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  1. As I'm from Perth I checked this case it was at the end of March when things were just starting for quarantine... https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/wa-health-investigating-after-quarantined-man-denied-access-to-ambulance-by-hotel-staff-20200408-p54iaf.html I do question as a retired nurse why the wife didn't ring an ambulance after the first knock back on the phone from the hotel doctor. That's what I would have done and then notified the hotel the ambulance was on it's way. Why the daughter did it from Sydney makes no sense. A friend returned from Canada a few weeks ago and he and his daughter did the two week quarantine. They said it was fine. Sure it would have been nice to windows that open or a balcony but they were happy to be back in Australia. Julie
  2. Totally agree. By the way I like your answers and your research. I actually have been checking the Foreign Policy after you posted the link. Always interesting to get different points of view. I'm still sad we didn't get a chance to check out Harry's Pie Place. We have just moved Miami booking at the end of the year to a Australia/New Zealand booking in late January. This starts in Sydney so fingers crossed if it goes ahead we might yet get to check out Harry's. Julie
  3. Chiliburn you might trying to be funny but I find your naming of Covid-19 in your recent posts offensive as I do when that supposed leader uses it. I don't think constantly repeating it is a good idea. Please stop, just use correct terminology. The joke isn't funny either.
  4. Not Nice...even I know that was a put down.
  5. Paul I think you misread my post. The section you quoted was part of what I quoted by Seas The Day. I agree with you and disagree with Seas the Day...the numbers he quoted do not stack up. Even Dr Fauci on Tuesday expressed his concern with the rising case numbers. Hopefully there won't be a corresponding rise in deaths in the weeks to come. Testing is considered very important here in Australia to ensure we pick up up problem quickly and try and stop the problem. The State of Victoria has had a week of double digit case numbers with today the worst at 33. They have ramped up testing and started to return to restrictions. Other States are keeping their borders closed. Julie
  6. Interesting use of statistics. What's the old saying "Statistics and da*n lies" as it is interesting how they can be manipulated. We are cancelling our trip to the States at the end of the year as we are concerned about the rising infection rates there. The death rate is not the only important number here. We are hoping that there will be an Australia/ New Zealand bubble and we can take a cruise within that bubble. Otherwise we will look forward to our cruise next year in the Kimberley with a local company. According to my TA and others I have spoken to here in Australia our feelings are not unusual. Julie
  7. I had a cruise booked with Seabourn for 29 April the last segment of the world cruise. Seabourn cancelled we submitted a form on 31 March but according to Seabourn it was not registered until 18 April. Good news, I received the refund to our credit cards today. This included the FCC. Julie
  8. Sorry bazzaw, I just saw this. The number was the same as on the booking form we had...13 24 41. The first time we rang towards end of May they told us it should be in by 1 June. We rang again on 10 June and they told us it had been processed on 9 June. Which is also what they told our TA. But it did take until now to be seen in our credit card. Julie
  9. jland I am sorry to worry you. We also called Cunard Australia direct last week to see if they could give us a timeline. Maybe we were lucky but the wait time wasn't too bad, around 10 minutes. It does seem like it goes to a call centre but they did tell us it was processed on the 9th June. It just took awhile to hit our bank account. Maybe try phoning Cunard if your TA is difficult to get hold off?
  10. jland we finally got our refund on our CC today for our cancelled 14 March cruise. We booked through a TA. We paid our deposit with a bank transfer and the final payment with a credit card. Strangely Cunard will pay back the bank transfer money via a cheque. Our TA was notified that the refund was processed on 9 June but was told that it would take up to 20 days to get to us, she didn't know why. One glitch that our TA helped with was she put the form in to cancel on 18 March, thankfully she took a screen shot of the form confirmation. When she contacted Cunard late April to find out what was happening they claimed they had no form submitted. She was able to send them the screen shot of the form confirmation and they agreed to hurry up the processing. Julie
  11. I am sorry but this idea of miscounts doesn't work for me. People are more vulnerable because the had pre-existing conditions but they still died because Covid-19 caused their health to fail. They might have continued to live many years with Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease etc but the Covid-19 was the push that killed them.
  12. I have been avoiding reading or posting on Cruise Critic but I have to respond with this one. The one thing I particularly do not want is excursions included in the price. I have learnt to avoid them and rarely take them only if it is something I can't organise myself. I did two last July on a 21 day Med cruise. One in Dubrovnik to get to try Ston oysters and the excursion ended up being small and well done. The one to Olympia because I thought it would be fine and save money in a group. The first part was reasonable the second part was horrible. It seemed the others enjoyed it just not my husband and myself. Unfortunately most of my experiences have been more like the latter tour. It is why I have no plan to sail on Regent. Les Picantins well said re priorities. I have lots of money waiting to be refunded but there is no point continually complaining on CC about it. Thankfully in Australia we haven't been badly affected at the moment but we have to move carefully as our Winter flu season is going to be a test for the country. Julie
  13. If you are happy to use major hotels that may be the case but if like me you prefer smaller boutique places it can be hit or miss. Some I have had no problem but another due to a lockdown in their country they are claiming they have a problem as aren't allowed to go to the office to refund my CC. Flights I have booked...Virgin I can only get a 12 month from time of cancellation credit. Singapore Airlines I will get one flight booked with points refunded, the other they say they can't do anything yet as the waiver is only until 31st May...this flight they have already cancelled themselves. A flight to Seattle for a wedding in late June is still on a wait and see for cancellation. We play the game of chicken 😳. I am trying to say it isn't that easy. Julie
  14. SLSD this news report is quoting old news so though I agree cruise ships have caused a problem here with a lot of money being spent to supply hotels to quarantine and feed people plus fly them home in some cases. The quote from our Premier in WA is over a week old. At the time there were quite a few ships of our coastline and concern about caring for passengers and crew within the hospitals with Covid-19. This is well under control at this time so the rhetoric is less heated. I am sure there will be some who will avoid cruising here and I think there will be more stringent requirements here for cruise ships. There will be some who will still enjoy cruising because it is usually a more relaxed option. SLSD I have to make an apology to you. Early in the year I was one who didn't think this was any worse then seasonal flu because Singapore, South Korea locked it down so quickly. After seeing the devastation wrought in Italy and Spain I changed my mind. I am sorry I doubted your information early but I guess I was basing it on my previous nursing experience dealing with H1N1...and this is 10,000 times worse. So I am sorry I doubted your information. Julie
  15. I hope the same for everyone though we won't be on her as Cunard have emailed to say they are cancelling the rest of the voyage. Safari girl and Roy thank you for your blog posts as I have enjoyed reading them and safe journey home. Julie
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