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  1. I am so glad we live in Australia. We make lots of mistakes and argue amongst each other...but thankfully most of us put the greater good of the community first. I am wanting to travel as much as the next person but talking to neighbours and friends, as tough as it is, none of us want to risk being the person who brings it into the community.
  2. Maybe this is just hearsay but from what I read on the SeaDream board the main group who initially tested positive were a group of Americans travelling together. Allegedly they commented they had a fun time in Miami prior to boarding the ship. Maybe they picked up the virus on the plane or maybe in Miami but I would think it would be wise to not go out partying prior to boarding the ship? I found it interesting that the ship travelled from Europe to Miami for 20 days with no positive cases. It was only 3 or 4 days after the new cruise started from Miami that the positive cases show
  3. I saw this youtube video re glasses and a possible solution for fogging that might be helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrYFvE_mCU4 Possum52's idea of glasses sitting on top of the mask edge is another idea that I have heard helps. Someone sent me this as an idea for drinking with a mask. Julie
  4. Were the clients staying in the hairdressing salon day after day?
  5. My point was just like some people are claiming that there is over counting, I am in the camp that suspect there is undercounting in order to get places to open up quicker. Julie
  6. And I have also read in Tampa News and in Time when they researched numbers in Florida that they weren't counting people who died from Covid who weren't residents of the State. Their argument being that they were worried about double counting. To me if the person contracted Covid in the State and died there then surely it should be counted there as you want to know which State is most infectious. https://time.com/5853398/florida-fired-scientist-coronavirus-data-rebekah-jones/ Looking at Medical certificates for death rates and comparing it to previous years the numbers
  7. As I'm from Perth I checked this case it was at the end of March when things were just starting for quarantine... https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/wa-health-investigating-after-quarantined-man-denied-access-to-ambulance-by-hotel-staff-20200408-p54iaf.html I do question as a retired nurse why the wife didn't ring an ambulance after the first knock back on the phone from the hotel doctor. That's what I would have done and then notified the hotel the ambulance was on it's way. Why the daughter did it from Sydney makes no sense. A friend ret
  8. Totally agree. By the way I like your answers and your research. I actually have been checking the Foreign Policy after you posted the link. Always interesting to get different points of view. I'm still sad we didn't get a chance to check out Harry's Pie Place. We have just moved Miami booking at the end of the year to a Australia/New Zealand booking in late January. This starts in Sydney so fingers crossed if it goes ahead we might yet get to check out Harry's. Julie
  9. Chiliburn you might trying to be funny but I find your naming of Covid-19 in your recent posts offensive as I do when that supposed leader uses it. I don't think constantly repeating it is a good idea. Please stop, just use correct terminology. The joke isn't funny either.
  10. Not Nice...even I know that was a put down.
  11. Paul I think you misread my post. The section you quoted was part of what I quoted by Seas The Day. I agree with you and disagree with Seas the Day...the numbers he quoted do not stack up. Even Dr Fauci on Tuesday expressed his concern with the rising case numbers. Hopefully there won't be a corresponding rise in deaths in the weeks to come. Testing is considered very important here in Australia to ensure we pick up up problem quickly and try and stop the problem. The State of Victoria has had a week of double digit case numbers with today the worst at 33. They have ram
  12. Interesting use of statistics. What's the old saying "Statistics and da*n lies" as it is interesting how they can be manipulated. We are cancelling our trip to the States at the end of the year as we are concerned about the rising infection rates there. The death rate is not the only important number here. We are hoping that there will be an Australia/ New Zealand bubble and we can take a cruise within that bubble. Otherwise we will look forward to our cruise next year in the Kimberley with a local company. According to my TA and others I have spoken to here in Austra
  13. I had a cruise booked with Seabourn for 29 April the last segment of the world cruise. Seabourn cancelled we submitted a form on 31 March but according to Seabourn it was not registered until 18 April. Good news, I received the refund to our credit cards today. This included the FCC. Julie
  14. Sorry bazzaw, I just saw this. The number was the same as on the booking form we had...13 24 41. The first time we rang towards end of May they told us it should be in by 1 June. We rang again on 10 June and they told us it had been processed on 9 June. Which is also what they told our TA. But it did take until now to be seen in our credit card. Julie
  15. jland I am sorry to worry you. We also called Cunard Australia direct last week to see if they could give us a timeline. Maybe we were lucky but the wait time wasn't too bad, around 10 minutes. It does seem like it goes to a call centre but they did tell us it was processed on the 9th June. It just took awhile to hit our bank account. Maybe try phoning Cunard if your TA is difficult to get hold off?
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