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  1. I would have to be prejudiced and say my two fishmongers in my neighbourhood have the best, but that won't help 🙂. This is because not easily accessible unless by car for visitors. So Fremantle it is. Kailis Bros Cafe is iconic in the area https://www.fremantlefishingboatharbour.com/attraction/kailis/ You can catch a train, ferry, uber or taxi from Perth city. While in Fremantle there is the historical maritime museum or the modern Maritime museum with Australia 2 who won the America's Cup. If you visit on a weekend the Fremantle markets are also fun. I don't know fishmongers in Perth city. Kailis main fishmonger centre is in Leederville but not as easy for a tourist to get too. In Perth city and Fremantle there are free CAT buses to use as transport to get around the main parts of the cities. Sorry MarkBear for going off your topic.
  2. I love fresh oysters but understand it would be difficult to to serve on a ship. If any visit us here in Perth can I suggest you find some at our local fishmongers especially arriving in Fremantle. I don't pay more than AUS$24 a dozen for freshly shucked oysters. Kailis Bros is not too far from where the ship docks, but I haven't brought from them in awhile, though I know the quality is good. It costs more in a restaurant around $4/oyster. Sorry for the long ramble but only because QM2 stops here next March. Julie
  3. I'll try but I'm not always good at giving feedback, sorry. I'm usually too busy having fun on the cruise and then when I come home some family drama seems at play 😮.
  4. I found taking our own insulated water flask in July works well. Especially using chilled water. Helps the environment and the ice water kept us cooler.
  5. Sounds delicious Isklaar. I am not a big cocktail person but I will try it on my next cruise. Usually a Vodka dirty martini is as adventurous as I go 🙂.
  6. Thank you for the ongoing tales Roy. As one who is yet to sail on Cunard I am finding them fascinating. Photos are good as well.😀 That is a wonderful story about Captain Hashmi. I am very touched by his compassion and reasons for helping others. It is lovely to hear of someone who follows these kind beliefs in a sometimes very harsh world. Julie
  7. +1 I have done a couple of larger ships and will try once more on QM2 because it is a cruise liner. Bigger ships to date have disappointed me, maybe because I like people but I really dislike crowds. I like the fact that on smaller ships we can visit smaller ports. For example this July we visited Santorini and Mykonos but we also got to visit Spetse, Agios Nikolas and similar ports. I can happily entertain myself reading, going to the gym and lectures. But everyone likes and prefers different things. Thankfully, otherwise life would be boring.
  8. Enjoy your cruise Roy and your train trip. We have done a few train trips, ie Paris to Barcelona, Vancouver to Seattle, the Surfrider to San Diego, so I enjoy reading about your trips. We will be joining the QM2 in Perth to Capetown in 2020 so maybe we can compare our minor trips with your own? Julie
  9. I was nursing in Emergency Dept one shift about 30 years ago and a family came in from a car accident where the car had needed to stop abruptly. The unrestrained 4/5 year old ended up in the front seat from the back seat. They sustained internal head injuries and was unconscious on arrival. They ended up in intensive care and I am not sure of the outcome. I saw other less severe injuries as well. This is why many medical professionals pushed for restraints for children in cars.
  10. We will be on a Seabourn cruise in December that starts in Dubai going to Singapore and transits the Strait of Hormuz so we have been watching the news. I think all cruise companies will be keeping a watch on development and am trusting they have plans in place for any changes required. I agree with princeton123211 that the P&O decision to cancel was due to the fact the ship they cancelled was based in the area doing multiple sailings. So if things had to be cancelled it would be multiple cruises not just one cruise or a segment of a cruise.
  11. I have never cancelled but we have had this discussion with our travel agent who is based in Australia and were told if we cancelled before the 120 day mark we would get our money back. We have swapped a cruise once with no extra costs involved. Having said that, a few years ago I worked in the travel industry for a 9 months when I wanted a change from nursing. Some of the bigger travel groups would charge change and cancellation fees so it is dependent on the travel agency. I would ask the question before booking with the agency.
  12. markham is correct. The shuttle service is only to a shopping mall. Which is a reasonable size over 3 levels. Last time we went a few years ago there were clothing, footwear, cafes etc but nothing high end. I have done " Kuala Lumpur on your own tour" with Seabourn which ended up getting back late to the ship because of traffic issues. I know of others who have caught taxis from the port but prices are set. As the ship is due to leave at 3pm I would be giving myself a 2 hour traffic buffer to get back in time if you decide to risk catching a taxi tour in.
  13. Even on long haul international they have weight and age restrictions about using the bassinet. I suspect most one year olds wouldn't fit those bassinets.
  14. From my understanding if you take a guarantee it is a case of you can't request a change. I guess you can try but don't be disappointed if they won't change it. I know it is difficult if you book last minute as you might not have a chance to choose but it is the reason I avoid guarantees. Even someV5 & V6 aren't appealing to me because they are near service doors or interconnecting rooms. Status plays no part as I know people who have done more cruises and got V1's as well.
  15. We did the Ovation this January and we still docked in the city in Ho Chi Minh. In Bangkok it was in Klang Toey which is 1.5-2 hours out of the city so we visited the Sanctuary of Truth which was only ~30 minutes away. We have been to Bangkok before. Danang we were in Tien Sa port which is close for Hoi An and Marble Mountain which we enjoyed a lot. We did the kayak and tour boat lunch. The lunch was fine for us but we are used to basic Asian food, though some in our group didn't enjoy it. The kayaking and the boat tour was great and we and our friends overall had a great day. I have never done the trip to Hanoi because my partner and I are not happy with doing such a long bus trip. We will get there one day but on a land trip. Julie
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