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  1. From the people I know the answer would be Yes, with many of us having our vaccinations as soon as eligible. However there are quite a few who are happy to just travel within the State and don't see the need to open the borders "too soon". They don't seem to have family overseas or interstate so don't have that understanding or compassion for those of us who want to see other family. I hope that all goes well as the rest of Australia open ups and that will prompt those in WA who want to keep locked in decide they want to join the rest of Australia and the world.
  2. If it was me it would need a bottle of wine alongside.
  3. Our friends who did Moon suggested it is best to book SALT as soon as you board as it is very popular even with reduced capacity. NSW and Victoria and we are opening more on the East Coast federally to allow more Australian citizens home. I won't go there as it is too political to discuss. It will take awhile for us to allow international visitors in. Our friends from the USA we were supposed to travel with in 2021 then 2022 we have now rebooked with our TA for April, 2023 but it will be an amazing itinerary 🙂. Think hiking in the wine region, swimming with whale sharks, Kimberly cruising and exploring the Bungle Bungle Ranges. So if you are looking to come here I would suggest into the late second quarter or after that to be safe.
  4. Friends who sail Seabourn a lot did a Silversea Moon sailing recently soon after doing Seabourn and they really enjoyed the experience in La Dame on the newer ship hence why we are keen to try it as we respect their opinion. One day we here in Western Australia will be able to rejoin the world and I can try new things☺️.
  5. I'm sorry. 😟. Hopefully next year our rates will be high enough that you can visit and we can travel elsewhere without needing to quarantine on return. I don't mind needing to get testing done if that will help.
  6. Gorgeous flower pictures. I am just about to redo parts of my front yard because it got a weed infestation that was hard to eradicate so we dug it up. Because we have a dry climate and water restrictions in Summer I tend to plant natives like Kangaroo Paws and Grevillea interspersed with water savers like Proteas. Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl flowers often and looks great mass planted.
  7. Hopefully my WA will get to 80% double dose by December, and then 90% in the New Year? I am thinking my husband and I will need a booster before we even get to travel interstate so we completed our first dose mid July 🤔. We are hoping to visit Lord Howe Island off the NSW coastline in mid-February. If anyone who loves hiking and snorkelling visits Sydney then Lord Howe is recommended. Though it is definitely best to plan well in advance as visitor numbers are capped at 400 and it is a 2 hour small plane flight from Sydney.
  8. Still not much good for those of us here in WA as Qld is still considered low risk. So even though we could visit there on return to WA we either have to go into 14 day home quarantine if it is deemed suitable or otherwise 14 day hotel quarantine...sigh. I am hoping our trip to Lord Howe Island and the Blue Mountains is possible mid-late February but have made sure I can cancel if need be.
  9. Mysty I have sailed SS once before and had hoped to sail it again this December on Muse from Sydney but Delta struck. I did my research prior to my first sailing on Shadow and went to La Dame because I thought with the upcharge it must be worth it and I love fine dining restaurants. I only went once because I couldn't justify the cost and I am one who pays extra for premium wine. It felt like a tacky way to make more revenue for SS. Having said that I was prepared to try once again on Muse to see if the bigger ship experience was better. On Seabourn you can book one night per week of travel in the Thomas Keller restaurant and when on board you can sometimes get further bookings. That doesn't mean I only want to travel on Seabourn as they aren't perfect. I want to travel other lines and think it should be okay to have an opinion about things I don't like as well as those I do.
  10. Exactly. I am sorry, but a once in a generation pandemic needs tough measures and if it doesn't fit into your individual freedoms that conflict with protecting the community as a whole...well bad luck!
  11. Mind you I am very guilty of doing the same thing 😁. Especially when my youngest son creates some of his amazing Asian food. I think it is because as a small child he was so difficult and ate the blandest and smallest food groups and now he introduces us to so many different spices and food styles. So there is always hope without needing to use a sledgehammer approach.
  12. You and your wife sound like my husband and I, we all have those moments 🙂. My husband and I sometimes take a turn and apologise even if we don't actually think we are to blame. It isn't a big thing and everyone gets back to normal.
  13. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hopefully your wife and other positives become negative soon and all the negative cases stay negative. I am glad to hear Seabourn are keeping in touch with you as well.
  14. So sorry to hear about your delayed reaction. It isn't common but it can still be dangerous. If you are worried about getting stung again, which is understandable, have you discussed Venom Immunotherapy with your doctor? It is something we did in the medical practice I worked in. You are given a very tiny amount of of the allergen every week over a period of a few months to try to train your body to your body not react badly to the allergen. It does involve an injection but the tiny mosquito needle and a time commitment as you have to be prepared to wait half an hour after the injection so they can asses any reaction. It doesn't always work but we had good results with bee venom and grass allergies. This is just a thought I'm not telling you to do it 🙂.
  15. I know exactly how you feel spins. At 2.5 weeks since losing my Neko I can still tear up at times. Even my adult sons who usually looked after him when we are away said the house felt lonely at times last week when DH and I were away. I love those videos though and the story behind them. The dog is a support dog and you can see the love the girl and dog have for each other.
  16. I was last in Barcelona in July, 2018 and it was hot like we get in mid-Summer in Perth. This is about the third time we have visited at this time of year. I explore during the morning places like Montjuic and Le Sagrada and after a late lunch have a rest then go out late afternoon. In the afternoon/evening we did things like food & wine walking tours, or a concert atop Casa Batlo or Le Pedrera which was quite magical listening to jazz and blues on the rooftop of Gaudi's creations. https://www.casabatllo.es/en/online-tickets/visit-magic-nights/ https://www.lapedrera.com/en/agenda-activities-barcelona/cycle/la-pedrera-jazz My husband and I are in our early 60s and have moderate fitness.
  17. I do understand your frustration, however us nurses and doctors have had to wear those "dirty nappies" for hours while doing procedures to protect our patients without complaint. You do get used to it, especially when you consider it is for the greater good. Distance between tables is probably a good thing to keep up in a post Covid world.
  18. I am pretty sure I heard our vaccine Commander Chris Dawson just the other day complain about the fact we in Perth still had plenty of open vaccine appointments. Numbers are down because people have gone on school holidays or going to the show. The vaccines are coming into our State now and supply has picked up but our vaccination rate is slowing.
  19. Oops😆...I know how easily that can happen. Last night tonight so we will say a toast for everyone to stay safe and well till we can start cruising again.
  20. Beautiful thoughts and I try but admit to falling short at times as some people really frustrate me. Spending a few days staycation at the Ritz Carlton here in Perth just to change our routine from home. We have enjoyed some lovely meals and wine. We tried a wine from the Sonoma Coast the other night, Le Crema Chardonnay and it was quite bold so we chose to decant it to let it open up.
  21. A bit harsh. You do realise this is an extremely small minority protesting and even that has fizzled out. So no other country has had to deal with loud, unruly protesters this year?😏
  22. I do wonder if part of the problem is a large population crammed into a small geographical area with many housed in large apartment blocks? When you also consider there are many short term workers who come via road by bus and car from Malaysia and that doesn't have such a high vaccination rate, only 62% double vaxxed.
  23. Not totally unexpected with the unmasked protesters over the last week or so. I see another protester is in hospital with Covid.
  24. I was going to say I thought I was perfect, or at least my husband tells me so 😁.
  25. You have nailed it a far as WA is concerned. Some are waiting for a better vaccine, whatever that means?
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