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  1. My wife and I are looking for information on the Star Clipper. We want to take the Star Clipper for the sailing experience. We really don't care where it stops, just how it sails. We are thinking of taking a repositioning cruise so we will be on board for many days without stopping. Do they have 24 hr. room service? If not, what are their hrs. of operation? What are the Catagory 5 cabins like? (comfortable for a 18 day curise?) I hear they have a double upper berth. Is that ok for 18 days? Does it really sail or do they mostly motor with the sails up? We were on the Wind Surf with all sail up all the time, but it was really never sailing. ( just a nice allusion) The wind Surf was a GREAT cruise. More refinement than a real sailing experience. But it was still GREAT! Can anyone compare a cruise on the Wind Surf to the Star Clippper? That would be a big help! Thanks, CK