwork until 10-14 days prior to departure. We had planned for three days in Paris before we boarded the ship. I was worried we might miss out on some shore excursion opportunities but that was not the case. Enjoy your trip! Paul
  11. @anthonyy7 I feel the noise was worse than the vibration so you'll probably be fine. I don't think the port or starboard side would make any difference. We had tours that day in the morning and afternoon so most of the distance was covered at night. In Lyon we took the 'active' tour in the morning. They us bussed to the top of the hill to see the Basilica and then we walked back down to the ship. On the way we stopped to see the Roman theater but we did not have time to actually tour the site. If remember correctly there was time after the tour if you wanted to return for some extra time at the theater. I don't believe you can bike all the way from town to town but there are several bike tours and they were quite popular. We did three the week before on the AmaLyra but none on this cruise. 'Happy Hour' was usually from 6-7pm with dinner starting at 7:00. Yes, please tell Galena that Jane and I said hi. I had my nightly bourbon and she her vodka martinis. You'll have a very enjoyable week on the Kristina. Paul
  12. @anthonyy7 No, definitely not. The only night that it bothered us was I believe the night sail from Tournon to Avignon. There were several locks to transit and the irritation was worst when they had to slow the ship to enter the locks. One night won't ruin the rest of the trip. 🙂 Paul Ps Say hi to Galina in the lounge for me. She did a great job of keeping my bourbon glass filled.
  13. We enjoyed a week on the AmaKristina boarding on August 26th. You'll enjoy the trip if you go. Paul
  14. I believe you mean Sioux City in Iowa rather than Sioux Falls in South Dakota. SF is probably 50+ miles from the Missouri. Proud to say it's my home town. I too would like to try a few US river cruises but as many have said the prices give me pause. Paul
  15. @bostonstrong17 The Amsterdam Marriot is close the the Rijksmuseum while the Renaissance is near the Central Station. It depends on what interests you the most. For me, I'd pick the second.
  16. We got a nice little surprise in the mail yesterday, a post card from the Amalyra. It was a hand written card thanking us sailing with Ama and expressing the hope we will join them again. I was signed by the captain, the cruise manager and the hotel manager. What a nice touch. Paul
  17. @KLRDUKS We were in #230 which would be across the hall and back another four cabins. While it doesn't sound like much I would be that extra distance will make a difference. Sure, if you could more up farther it might be even quieter but I think you'll be OK. On previous cruises we've been in cabins similar to your location and we didn't notice the noise and vibrations. Enjoy your cruise!! Paul
  18. Here in the US we've often heard about the 'unfriendly French' but we found that to not be our experience. We found the welcome to be as warm as possible. Paul
  19. Our first cruise was with Scenic and I agree, they are the best but maybe that means I'm just 'cheap'. 🤷‍♂️😉
  20. @Babcia7@skinnylegs Your cruises sound very much like our experiences with Ama on the Seine and the Rhone. We enjoyed many of the same sights and as you noted, the staff and guides were all expressed how happy they were to have tourists back in France. Paul
  21. We spent 2.5 weeks in France and we got our Passe Sanitaire codes after a couple of days in Paris. We had to skip some restaurants in Paris and a few museums elsewhere but most on both river cruises got by just fine with their CDC vaccination cards. Enjoy your trip! Paul
  22. Good advice. We followed the Travel Ready Center instructions and all went smoothly. Well, as smoothly as possible these days. 😉
  23. @Lois R LOL! That's exactly what $cares me the most. Jane will confirm that I can be a bit... thrifty. 😉
  24. @Lois RWe've booked a Med. cruise from Barcelona to Venice next May. Jane used to fly to CA and back every week and still had some upgrades available so for the first time we'll be 'up front' on the plane, Without the upgrade points I'm sure we'd be in steerage as usual. 😉 Paul
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